This is a DLC pack for the fangame Fangame:Prizor's Wrath. It is a crossover, introducing characters from DBZ, Mega Man, and Undertale fanons.



"Please... Save us!!!"

After a strange dream, Prizor wakes up. His wild goose chase to find Vuxo had brought him all the way back around near the outskirts of the Ether Forest. As he wakes up, he hears something scuttling past him... As he scrambles to get up, something pointy pokes his hand. Feeling that it's a crystal, Prizor absentmindedly pockets the crystal to sell at some other point.

"Who's there?" Prizor called out, looking around to find the source of the noise. Whoever it was took off, and Prizor gave chase. "Get away from me!" The person yelped, sounding like a young girl.

[Short Minigame-Search For the Girl]

"Stop! Please! Who are you?" Prizor shouted after her, faintly recognizing her voice from his dream. He needed answers. The girl was slower than him, so he caught up rather quickly. Once Prizor got close enough, however, the girl suddenly fell to the ground. He approached her, calmly, though she was writhing in pain on the ground. He could feel a strange aura coming from her, giving him her strength and energy... but why?

"I've seen you before, girl. Do you know where Vuxo is?" Prizor asked.

"S-stop!!" The girl, Adni, turned to look at Prizor, firing a small blowdart at him. It grazed his cheek.

[Fight: Adni the Quail]

After Adni was weakened, Prizor backed up for a moment, as he was told. "Is this what you wanted?" He asked. Adni recovered quickly, as she stood up and nodded. "Y-yes... Please, just stay right there..." She said.

"Do you know anything about Vuxo?" Prizor asked.

"I-I can look..." Adni said, holding the tiny crystal ball charm around her neck up to her face. "It looks like... The quickest way to get to him would be to go through this forest." Adni answered him.

"Thank you, girl." Prizor nods to her, taking off. Little did he know that the crystal he had collected was reacting....


"Please... They need help..."