A type of magic only found in the realm where Mastema Jubilee originates, it his highly forbidden by most of his world and practicing it is punishable by death. Of course it's quite unknown outside his homeworld so he freely uses it without worry, although with the rise of his group it's properties are becoming public and may be banned once again.

It's found deep within a human's soul, the most pure and primal part of them, controlling it is hard as it can burst out in a fury if you're not careful. It's highly versatile and can take many forms such as fire, lighting, ice, and water, though in all forms it has this physical weight to it not found in other magics. The reason it's banned is because it's incredibly harmful to gods, and when almost impossible to be controlled by them, corrupting their body and soul in the process.



  • Mastema, The Godslayer
  • Vul (by proxy)


  • It's incredibly similar to The Dark found in the Dark Souls series (almost rip off material)

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