Alaine the Alien Hedgehog is a character created by Lunari64 on 3/4/16.


Alaine is of supernaturally small size, standing at a mere 2 and a half inches tall. She is a dark purple hedgehog, with choppy, droopy quills, some longer than others. She has maroon eyes. She usually wears a long-sleeve dark green shirt, with tight-fitting long black pants.


Alaine is daring and adventurous, always looking for another challenge. She is also a bit mischevious, and likes messing with people, using her small size to pull off pranks.




Alaine has limited Telekinesis. Though the extent of this used to be much stronger before she was sent flying off into space, she now has enough control over it to help her mobility, allowing her to access places that would otherwise be impossible for her due to her short stature. She uses it to fly in short bursts, and slow her fall, so she doesn't get hurt falling off of something that a normal Mobian would have no trouble with (like, say, steep stairs).

Theme Songs

Stardust Fields - Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Music Extended

Stardust Fields - Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Music Extended

Alaine's main theme.