Maldito "Adni" the Quail is a character created by Lunari64 on 5/26/16.


Maldito, who goes by her middle name Adni, is a short, yellowish-tan quail, with brown eyes. She wears a light blue gypsy-styled headpiece, with a loose purple half-sleeve shirt, and flared-out dark navy pants with a slight glimmer to them. She also wears a pendant around her neck, of a tiny (functioning) crystal ball.


Adni is a loner, thanks to the curse she had been given. She has grown hostile towards anyone who comes close to her. Thanks to the nature of her curse, she is extremely territorial, but seems to act so in a desperate, scared manner, usually afraid of anyone coming too close to her.


Adni is the daughter of a gypsy family. She learned basic gypsy talents, such as palm reading and using crystal balls, and the like. However, her mother was using her talents to help thieves, and deities attempted to curse her mother for doing so. Her mother used more gypsy work to protect herself, and the curse landed on Adni. All of a sudden, at about the age of 10, she was put in extreme pain if anyone got too close to her. Her parents didn't seem to understand (or simply didn't care), and Adni ran away.


Healing Aura

Adni's 'curse' is her potent healing aura. Anyone who gets close enough to her, (within about 10 feet), will start to heal and gain strength very quickly. However, even having this effect on one person at a time is extremely taxing on Adni, and will quickly weaken her and put her in pain. Anyone staying close to her long enough could potentially even force her to pass out.


Palm Reading

Adni learned basic palm reading from her parents, and was very talented in doing so. She still knows how to do this, though with her curse, she can't get close enough to read anybody else's palms.

Crystal Ball

Adni can also use a crystal ball to see parts of other people's lives. She can also see hazily into their future, though it is very inaccurate, and she cannot seem to see her own future despite various attempts.

Theme Songs


  • Maldito is Spanish for "Cursed", and Adni is Hungarian for "Give".
  • At one point, her name was going to be Gitano, Spanish for "Gypsy".