Being at a height of 5 inches, he is very small. His fur is a apricot color. His hair curls down his forehead a little, while the rest raises above his head.

He wears a magician outfit, although he doesn't like to sport the hat. However, his type of clothing differs from that of a classic magician's, as he wears a double-breasted waistcoat with three buttons and a bow-tie to finalize the result. With it, he wears a black set of pants with slip-on, black shoes.


Asher is a tiny fellow that is quite bored and struggling with the need to find work. He is very quiet and eccentric often, but has a perceptive mind, being fairly intelligent but also a bit dimwitted, as he has a major sweet tooth, and can easily be manipulated at the sight of sweets. While on that topic, he also has a rather childish temper which can erupt at even the slightest of remarks or jokes. On a good note, he always perceives this and instantly tries to read or draw in his small sketchpad than to make the situation even worse with childish rambling.

In battle, he doesn't just dive in head on and courageously; instead, he studies his opponents first, by using his tricks, which will allow him to stay in a hidden area as he photographically memorizes his opponent's skills, abilities, and/or powers to gain at least a better understanding on them.


Asher was born in a settlement in Efrika, near the Savannah Citadel Zone, as the second-oldest child in his family, though his family moved to Soumerca to earn a better living. As a child, not much happened for him as he lived a perfectly normal life. He went through school, survived college, and got a degree in mechanical engineering. However, there was one aspect in his life that separated him from others: his obsession with magic.

Ever since he was young, he was fascinated with the magic tricks that magicians and street performers had done, that he went on the internet everyday to learn step-by-step with others. After years of training, including the years in college, he finally thought that he was ready. He displayed his talent and signed with WorldShow, a notoriously amazing traveling circus show.

Along with the show, he started to become a notable figure as well, until one day his life would change. When he thought that he was getting under-payed by the head ringmaster, it turns out his expectations were true after snooping around in his room. In anger and frustration, in the morning the next day, he stated that he would relinquish his contract with the circus group, while exiting with a suitcase; a suitcase filled with the tons of dollar bills he stole.

With this stolen fortune, he purchased himself a perfect room in a hotel in Station Square, along with buying himself a fancy set of wheels. However, he had no thought of what to do with the other money, until he thought of something helpful. He went back to his childhood town, giving most of the remaining money to the local orphanage, who's staff and children were much thankful.

Since it would be a long way from the town back to the city, he decided to hole up in a motel for the night. As he woke up at midnight, he was startled and frightened by the sight of a transparent entity floating above him. The apparition told to him that she was disguised as one of the many children at the orphanage, and was delighted by Asher's cordial gift towards the poor building, and in return, explained to him that she would grant him three wishes for whatever he desired. Since the aspects of magic was what made him a magician, he decided to use these three wishes to further hurl himself towards thatAsher's first wish was that he possessed a magical essence of energy that would be in his control., to which the girl gladly accepted. His second wish was that he had the power of transmutation, which the girl accepted as well. His third and final wish, was that he could instantaneously enchant his magic trick possessions at will, to which of course, the girl accepted, as she gently put her finger on his head, then disappeared.

The next day, he returned home in the morning, thinking that what happened that night had not truly happened.


Magical Energy Manipulation

He possesses, and is able, to control a magical energy that seemingly emits a small, golden aura around his body. The magic can only be controlled by the willpower or focus from Asher's brain. The energy itself, when concentrated and used for blasts, only can have the effect of numbing any part of the body. He can also alter and shape it into objects for certain purposes. However, as he had just obtained this power and knows not of how to manipulate it, it is pointless to him right now.


A power that he wishes mainly to use to relieve boredom or is many other interests, he can change or alter the composition or makeup of objects and organisms. As of now, he doesn't now how to use it, but it seems that he can only alter the make-up of smaller objects as of now...


  • Is able to keep a normal body temperature thanks to his fur-coat, which insulates him, and his large ears, which helps radiate his body heat.
  • His sharp claws allow his to dig or burrow underground fairly well.
  • His arms may be of no physical means, but his legs sure can kick like the rest. In fact, the muscular strength from his legs allow him to jump up about three feet into the air. And of course, he can also run like normal Mobians, just simply without super speed.


As he had wished for it, Asher can now alter his magical equipment, on command, to a different version, contrasting it of it original purpose.

Cards Of Fate

A card tactic that he uses on opponents. Each card will randomly prescribe the fate of the receiver on the face of the card. If it shows the recipient's face, the card will transform into a helpful object or treat of that recipient's delight. But if the card shows a skull, then an unfortunate, natural event will come upon the recipient, depending on the surrounding environment that they're in. The effects of the card are only temporary, and will wear away in a short period of time.

Asher's Wand

Nothing seems to particularly changes for this object, except for the fact that it radiates some kind of shiny, golden, glittering aura. However, it can be used for a more

Cloak Of Air

A cape that Asher only wears on celebratory purposes. Unbeknownst to him though, it allows for him to instantly move or warp from one place to another.

Coins Of Replication

A coin trick that Asher is more comfortable for using in physical situations. It only a drop of his own blood onto the coin, the body fluid will morph itself into an instant copy of himself. However, it doesn't obtain his powers. The other bad thing is that the very essence of his mind will be placed in this copy, rendering his original body defenseless. And yes, of course, in the generated body he can still feel pain.


Mechanical Engineering Skills

The only skill that he is recognized with is his knack for mechanical engineering, the repair or construction of machinery. He fell in love with the science and math involved in this work when he was a little boy. He got a degree for this in college, and only plans to work in this field when he gets older.

Drawing Skills

Like it says in his personality, he wastes whatever free time he has by drawing cartoon-like art. Learning art from when he was a child, he has developed over the years and had became superb, however he doesn't display his works of art, as he rather not have anyone criticize his work.


  • "Is there any entertainment-like businesses that need hiring around here?"
  • "Would you like to see a magic trick?"
  • "I'm not really interested in heroism and all that crap. I just want to earn a living, so if that's a problem for you, you can simply go away."


Physical Strength

Throughout his life, Asher has never really enjoyed gym and other basic activities involving the body and all that. Instead, he thought that natural cunning was particularly more important to him that becoming brawny, which was partly how he got through life. Though, as his legs are a bit durable and able to take some pain, his upper body is soft. A few punches there, and he might will easily fall to the ground and admit defeat.


Unlike others when he was young, he always had the habit of doing good on something from the start, but then get tired and give up. It was his specialty then, and its still his specialty now. If someone can last long in a fight, watch plainly and simply as he will either try his best to run or forfeit.

Limited Cards

Seemingly, these cards may only be the most deadly and most helpful items at Asher's disposal as of now. However, like all things in the world, this always has a limit. And by limit, I mean its amount. For you see, these cards are just ones that he gets from a local store near his residence, and of course, common throughout the city. He only has about twenty cards in his deck, and if he wastes them all, then its simply his demise.


  • When he puts his powers into action, his eyes will glow a bright, golden color.
  • Although his fur was meant to be a desert-sand color, I thought that apricot made a more better fit.
  • Although he has an impressive intellect, he has a major sweet tooth, and can easily be manipulated at the sight of it.
  • The name Asher means,"happy, fortunate, and/or blessed".


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