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These are observations that Blade has made on various characters in which he states possible ways he could defeat that said character.

Note: These could be considered Canon or Non-Canon depending on circumstance.

Combatant Logs

Log #001: Code Name: Ameza (AKA Rosa)

"The said subject is vulnerable to electricity, so a swift electric current with be enough to put her down should she go rogue or lose control of herself". "Her control over cyber energy is also impressive, as she can create blades, shields, guns, and even laser made of pure cyber energy". "But an EMP might be enough to completely disable her".

Log #002 Code Name: Energized Idiot (AKA Vul)

"The said subject is capable of coping skills of others and even their weapons". "The best way to defeat this one shall he go rogue is to battle him a battle of pure skill, for that is his flaw, his lack of battle refinement skills is where an opponent should strike". "Overall, this subject can be a handful for most warriors". "But my intelligence and skill will allow me to keep 1 step ahead of him".

Log #003 Code Name: Tiny Terror (AKA Alaine)

"The subject is of small, almost unheard of, size". "However, her telekinesis might prove quite the issue if she was able to focus it more". "My research has also suggested that she is an alien, not from Mobius". "From little data I have collected, her weakness is her size". "She's physically weak and to beat her, you must try to catch and overpower her quickly to succeed".

"However, if she is able to grow in size, I will have to conduct additional research".

Log #004 Code Name: Evil Twin (AKA Xirsec)

"The subject is of exceptionable evil and will stop at nothing to accomplish it's goals". "It will murder, bribe, rape, or any other such mean to achieve what it wants". "I have come up with a fool-prove way to end this one, a plan that would allow him to be put down with minimum effort". "Play his arrogance against him and use it to lure him into a false sense of safety, then spring a trap and he'll become helpless".

"Catching him off guard is the fool-prove way to defeat him".

Log #005 Code Name: Dragon-Hearted One (AKA Squall)

"This subject, I hope doesn't ever become evil for the sake of Mobius". "If he was to lose all the hope in his heart, he would be nearly unstoppable". "The only solution I have for the Dragon-Hearted One is one that is only temporary". "He is nearly powerless in his base form without his weapons, perhaps a quick assault can batter him enough to slow down his dragonic healing"?

"But if that didn't work, then I would have to attack his DNA in the efforts to slow down his regeneration and make him actually feel the damage he takes". "Otherwise, Mobius would be screwed". "As his power is one without any way of being measured".

Log #006 Code Name: Ash Guardian (AKA Johnny)

"This subject is tough to combat, as his vast amounts of energy will make a battle with him a lasting one". "He also seems to regenerate vastly even without his ash backing him up". "Of all my efforts, the most promising choice is to use some form of ice or something to stick him in place to where he can't shift around the battlefield as much". "Then the safest bet is to engage from a distance because of how lethal his ash is". "If he catches you in it, escape quickly or you will be crushed". "I am not sure if even the fabled armor I wear is strong enough to resist it's strength".

"If this one was to become serious, he would become quite the problem to handle". "Even for my uncle, I must be ready to slay him if I must".

Log #007 Code Name: God of Destruction (AKA Yevon)

"The subject is insane, evil, and beyond redemption". "This subject is very dangerous and prone to fits of rage that could leave entire countries in ruin". "The best way to defeat this subject is to simply leave him sealed away like he is at the present". "If he ever becomes free again, then I will then test out all of my theories on ways to defeat him".

"Among those, I have a process that'll reverse his magic into healing rather than destroying and it may even be capable of draining his godhood and making him only half god rather than full god". "In case of failure, I have a backup plan that involves a magic-nullifying net that will drain his magic from him and leave him in a critical state to where he will be containable".

Log #008 Code Name: Spirit Girl (AKA Lunari)

"The subject isn't evil, truth be told, it's more pure than I myself am". "But I must be prepared just in case of emergency". "The subject is quite frail physically and is more of a mental attacker than a physical attacker". "Her mental strength is impressive, as she has telepathy and electrokinesis both under her control". "Although her defense seems to be her weakest point, as she cannot take a very strong blow".

"I would recommend a swift blow to the head that would either knock her out or stun her mind to where she couldn't focus her telepathy or electrokinesis effectively". "She also seems to have a quote-on-quote Spirit Form". "She can do so at will, but can only remain a spirit for so long it seems".

Log #009 Code Name: Atomic Savior (AKA Ion)

"The subject will be tough to defeat, but it is possible if done correctly". "The subject's control over radiation is astounding and unheard of". "Luckily, my jacket grants immunity to heat and my armor grants immunity to radiation". "In conjunction, they will make me completely immune to the subject's otherwise deadly powers". "With my immunity, I would then use my knowledge of pressure points to seal his attacks, without the use of his arms or legs or radiation, he would be powerless to stop me from beating him down to where he could be contained".

Log #010 Code Name: Mythical Wind (AKA Nathan)

"This subject's combined water and wind powers will prove troublesome to defeat". "However, he can be brought down with pressure points if the aggressor is fast enough to evade his water and wind both". "But I will have to be careful with his wind, as he does have the ability to distort oxygen with it". "Using pressure points is the fastest way to take him down, but it won't work on his stronger forms as much". "He seems to carry a rifle as well, and he uses it to shoot opponents without his scope". "The easiest way to dismantle his gun is to destroy it as fast as possible". "A simple slice or blast should do the trick".

"Without equipment to enter any of his so-called MLG forms, his only form left to counter is his serious form". "And I could simply use his anger and seriousness against him, slowly drain him until he has no energy left to maintain the form". "Then, a simple chain of attacks to stun him followed by a strong blow will finish him off". "In case of his Mythical form, a strong blow to his pressure points will stun him long enough to deal serious damage, possibly enough to cause him to revert".

"If he reverts, finish him there, before he tries to make a comeback".

Log #011 Code Name: Loving Echidna (AKA Jules)

"The subject is full of pride, and thus, easily beaten by herself". "Also, as my observations dictate, she cannot easily use energy attacks without her sword". "If push came to shove, destroying the sword would leave her nearly powerless to fight back, let alone do any damage".

"Her Enforcer form wouldn't be an issue, as my speed would allow me to avoid her attacks and still exploit her pride in order to bring her down". "She may have guns at her command, but no bullet she has could pierce my armor nor can they pierce my jacket". "Without her sword, she would go down with a simple pressure point attack". "The only issue with that plan of attack is her armor, which can be broken". "Fast enough slashes will dent her armor and eventually allow me to break through and target her pressure points".

"My speed, her pride, and my blade will be enough to best this warrior".

Log #012 Code Name: Son of Commander (AKA Joshua)

"This subject has plenty of weapons to make a fight with him quite tedious". "However, a single EMP would be able to dismantle most of his weapons". "Some do have EMP-resistant measures, but a simple way to beat him is via EMP and then a strong knockout blow to take him down before his equipment is back online".

"It would be wise to not allow him to regain use of his equipment". "However, a full frontal assault would be tough, as his dark and anti energy swords are both tough to get past". "However, they are breakable". "A vibration module added into my blade would be able to shake the molecules apart, causing the blades to fall apart". "Without the blades, a fight with the subject would be simple".

"However, a second EMP would also be wise, due to his shield". "His dark form is strong, but I'm fast". "He may gain ferocity, but he losses intelligence". "Tire him out from dodging and he'll revert back and have no energy left to fight".

Log #013 Code Name: Dual Souls (AKA Io)

"The subject is a bit, unorthodox". "My records lead me to believe that this subject is 2 rather than 1". "As one half is capable of defense magic and the other is capable of offensive magic". "Being made of 2 magic spirits, dark energy would weaken both of them by a significant margin". "Chaos energy is also a possible way of weakening them, as it could upset their balance of powers and make one side gain more control than the other".

"Using that strategy, with the defensive side in power, a strong enough blow to crack the shield, followed by a swift slash to cause serious damage, would end the fight". "If the offensive side gains control, my speed would be crucial in landing solid blows to stun the subject before finishing him/her/it off with an especially strong blow".

Log #014 Code Name: Anti-Parasite (AKA Calypso)

"This subject is quite unique, as it's tough to hit the subject itself since it stays attached to hosts for most of it's time". "This proves to be quite the defense, as there's no way to actually hit the subject when it's inside a person". "The only flaw for when it's inside a person is that if you kill the person, the subject dies too". "However, a physical attack won't work, as the subject would just attach itself to me if I was to hit the host". "No, a ranged or energy style attack is what I would need to use".

"I could use my charkram, which would prevent the subject from attaching to me". "But just throwing it around would quickly become tedious, as I would eventually get bored with the idea". "But I do have a nearly fool-prove way to end this subject without ending it's host as well". "The subject's origin is from an orb, if I could get my hands on that orb, I could re-contain it there and then by destroying the orb, it's current host, the subject would be destroyed too".

"This subject is very interesting, perhaps I could use my knowledge of bio-engineering to create something of a same effect for my own use". ("I'll have to try and extract some DNA or energy from the subject at some point")

Log #015 Code Name: Original Chaos God (AKA Xaoc)

"This subject, is one Hell of a battle to win". "This one is a God of Chaos, being almost at one with chaos energy". "However, there is one way I can figure out to beat him". "Again, due to his power, arrogance would be his weak point". "All I have to do is play into his arrogance until I can get an advantage". "With that said advantage, I would catch him off guard and then proceed with quick attacks to keep him guessing where I'm coming from". "While doing so, I will dwindle his strength away, little by little".

"His transformation are tough to combat, but with my blade's ability to absorb chaos energy, I could potentially use him against himself and slowly drain his power away while slashing him". "Eventually, he will run out of energy and I will be able to land a knockout blow". "But even then, he will be a tough fight to end". "But I may have a way to contain him".

"Maybe that Anti-Chaos Net I made back in Class BB will be useful after all".

Log #016 Code Name: Spiritual Goddess (AKA Arraura)

"This subject is quite interesting". "She seems to have a healing field around her at all times". "And if she does possess the ability to turn it off, there are no records of her doing do". "The subject is quite adept in hospitality as well, allowing almost anyone into her halls". "The chance of the subject going rogue is so low, it's borderline impossible". "The subject is weak to physical combat however, making a full-frontal assault the best way to defeat her".

"She also seems to have a quote-on-quote Spirit Form". "She can do so at will, but can only remain a spirit for so long it seems". "The best tactic is to strike first and strike with force before she can use her rather potent spiritual energy".

Log #017 Code Name: Evolutionary Mantis (AKA Verdane)

"This subject is a tough one to beat, let alone kill if the need arises". "However, my studies of mantis biology has led me to conclude that his joints are his weakest point and may be exploited to take him down". "If his adaptive process can be challenged, then a simple EMP's sonic wave would make him dizzy and allow me to overload his senses until he's tired out".

"In the worst case scenario, I do happen to have syringes that I can fill with Agent Orange and simply inject it into the subject's joints, effectively killing the subject in a matter of seconds due to it's weakness to it's DNA being altered". "However, this is an extreme last resort, and will only be done if there is no other option".

Log #018 Code Name: Devil Incarnate (AKA Zezko)

"This subject is quite dangerous, his strength, speed, durability, and skill are very impressive". "His intelligence is also above average, as he seems to have no problem outsmarting other demons". "The subject is the King of Hell, the undisputed strongest demon ever". "Only a Holy weapon forged in Heaven can kill him, and I lack means of acquiring that". "The best strategy I can suggest is to weaken him and use a magic rune to seal him back into Hell".

"If it came to having to kill the subject, the only way possible without using a Holy weapon would be to stop his regeneration and deliver fatal blows". "My Bloody Nail should get the job done".

Log #019 Code Name: Karmic Retribution (AKA Sarcasm)

"This subject is extremely powerful, his use of the concept of Karma and divine origins make this a tasking fight for anyone". "However, his Karmic powers are useless on those who don't feel remorse for their sins". "All I would have to do is just simply ignore my sins and hit him with everything I have". "It won't be easy, but without his Karmic damage, he's a manageable opponent".

"This subject has a lot of forms, but they all still follow the same Karmic problem". "A fight with this subject would be long, but not particularly difficult".

Log #020 Code Name: Slayer of Gods (AKA Mastema)

"The subject is quite strong, able to defeat Gods in combat". "However, a critical flaw in his defense is that the strength of his armor and blades both stem from his own energy reserve". "Tire him out and his blades do less damage and his armor won't absorb as much damage". "Tiring him out to weaken his weapons and armor will allow him to be finished off with a strong attack".

"The subject also possesses a True form that makes it grow multiple tails and allows it visage alone to deter most challengers". "The visage will not effect me, so all I must do is slice off the tails and slowly weaken the form until the subject reverts back from fatigue". "After reverting back, the subject will be nearly helpless and easily contained".

Log #021 Code Name: Keeper of Crystals (AKA Maximus)

"This subject is extremely powerful, caution is advised against him". "The subject has a multitude of powers and forms, giving it nearly immeasurable strength". "The subject has 2 weakness that I could decipher". "1, being part robotic means that water could short-circuit his wires and fry him". "Normally, electricity would do the same". "But this is a rare case where it will not work due to the subject being able to use electricity". "2, his crystals can be shattered by loud vibrations, like condensed sound or large quakes". "I can't do much about quakes unless I plan to punch a hole in the planet".

"But his condensed sound weakness may be helpful in bringing him down". "By collecting sounds in my Song Lagenam, I could unload the combined frequencies on him to quickly weaken him and shatter his offense to where I could restrain him and contain him before he would be able resist the effects of the sound". "If he manages to resist the sound, then I'll have to try to take him down with quick attacks to keep him stunned and unable to counterattack".

"The subject's strength is insane, a single punch from him has been shown to shatter states and cause tremors across Mobius". "I will have to avoid that punch if I wish to defeat this subject".

Log #022 Code Name: Jkirkian Overlord (AKA Adex)

(I'll write this log later)

Log #023 Code Name: Stealthy Shadow (AKA Jessica)

(I'll write this log later)

Log #024 Code Name: Mistress Of Puppets (AKA Gold)

(I'll write this log later)

Log #025 Code Name: Randomness & Savagery (AKA RSG)

(I'll write this log later)

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