Yevon's First Turn

"Why hello there, would you like a cup of tea"?

"Because you must be sniffing herbs if you thought you'd beat me"!

"I'm the genocidal jester who brought the whole world to it's knees".

"You aren't going to win, so why don't you join me"?

"I could use a henchman, since my last one got grilled".

"I'm the master of planetary destruction, I'll end every world"!

Ashtok's First Turn

"Are you done talking yet"? "If not, I may weep".

"I didn't emerge from my crystal after 10,000 years for you to put me to sleep"!

"I'm back to whoop your ass, not join your side".

"You aren't a challenge for me, I'll bring the time of your demise"!

"You can end a world, I ended a multiverse".

"You'll never be a threat to me because you're the worst"!

Yevon's Second Turn

<fuses with Ultima Weapon>

"I'm the God of, what's it called"? "Oh yes, thank you little voice, Insanity"!

"I don't know what the Hell you're supposed to be"!

"You look like a dragon with a horse's tail and you're making me a little sick".

"But just a little, like your fucking d***"!

"Maybe it's time I hang up the gloves and live my life in the glaciers".

"Or maybe I'll grab my Light of Judgment and put you out to pastures"!

<Yevon uses the Light of Judgement on Ashtok>

Ashtok's Second Turn

<Ashtok creates a crystalline shield around himself and blocks it>

"Only a fool would lay a hand on the Dragon King, you have some balls".

"But you don't have the fortitudes of durability or regeneration, you're no Squall".

"You're all bark and no bite, you can't even approach me".

"Face it Yevon, after Mobius Chronicles, you became fucking obsolete"!

"You used to be what"? "The 2nd strongest character"? "Now everyone has passed you by".

"This is it for you Yevon, tell your imaginary friends goodbye"!

<Ashtok uses The Dragon's Roar and launches it at Yevon>

Yevon's Third Turn

<Yevon enters his final form and blows up the blast as the sky turns gray>

"Fuck off"! "You're just mad that I have more friends than you do"!

"Mostly because you killed them off when any of them opposed you"!

"You aren't anything without that necklace you found"!

"Remember when you always beaten into the ground"!?

"Your subjects are even more stupid"! "All they do is bow and nod"!

"But tell me, asshole, what's a KING TO A GOD"!?

<Yevon unleashes Final Judgement>

Ashtok's Third Turn

<enters King Form and slices the blast in half>

"You're a child trapped inside a grown man's body".

"You aren't a threat anymore Yevon, to me or anybody"!

"If you still think you're something, I'm going to laugh".

"You got your ass one-shotted, remember Prizor's Wrath"!?

"After 4 years, your plans are still shit". "You're a lost cause, worthless to even thrillseekers".

"So why don't YOU tell me, what's a 'God' to a non-believer"!?





Who won?

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