Yeah, this is another checklist that I made.

ERBOW will work a bit different from OMB, there will be 15 battles per season. (OMB is 10 per season)

Season 1

1.Gold vs Magnus(done)

2.Ion and Corta vs Nick and Lunari(done)

3.Yevon vs Vuxo(done)

4.Rosa vs Joanna(done)

5.Zigath vs Kita(done)

6.Nick vs Kara(done)

7.Cydik vs Gabranth(done)

8.Star vs Astro(done)

9.Squall vs Ty(done)

10.DUB vs Ion(done)

11.Conner vs Shadow(done)

12.Rudy vs Otega(done)

13.Lunari vs Corta(done)

14.Zezko vs Angel(done)

15.Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy vs Nick, Dillian, Nate, and Lunari(done)

Season 2

16.Blaze vs Io(done)

17.Dawn vs Gold(done)

18.Quinn vs Rikai(done)

19.Nate vs Mikasa(done)

20.Shadow vs Silver(done)

21.Haely vs Rouge(done)

22.Derek vs Espio(done)

23.Dillian vs Dalton(done)

24.Sonic vs Shadow(done)

25.Sarah vs Lexie(done)

26.Phantom vs Gabranth(done)

27.Glitrix vs Ashura(done)

28.Ty vs Ion(done)

29.Nick vs Vuxo(done)

30.Nick vs Dio(done)

Season 3

31.Nate vs Johnny(done)

32.Kita vs Kara(done)

33.Riley vs Lexie(done)

34.Xia vs Mikasa(done)

35.Rosa vs Cydik(done)

36.Nick vs Xirsec(done)

37.Angel vs Legna(done)

38.Airion vs Celeste(done)

39.Rudy vs Otega Round 2(done)

40.Dillian vs Johnny(done)

41.Lunari vs Xia(done)

42.Star and Astro vs Nick and Xirsec(done)

43.Nick vs Maximus(done)

44.Ion vs Connor(done)

45.Micheal vs Rachel(done)

Season 4

46.Dio's Alex vs Nick's Alex(done)

47.Cydik vs Hectic(done)

48.Breaker vs Dalton(done)

49.Haely vs Xena(done)

50.Mabell vs Aden(done)

51.Flarox vs Woodax(done)

52.Sarcasm vs Tenyu(done)

53.Derek vs Jason(done)

54.TLK vs Squall(done)

55.Xia vs Io(done)

56.Dillian, Dalton, and Sarah vs Ashura, Ty, and Kara(done)

57.Racer vs Dawn(done)

58.Lexie vs Rookie(done)

59.Vesati vs Io(done)

60.All Nick's vs. All Nick's(done)

Season 5

61.Rachel vs Nick(done)

62.Xirsec vs Mercury(done)

63.Zendred vs Voorkleit(done)

64.Rosa vs Legna(done)

65.Trick vs Dio(done)

66.Nate vs Tortuah(done)

67.Paris vs Kita(done)

68.Alaine vs Zigath(done)

69.Violetta vs Spike(done)

70.Dr. Hex vs Dr. Xicia(done)

71.Zendred vs Zevi(done)

72.Adex vs Grief(done)

73.Hectic vs Ashura(done)

74.Blade vs Joshua(done)

75.Rookie vs Prizor(done)

Season 6

76. Dalton vs Jessica(done)

77. Ashtok vs Yevon(done)

78. Nate vs Johnny 2(done)

79. !Xav vs Glitrix(done)

80. Kratos vs Prizor(done)

81. ???

82. ???

83. ???

84. ???

85. ???

86. ???

87. ???

88. ???

89. ???

90. ???

Final Season (Season 7)

(Note: The Final Season will be only 10 rap battles rather than the usual 15)

91. ???

92. ???

93. ???

94. ???

95. ???

96. ???

97. ???

98. ???

99. ???

100. ???