"Welcome to my own personal world".

"This is where you all shall play a simple game".

"A Game of Life, and Death".

"The rules are simple, 2 individuals or teams enter, only 1 leaves".

"Unless, on rare occasions, I'm feeling merciful".

Then a screen fades into existence and 34 squares appear on it, each with a different character on it.

(Here's what that looks like:)

The "Lucky" Players
Taleea Rikai Mastema Alex X Lexie Dawn
Corta Amelia Joshua Lucas Io Rosa Luke
Twilight Xirsec Omnita Mia Lou Jyax Ruby
Racer Skye Breaker Greg Exo Aden Metal
Mabell Cydik Nathanyl Zigo Neo Cole

Since this is everyone from Season 1, you could very well use this to guess all of the fights)    

(However, there's no way to guess what order I'll do them in. Or is there? o3o)

"Let's see who our 'lucky' players are this time".

The names begin to change rapidly for a few seconds until a hand stops them.

Then, 2 squares break off from the rest...

On one, it says X The Versewalker...

On the other, it says Mastema Jubilee...

"A battle of blades, how trivial".

"A Versewalker versus a Godslayer".

"I guess it's time to see which of these 2 will survive".

"Let's see if the winner will CUT the loser some slack".

<laughs in a sinister tone>

The Battle

Location: Arena Time: 4:00 PM

X was the reigning champion of the Arena, he had fought and beaten every other warrior who got in his way. He was named the victor and was about to recieve his trophy when a portal opened and Mastema walked out and said "Before you grab that trophy, you got one more challenger". Then Mastema pulled out his twin sabers and X said "Fine". Then X summoned dozens of sword around the area and Mastema said "Let's go". Then X grabbed one of the swords with his right hand and held it, ready to battle with it. Mastema then took his battle stance and said "I'll give you the first hit, but don't expect anymore pleasantries". Then they prepared to face off!




X launched 2 swords at Mastema, who slashed one of them aside and dodged the other before slashing towards X, his speed being fast enough to strike X before he even realized Mastema moved. X was knocked backwards and a bit hurt, but he quickly launched more swords at Mastema. Mastema got hit from behind by a sword and it impaled him, but Mastema seemed to struggle on past it as he still lumbered after X and tried to slash him. X blocked the slash and then he slashed Mastema across the chest, but Mastema seemed to be resisting the damage, as he then slashed X again and cut into him a bit. X was a bit surprised by this kind of durability and so he started to slash Mastema quickly and violently. However, when X stopped for a second, a dark aura surrounded Mastema and blasted X backwards as Mastema used his Deep Soul magic to heal his injuries. Mastema even pulled the sword from his back and snapped it in 2 before saying "This fight is only just beginning, you'll have to try harder than that".

X got up and snarled a bit before saying "I was only warming up, now I'm gonna get serious". Then X fired a laser at Mastema, who dodged to the side of it and then dashed straight towards X. However, X saw this coming and he used a sword he summoned earlier to stab Mastema as he was running and knocked him off course. Mastema flipped and landed on his chest as X sent 3 more swords flying at Mastema. Mastema barely managed to stand up and see the swords before jumping to the right to avoid 2 of them. However, the 3rd one hit Mastema in his left arm and made him drop one of his sabers. Then X fired another laser at Mastema, but Mastema slashed it with his other saber and sliced the laser down the middle, causing an explosion that created a dense fog. Then Mastema ran towards X and slashed him, nearly slicing X in half! However, as X seemed to be nearly dead, he sent all 20 of his remaining swords after Mastema!

Mastema was impaled in multiple places on his body, he was practically trapped in place with all of the swords. X got up, but was holding his chest, which had a deep cut on it and blood was leaking from the wound. Mastema seemed to be fading, but then his dark magic began to go to work on healing him as X saw this and snarled. Then X summoned even more sword and sent them all flying at Mastema, roughly 45 more swords all impaled Mastema as X kept summoning more and more of them and launching them at Mastema. However, X soon began to run low on energy and was nearly on his knees as he said "Now stay down, that trophy is mine". But it wasn't over yet, Mastema's dark magic enveloped him and the swords were blasted out of his body as he began to change! X saw this and snarled before entering his True X form! Then X saw 2 giant wings come out of the dark aura and he said "What the Hell"? Then Mastema shattered the dark aura and he was in his True Form! Then Mastema looked down at X with his multiple eyes and said "You're not the only one who can transform". Then X summoned hundreds of swords around the area and said "So I guess this is round 2, fine".

Then Mastema laughed and said "This isn't round 2". "This is the Final Round"! Then Mastema blasted X with a lot of dark energy, blasting him backwards. X managed to escape the blast and then charged an X-shaped laser from his right hand, which he pointed at Mastema. Then Mastema summoned a sword made of dark energy and slashed it towards X, who narrowly dodged it and then sent dozens of swords flying towards Mastema, who used a shield made of darkness to block them all before blasting more dark energy at X. X jumped backwards and fired a giant X-shaped laser from his hands at the blast of dark energy and blasted it backwards at Mastema, blasting him in the chest. However, Mastema wasn't effected too much by this and he simply fired more dark energy at X. X sidestepped the blast and then sent the rest of his swords flying at Mastema as he seemed to be preparing something.

As X was busy preparing something, Mastema was blasting all of the swords with energy and his own 2 sabers. As realism would dictate, Mastema couldn't possibly stop all of the 100+ swords from hitting him. Mastema lessened the blow considerably, taking only about 23 swords in his body as opposes to over 100. As Mastema finally got a bit pissed off, he started to pull the swords out and throw them on the ground. X then finally seemed to be ready as he called all of his swords back to him. Then Mastema held his amulet, it's godlike power being felt even while contained. X then combined all 500+ of his total amount of sword together into a single gigantic one! Then Mastema reverted back to his normal form and was saying something to his amulet as X held his giant sword and was ready to slash. Then, just as X sliced towards Mastema, Mastema glowed with the power of a God as he absorbed the power from the amulet! Mastema put up his own bare hand and blocked the sword before blasting X backwards and obliterating the giant sword in the process!

Then Mastema walked over to the tired X, who reverted back to his normal form, and delivered a swift slash to put him out of his misery.


Now this was a FIGHT!

I had fun typing this, with all of the crazy powers and crap I got to work with!

Anyway, that's all for this battle guys.

Hope y'all enjoyed it.

Seeya for the next Battle Short!

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