Dalton's First Turn

"So there's a bitch with no ability that has come to face me"?

"Someone of your status should be prohibited to breathe"!

"I can shatter mountains, and unleash sick rhymes".

"I'll elbow your shin, and break your spine".

"You're pretty fast, I'll give you that".

"But it won't do you any good once I kick your ass"!

"You're mostly talk and no fight".

"You're wrong and I'm right".

"So know your place and desist".

"It's a miracle that a weak bitch like you can even exist"!

<Dalton launches a thunderbolt at Jessica>

Jessica's First Turn

<kicks the thunderbolt aside>

"Nice shot, rookie". "But you're a bit too slow".

"Both here and in bed, I've been told".

"You're a first-class grunt, I'm a fucking commando".

"I've put more people down than Rambo"!

"You're not a challenge for me, just another contract".

"Let's see if, after I kick your ass, if your dignity will be intact".

"You lack speed in movement and especially thinking".

"I could dodge your attacks while I'm fucking blinking"!

"Want a single word to describe you besides being a weakling"?

"I'd go with the fact that you're compensating for something"!

Dalton's Second Turn

<turns Super>

"You won't even mark me with those weak burns".

"I'll cremate your sorry ass and stuff you in an urn"!

"I steal the show and I don't give a damn".

"You wouldn't be anything if it wasn't for your husband"!

"I'm on my own level, I'll run your ass over like a rig".

"Your skills are subpar and you couldn't even handle 3 kids"!

<launches hundreds of thunderbolts at Jessica>

Jessica's Second Turn

<eyes turn red as she slashes the thunderbolts in half>

"I was the first ninja here, so shut up and know your place".

"Stealing energy from a forest"? "What a fucking disgrace"!

"I'm a bitch from Hell, I don't give a fuck".

"You'd stab your Mother in the back for 5 bucks"!

"You have no discipline, you rely solely on rage".

"I'll destroy you, wanna be on tomorrow's front page"?

Dalton's Third Turn

<turns Super 2 and summons symbols>

"Too bad your fame wasn't obtained on your own".

"You got your stardom from Sonic, everybody fucking knows"!

"I made myself and I'll break you".

"Wanna go hand to hand"? "Because I got two"!

"I'll pound you into the ground and kick your face in".

"You don't have a chance whore, I'd suggest escaping".

"I win once again, you'd be better off to just concede".

"It's over bitch, my victory has been achieved"!

<Dalton flies over to Jessica and punches towards her>

Jessica's Third Turn

<Jessica catches Dalton's hand>

"Never underestimate me".

<her eyes glow blue as she pushes Dalton back>

"I'll break both of your arms and legs, make no mistakes".

"Your just a cash grab, worth less than sweepstakes".

"Your a dumbass who can't defeat any other".

"Speaking of backstabbing, how did it feel to get killed by your brother"?

"Your family is a joke, you're all dead but two".

"You gonna cry about your parents"? "Well BOO FUCKING HOO"!

"The life of a ninja is not an easy one to lead".

"Just grow a pair and face it, you'll always be weak".

"You can try all you want, but I'll snap your neck like a Cheese Curl".

"Walk your ass back home to that dojo, because you just got your ass beat by a girl"!





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