Blade's First Turn

"Allow me to start this off right, you want to battle me"?

"You may want to reconsider, I'll strike you like a verbal EMP".

"You wield a plasma rifle and 2 blades that pale in comparison in my own".

"It must be destiny for a weakling to ascend the Jkirkian throne"!

"You've made the wrong choice, you should've quit while you were ahead".

"Maybe it would've been better if you would've died and your mother was here instead"!

Joshua's First Turn

"Don't talk shit about my mother, I'll rip your tongue out and stick it up your ass".

"On a scale of scaring me, you don't even pass".

"I could say the same about your mother as you did mine".

"But I'm a bit more mature and I'll avoid that landmine".

"You're strong yes, but very narcissistic too".

"Truth be told, at least I actually graduated my school".

Blade's Second Turn

"You can't rap, can you"? "You barely even found a rhyme for those boasts".

"You're a pussy who can't handle my fiery roasts"!

"You used mine twice, you unimaginative cunt"!

"I'll make your voice a whisper by changing your fucking font"!

"You've pissed me off, a fatal flaw in your hopes of winning this battle".

"Behold my power as I make your entire federation rattle"!

<Blade punches the ground, causing several earthquakes around Mobius>

Joshua's Second Turn

<Floats into the air with telekinesis>

"You're a threat to one and all, you don't realize your power".

"You're just another hero who stinks, step into the shower".

"I'm sure you'd like for this to become a fight, but I'm not gonna give you what you want".

"You destroyed entire cities to show off". "Remind me, who's the cunt"?

"You're a fool standing in the shadow of a father you can't hope to surpass".

"Be sure to leave your daddy a message from the Federation that kicked your ass"!

Blade's Third Turn

"Speak for yourself asshole, you have no right for such a comparison".

"You earned your right to rule from fucking inheritance"!

"I don't need to fight you by yourself, I'm the elite of this generation".

"I'm a fucking hybrid who'll kick the shit out of your backwater federation"!

"I'll slice through your cheap tanks, sink your ships, and send your spacecraft plummeting to the ground"!

"You think you're pretty fast"? "Fuck off with your speed of sound"!

Joshua's Third Turn

<turns livid>

"You've done it now, that will be your final mistake".

"I'll take your soul to Hell, and I'm not even a wraith".

"But I'm skilled in what I do, and that's where I surpass".

"You try to do something impressive because you have nothing going for your ass"!

"You can't beat my Federation on your own, we have too many guns".

"But I won't need them, because I only need one"!

<shoots at Blade>

Blade's Fourth Turn

<dodges and gets pissed off>

"That's it, enough of this madness"! "I'm ending this now"!

"This is your last chance to throw in the towel"!

"You are not entertaining, you're quite the bore".

"I'll bitch smack you like any common whore"!

"You aren't impressive asshole, you're only sub-par".

"Your life is nearly over, it's not very far..."

Joshua's Fourth Turn

<returns to base before using the Mecha Emerald>

"You speak about respect, but yet you lack it".

"Your threat level isn't even Galactic"!

"You're barely at the power of a planet, you need to learn your place".

"You're such an egomaniac, you're known across Time and Space"!

"You could use an attitude adjustment to get your priorities straight".

"Are you always pissed off because you'll never be a great"!?

Blade's Fifth Turn

<turns hyper>

"I'm more Great than you and your damn pussy force could ever become".

"I hope you like your last name, because you're going to feel the heat of the sun"!

"If I punched you, your sorry ass would become dyslexic"!

"I'll rip a bigger hole in you than Hectic"!

"You are a sorry piece of shit, you don't impress anyone".

"Your chance of winning this battle is fucking NEGATIVE ONE"!

Joshua's Fifth Turn

<crosses his arms as Genesis transports appear in the sky above>

"You wanted me to listen"? "Well I'm afraid I can't".

"How's this for a 'pussy force'"? "I called them in during your little rant".

"Speaking of rants, now it's my turn".

"I'll pay homage to my last name, time for some burns".

"A single burn to end this isn't easily found, but the fact that I found one makes me glad".

"And that's the sad fact that your legacy would be nothing if it wasn't for your dad"!

Blade Makes His Peace

<blast the transports out of the sky with a backhand before glaring at Joshua>

"There's a reason I'm this generation's apex".

"I've surpassed my father, and you still can't touch Adex".