Being at a height of 5 inches, he is very small. His fur is a apricot color. His hair curls down his forehead a little, while the rest raises above his head.

He wears a magician outfit, although he doesn't like to sport the hat. However, his type of clothing differs from that of a classic magician's, as he wears a double-breasted waistcoat with three buttons and a bow-tie to finalize the result. With it, he wears a black set of pants with slip-on, black shoes.


Asher is a tiny fellow that is quite bored and struggling with the need to find work. He is very quiet and eccentric often, but has a perceptive mind, being fairly intelligent but also a bit dimwitted, as he has a major sweet tooth, and can easily be manipulated at the sight of sweets. While on that topic, he also has a rather childish temper which can erupt at even the slightest of remarks or jokes. On a good note, he always perceives this and instantly tries to read or draw in his small sketchpad than to make the situation even worse with childish rambling.


Asher was born in a settlement in Efrika, near the Savannah Citadel Zone, as the second-oldest child in his family, though his family moved to Soumerca to earn a better living. As a child, not much happened for him as he lived a perfectly normal life. He went through school, survived college, and got a degree in mechanical engineering. However, there was one aspect in his life that separated him from others: his obsession with magic.

Ever since he was young, he was fascinated with the magic tricks that magicians and street performers had done, that he went on the internet everyday to learn step-by-step with others.




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