Welcome to another fangame made by me, Dio.

This game is of the action-adventure genre and full of boss fights and some serious action!

Play as Prizor, the one who became Vuxo's own apprentice!

Starting off working for Vuxo, the story quickly changes after a defining moment early on in the game.

With that said, let's take a look at the start of the game.

Story Chapters


Prizor is already Vuxo's apprentice, and he is sent on a dangerous mission as his final test of initiation. His goal was to retrieve an artifact for Vuxo. The artifact was hidden inside of an ancient temple that Prizor cleared only after some trials that pushed him to his limits. (Think of this as the tutorial level)

Upon returning to Vuxo with the artifact, Vuxo turned on his apprentice and beat the Hell out of him before leaving him to die inside the cold waters of the arctic. Prizor was saved by an unknown fisherman who healed him before mysteriously leaving him with the words "Your life is in my hands now. you shall be my instrument of destruction". However, when Prizor awoke, he had turned his anger into power and he now had a lust for vengeance inside of him. He then decided that no matter what he would have to do, or who he would have to destroy, he would make his way back to his former Master and destroy him for betraying him.

And so begins Prizor's quest for vengeance...

Chapter 1: Starting The Journey

Prizor had traveled through the area, not sure where he was or how to reach Vuxo. However he soon found himself in conflict with the Core City Guardians, as he was mistaken for an enemy and attacked. Prizor would then get pissed off and only make the problem worse as he decided to fight back.

This leads to the first boss fight of the game, as Prizor takes on Otega in a 1 on 1 fight. However, Otega didn't prove a match as Prizor quickly killed him and continued on without a second thought. His only thought was revenge, he cared for nothing else. He would then arrive inside the city and would be welcomed by a fight with Gavin, Tex, Striker, Cage, and Migi.

After mercilessly slaying all 5 of them, he marched right into the capitol and was blocked by Corta, who fought bravely against him before being destroyed by Prizor's insatiable hunger for pain. He then would take all of the info he needed before leaving the city in ruins due to the destruction.

However, as he was leaving, 1 more foe stood in his way. "I don't know who you are, but you have some Hell to pay for killing my friends and destroying my city". said Ion as he stepped into Prizor's way. Prizor simply glared at Ion before saying "Step aside, or die". Ion became heated and a boss fight broke out between the 2 as they fought each other back and forth.

After nearly killing Ion, Ion entered Titan Mode and slammed Prizor through the city before Prizor leaped at him and buried his blade deep into Ion's forehead! Then Ion reverted back to normal form before Prizor decapitated him and walked onward without even a glance at the carnage.

And so ends Chapter 1...

Chapter 2: Into The Ether Forest

Prizor kept walking until he arrived the edge of the Ether Forest. He then journeyed inside and reached the center. He then decided to camp there for the night. However, he awoke to a party being hosted by the Magic Spirits. Naturally, he didn't like being woken up and was quite pissed off when it happened.

He tried to attack a group of magic spirits, but he was stopped by a magic blast that hit him in his shoulder and made him turn around. He looked at the cat who had shot at him and snarled before saying "You must have a death wish". Then the cat simply said "No, I just refuse to allow brutes to bully our friends". Prizor only got more angry as the Magic Spirits fled while Io held Prizor off with runes and magic spells. After the spirits escaped, Prizor finally defeated Io and as he went to leave, Io said to him "Why must you fight and kill like you've done and will do"?

Prizor looked back and said "I was wronged, and no one seems to want to allow me to claim my retribution". Then Prizor said "I'll destroy anyone who'll stand in my way of getting vengeance". Then Io said to him "That quest for vengeance will only destroy you in the end, and even if you do succeed, you'll live to regret it". Then Prizor pulled his blade from Io's chest and said "You will not live to see if I regret it". Then he began walking through the forest again.

Prizor reached the end of the Ether Forest, where he met Dalton. Dalton saw the spirits running for their lives and decided to see what the Hell was going on when Prizor walked by. Dalton questioned Prizor on what he'd seen, but Prizor ignored him. Dalton then punched Prizor in the back, which led to the 2 of them fighting for a few minutes.

However, Dalton proved no match for Prizor's pure rage. As Prizor struck down Dalton and sliced his left arm off before hanging him from a tree with a chain! Then Prizor left the Ether Forest and he continued his journey while he again simply didn't care about the havoc he was wreaking on the world.

And so ends Chapter 2...

Chapter 3: A Visit To The Dojo

A few minutes after leaving the forest, Prizor arrived at the dojo. Justin met him outside and asked "What's your business here"? Prizor glared at Justin and glare made Justin uneasy. Then Prizor punched Justin in the gut and then kicked him flying into the air before making a whip of electricity grab Justin and shock him before slamming him on the ground. Then Justin got up and prepared to fight Prizor.

After a tough battle, Prizor lifted an injured Justin into the air with telekinesis and threw his sword into Justin's gut before using telekinesis to pull the sword and Justin's guts out before dropping Justin and entering the dojo. Upon entry, Prizor saw no one and he was about to leave when he heard a faint noise. He walked down a hallway that had a mysterious wire sliced open on the left wall. He then walked into a room and saw Lexie all alone.

He glared at the scared Lexie as he readied a slash. Lexie noticed a sliced wire on the ground in front of Prizor as he slashed. Lexie closed her eyes in fear, but heard a metallic sound and opened her eyes. There stood Rosa with a cyber blade against Prizor's blade! Then Rosa said "If you wanna lay a finger on her, you'll have to go through me first". Then Rosa smirked as Prizor laughed and said "Good, it saves me the trouble of hunting you down".

After a frantic fight, Prizor blasted Rosa into wire on the ground and grabbed the sliced side as he poured electricity into the wire and caused it to explode! Then he glared at the terrified Lexie and said "You have an interesting energy". "It fears me, but hates me at the same time". Then Prizor laughed and said "Use your hatred little girl, show me your disdain you have for me"! Then Lexie tried to use a sound blast, but Prizor tanked it and laughed before blasting Lexie with lightning.

Then Prizor began shocking Lexie as he said "You want to avenge your friend, right"!? yelled Prizor as he lifted Lexie with telekinesis while still shocking her. Then he slammed her through a wall and left her there, barely alive. Then Prizor said to her "If you want revenge, then become stronger". "Until then, you are useless to me". Then Prizor left as the dojo began to fall apart behind him.

And so ends Chapter 3...

Chapter 4: A Day In The City

Prizor reached the city, where he met up with Jessica, who noticed his face before on a wanted poster and decided to try and collect the 50 billion dollar reward by capturing him. Prizor had some trouble dealing with Jessica's speed and agility, but he managed to win after he impaled her with a street light and kicked her down a flight of stairs and she landed on her neck.

Prizor soon encountered Eden, who he punched for getting in his way. However, Eden gave Prizor an ass-whooping fit for a God as she poured on the attack. However, Prizor would refuse to be denied. He persevered and eventually got the upper hand as he began to beat the Hell out of Eden. Even Eden's earthshaking power couldn't stop Prizor. As he impaled her through her back to the ground with a lance, grabbed her by her head, and then ripped her head off before crushing it in his hand.

Then Prizor would battle Mikasa. And after a fast-paced fight, he would win after hanging her from a street light and slicing her lower body off with a single slash. Then he finally reached Metal and Xirsec, who he fought at the same time. Metal went down after Prizor impaled him through his head and then Prizor turned his murderous gaze towards Xirsec, who actually seemed terrified. Xirsec eventually cast his fear aside and he became his hydra form and stepped on Prizor!

However, Prizor soon began lifting Xirsec's foot as he said "No wonder you aren't a Legendary Warrior, you're too damn weak"! Then Xirsec's 5 heads all shot fire breath down at Prizor, who used a burst of electricity to keep the fire back as he began to overpower Xirsec with little effort. Then he blasted the huge hydra backwards as he dashed forward and sliced clean through it! Then he buried the blade into the dying Xirsec's forehead before pulling it out and walking away, still not giving a dam about anything.

And so ends Chapter 4...

Chapter 5: The "Liberation" Of Cydik's Lab

Prizor arrived at the entrance of Cydik's Lab and was greeted by an asteroid to the face from Astro. "Hey there, I hear you're supposed to be tough". "So allow me to put that to the test". said Astro as summoned dozens of asteroids and Prizor seemed to get pissed off as he unsheathed his blade and said "How about I rip your test up and stick it up your ass"!?

After a fight in which Prizor must hop across asteroids to hit Astro, Prizor uses telekinesis to slam the asteroid he was standing on into Astro. Which crashed Astro into the side of the Lab before Prizor impaled Astro through the head with a lance to the wall as the asteroid and Prizor fell to the ground below. Then Prizor gripped the Lab's huge metal doors and slowly ripped them off their hinges before walking inside.

Shortly after entering, Prizor would find Cydik. But Cydik created a portal and ran off to his private section as Alex and Haely came out of the portal and saw Prizor. Alex decided to pick a fight and Prizor decided that Cydik could wait. Haely decided to help Alex and so she joined in the fight against Prizor. This 2 on 1 fight was quite frantic, due to Haely's flight and Alex's speed.

However, Prizor claimed victory after slicing Haely's wings off and causing her to fall into a vat of acid. He then turned to the hurt Alex and impaled him to the wall with a lance before wrapping a chain whip around Alex's head. Then Prizor said "Tell me where I can find my Master"! Then Alex sneered and said "I don't know who YOU even are, let alone your fucking Master". Then Prizor finally snapped out and ripped Alex's head off with the chain before collecting his lance and pressing on.

He would then encounter Sarah, who was looking for Dalton's murderer, whom she thought was Cydik. So she paid little mind to Prizor and kept going towards Cydik. She reached Cydik and was confronting him as Prizor arrived. Sarah looked at him and said "oh, you again". "If you want a piece of Cydik, then I'll give you whats left of him after I'm done". Cydik reasoned with Sarah by saying "I didn't kill you brother, but I know who did". Then he pulled up footage from a camera he had placed in the Ether Forest. The footage showed Prizor killing Dalton and then just walking away. Sarah turned to Prizor and blasted ice at him, but Prizor dodged and said "You are but a child, younger than even the Fox, do not make me kill you to reach Cydik". Sarah responded with a huge fireball that Prizor sliced in half before saying "Very well, you have made your choice".

After a quick fight with Sarah, Prizor kicked her through a wall and glared at Cydik before saying "Now, it is your turn". However, Sarah was soon back and she kicked Prizor backwards as she said "HEY"! "IT'S STILL MY TURN DUMB-ASS"! Prizor however, seemed to still be calm as he said "Patience is the key to knowledge, knowledge is the key to power, power is the key to freedom, and freedom is the key to happiness". Then Prizor said "Patience runs thin, Knowledge is limited, Power is spent, Freedom is only a dream, and Happiness is little more than an illusion".

Then Prizor blasted Sarah outside a window with a blast of lightning and said "I have no need for such things". Then he turned to Cydik, who seemed to be a bit scared as Prizor walked closer to him. Cydik said to him "Tell me what you want and it's yours, I don't have time for negotiations". Then Prizor said "I want directions to my Master, nothing more or less". Cydik looked at Prizor and said "Who the Hell is your Master"? Then Prizor said "He is the one known as the Deathbringer". Then Cydik said "Ah, his castle is in the Artic, just go North". Then Prizor said "Very well, you may live". Then, as Prizor tried to leave, Cydik blasted him and equipped the techno armor as he said "No one says such things to me and lives without taking a beating"!

Then, after slicing the core of the techno armor in half, Prizor grabbed the sides and ripped the armor down the middle before throwing the injured Cydik and impaling him to a spike on the wall that pierced his heart. Then Prizor broke a window and left the lab as it crumbled behind him.

And so ends Chapter 5...

Chapter 6: Downtown Demolition

Prizor was now in the downtown section of the city. He was confronted by Rudy, who aimed to capture him and place him in jail for his crimes. However, even a gun was unable to keep Prizor down. Even being shot in the head, heart, and chest, Prizor struggled onward and eventually slashed Rudy before kicking him through a mailbox and into a car that then exploded.

Prizor then had to fight Hectic, who fired plasma shots at him. Prizor stopped the shots with telekinesis before shooting Hectic with them. Then, after a tough fight, Hectic used his left hand to shoot like a hook, but Prizor dodged and grabbed the chain as Hectic pulled his arm back, which caused Hectic to pull Prizor towards him. Hectic used his right hand to fire blasts at Prizor, but Prizor slashed them aside as he collided into Hectic and impaled him through the chest.

Then Prizor prepared to leave, but Hectic arose in Celestial God form and prepared the Fist of Wrath as Prizor closed his eyes and a light glow enveloped him. Then he blocked Hectic's punch and said "How foolish of you to use the Fist of Wrath on me". Then Prizor punched Hectic so hard, he was knocked out of his CG form and was also knocked out of his cybernetics!

Then Prizor lifted Hectic into the sky with telekinesis and crushed him into paste before dropping him and returning to his base form. However, before Prizor could get very far, he would have to face Arc. Arc just glared at Prizor in disgust as he approached. Then he said "You destroy lives like it's your job, that isn't how it's meant to be". Then Arc said "You were supposed to be a hero, 1 that would be remembered throughout history for your deeds". "Now, you are a villain you will be known as such".

Then Prizor said "I don't want to be known as a hero, I could care less about how things were supposed to be". Then Prizor walked past Arc and said "And I don't give a damn if your father likes it or not". Than Arc summoned his ax and pointed it at Prizor before saying "You will not speak about my father that way". Then Prizor turned and prepared his blade as he said "And you will regret trying to stop me".

After a brutal fight, Prizor emerges as the winner and kicks Arc off a skyscraper before saying "Crawl home to Daddy Demigod". Then he leaps off and impales Arc in mid-air and they crash through a car that was driving on a bridge and they also crash through the bridge and they land in the middle of a highway before Prizor stands up and yells "IS THAT ALL THE GODS HAVE"!? Then he pulls his blade from Arc's corpse and walks on the highway, slicing cars out of his way as he goes.

He then battles Derek, who turned invisible while hopping across cars in the fight. However, Prizor soon became annoyed and began to throw cars out of his way until he managed to slash Derek, which him visible due to the blood dripping. Then, while a huge semi-truck approaches from the distance, Prizor beat the hell outta Derek and then slammed him through the truck, which ripped Derek to shreds due to the velocity.

Prizor then would face Kita, who used blasts of energy to hammer him from long range. Her strategy seemed to work, until Prizor flew over to her and punched her in the face. While she was stunned, Prizor blasted her with lightning and she was pushed through entire buildings while Prizor flew after her before finally he broke her neck with telekinesis and turned to the nearby lake, which was shaking for no apparent reason.

When he got close, a huge watery hand came out and grabbed him. But Prizor erupted free and blasted electricity into the water. Which made Liquid flow out and regain his shape as Prizor slashed at him, but Liquid split his body in half to avoid the slash. Then Prizor said "What the Hell"? as Liquid then reformed and punched him flying backwards. Then Prizor finally got pissed and said "So you're made of water huh"? Then Prizor snarled before saying "Too bad I didn't give a fuck"!

After a tough battle, Prizor used telekinesis to hold Liquid together as he bent a pile of metal into a watertight container and then forced Liquid into it before welding a lid to it. Then he applied some electricity until the container exploded and Liquid was boiled away from the explosion's heat. Then Prizor reached the end of the city. But a small voice yelled at him "HEY"! "I WANNA TALK TO YOU"! Prizor looked around, but couldn't identify the source of the voice.

Prizor was about to leave anyway when a small purple alien hedgehog levitated in front of him. Then she said "So you're the 1 who's been killing everyone huh"? Then Prizor said "Get out of my way small fry" and flicked Alaine through 5 buildings that then crumbled. Then another hedgehog jumped down and said to Prizor "Hey, why are you killing everyone dude"? Then Prizor punched the hedgehog out of his way and began to walk away.

However, he was then slashed across the back as the hedgehog appeared with a sword. Then the hedgehog said "Don't you think it's rude to smack people when they ask you something"? Then Prizor kicked him in the side of the head and sent him flying back as Alaine flew in and used her telekinesis to soften Rikai's landing. Then she said "You fight him, I'll give ya support". Then Rikai said "Deal" and prepared to fight Prizor as Prizor unsheathed his blade and said "Fine, I'll just fuck both of you up"!

After an interesting battle, Prizor knocked Alaine flying before blasting Rikai with a wave of energy and he was knocked flat on his back as Prizor leaped on him and buried his blade deep in Rikai's chest before slicing it open and saying "You shouldn't have gotten in my way". Then Alaine returned and she grew in size as she said "Alright, now I'm gonna pummel your sorry ass". Then her and Prizor began to duke it out.

After a tough fight, Prizor impaled Alaine and then charge-tackled her through 6 buildings before crashing into a wall and Alaine was nearly unconscious as Prizor lifted her out of the wall with telekinesis and then tossed her into an oil truck, that then exploded as Prizor walked away and said "Who was it that was gonna get pummeled again"? Then he walked out of the city as buildings began to crack and fall apart.

And so ends Chapter 6...

Chapter 7: Heavenly Ascension

Prizor walked around a lot after leaving the city, he eventually got tired and rested on the ground before he awoke in a strange place. He looked around and seemed to be alive, but in a different area from where he was before. There, he met Dillian, who said "I've heard all about you Prizor, you're all Nick talks about now since you've started killing everyone". Then Dillian created a symbol and said "Remember the girl at the Dojo"? "That was my girlfriend". Then Dillian used an Instant Slash, but Prizor caught it and said "She was weak, throwing her life away for the sake of a young fox".

Then Prizor threw Dillian back and said "If she was your girlfriend, then I'd recommend getting a new one". Then Dillian got pissed and entered dark form before saying "Shut the Hell up scumbag"! Then Prizor unsheathed his blade and said "If you miss her so much, I'll help you join her". Then him and Dillian began to brawl, but the fight didn't last very long, as Dillian's fragile body soon gave out and Prizor kicked him aside and started to walk away.

However, Dillian equipped his metal suit and Prizor turned and said "You were already a shell of a man, what are you now"? Then Metal Dillian said "This 'shell' of a man is more of a man than you are". Then Prizor laughed and soon stopped before becoming serious and saying "Enough talk, I'm just gonna rip you to shreds". Then Prizor battled Metal Dillian in a truly chaotic fight.

Eventually, even Metal Dillian's tough body couldn't take Prizor's rage-filled punches and Prizor cracked through and shattered the body before blasting Dillian's spirit with a blast of energy that knocked it back into his normal body as Prizor walked over and impaled Dillian through the chest and said "Go join your girlfriend weakling". Then he pulled the sword out and began walking away. However, he soon ran into Ashura, who looked at him with severe disapproval as he walked closer.

"You give Mobians a bad name" said Ashura as Prizor was only a few feet in front of him. Then Prizor said "I don't give a damn about what I give Mobians, I care for myself and myself alone". "I could care less about the rest of you". Then Ashura prepared to fight and said "You will regret your decision to say such things". Then Prizor summoned his blade and said "And you'll regret crawling out of that lab, Experiment". Then Prizor and Ashura brawled for several minutes, as Ashura's insane durability kept him going against Prizor, even when Prizor seemed to be weakening.

However, Prizor managed to outlast Ashura before throwing him off a cliff and impaling him through a rock on the bottom before saying "The Circle can rot in Hell, you assholes never did anything right". Then he walked a few feet before a dark force surrounded him and he said "Stop hiding, you can't hide evil from me". Then Phantom revealed himself and said "You are impressive Mortal, I have seen you destroy all that get in your way with almost no remorse". Then Prizor said "What do you want spirit"? Then Phantom said "I have the power to strengthen you even more, to where none could ever stand in your way". "All I must do is join with your spirit".

Then Prizor unsheathed his sword and said "I do not need your help, leave me now or I will destroy you". Then Phantom laughed and said "I'm a spirit, how do you plan to hit me"? Then Prizor slashed Phantom flying backwards and said "Just like that asshole". Then Phantom flew back and prepared to fire blasts of darkness as Prizor prepared to slash. Prizor sliced the blasts out of his way before he ran over and sliced clean through Phantom. Then he blasted Phantom with electricity and caused him to ripple apart before Prizor sliced Phantom's soul in half and destroyed him.

Then he arrived at the Gates of Heaven, and he walked up to the Gates, which were strangely unguarded as he walked closer. However, a certain squirrel then appeared, he had heard of this Prizor and decided to investigate him. Prizor looked at the squirrel and said "Step aside, or I'll kill you". Then the squirrel laughed and he said "Oh, you may be some fun to play with after all". Then Prizor pointed his sword at him and said "I don't play, I kill and move on".

After a short fight, Prizor beat Cole to a bloody pulp and sliced his tail off before impaling him on the Gates of Heaven's pointed fence and then blasting the Gate open with a telekinetic push. Then he walked into Heaven and fought his way through hordes of angels before he reached a building in which he was confronted by 3 angels. One of them summoned a strange bow and sword combination weapon (Aden) while another summoned a gun (Lucas) and the 3rd turned invisible to use ranged support (Mabell). Prizor fought with all 3 in a frantic fight before he impaled the one with the gun with his blade and then turned the gun to the one who wielded the strange weapon and used it to shoot that one in the chest before he blasted the 3rd one with electricity and said "The 3 of you combined can't defeat me".

Then he threw his blade like a shuriken and it sliced clean through the 3rd angel before he turned the gun to the wielder and shot him in the face. Then Prizor looked around and saw that all 3 were dead before he walked over and picked up his blade. Then he left through a portal back to Mobius as Heaven itself seemed to collapse behind him as he left.

And so ends Chapter 7...

Chapter 8: Crashing A Tournament

Prizor ended up at an arena, where he kinda interrupted a tournament that was starting. The 2 combatants who were about to fight both glared at Prizor and one of them was Zigath, who prepared to fight Prizor as Prizor said "If you get in my way, you're dead". Then Zigath lunged at Prizor as they began to fight. Prizor won the battle after slicing Zigath's throat.

Then he turned to the 2nd combatant, who was Dan. Dan fought Prizor tooth and nail, but Prizor won after impaling Dan to the arena wall with a spear. Then Prizor turned to see Gold standing there, with her hands in her pockets. She stared at Prizor for a few seconds before saying "You are powerful". "Your own energy fears you like a demon does the light". Then she said "Allow me to accompany you on your quest, I may not look like much, but I have knowledge you may desire".

Prizor glared at her and said "I do not need your help". "And any knowledge you have is either useless to me or what I already know". Then Prizor prepared his blade and said "Your charms will not sway me, you will either step aside or I will end you". Then Gold moved out of Prizor's way and said "Then I will step aside". Then Prizor left the arena and was soon confronted by Vanguard.

"You have desecrated Heaven itself, I cannot allow you to go any further". Then Prizor fought Vanguard in a battle of rage versus courage, as Prizor got more and more pissed and Vanguard kept coming back for more punishment. Eventually, Prizor broke Vanguard's body into pieces and crushed the pieces into dust before walking onward without a single care.

He eventually ran into Lexias and Monoza, who both stood in his way and wouldn't let him pass. Lexias spoke to Prizor first, saying "Your quest will not appease you, it will only bring ruin to this world and to yourself". Then Prizor snarled and said "You do not control the Future, you are Deceit, you speak only lies"! Then Monoza said "It would be wise for you to listen Angry One". Then Prizor kicked Lexias aside and said "I do not need your lectures, preach to someone who cares"! Then Monoza summoned a book and Lexias summoned a bow.

Then Lexias said "Then we must get it through to you with violence". Then Monoza said "A mere mortal versus 2 Gods, he has no chance". Then Prizor drew his sword and said "I may not be a God, but I am FAR FROM A MERE MORTAL"! After a difficult fight, Prizor impaled Lexias to a wall through her chest with a spear and then he sliced Monoza's left arm off before impaling Lexias through the skull with his sword. Then he used his giant axe to slice Monoza clean in half horizontally.

The upper half of Monoza tried to crawl away, but Prizor pulled his blade from Lexias's skull and decapitated Monoza as the spear in Lexias's body flew out and she turned to ash that then dissolved. Then Monoza's head glowed with light as his body turned to dust and dissolved before Prizor picked up the head and threw it flying into the sun. Then a voice said "Not bad Loser, you kill almost as well as I do". Then the voice revealed itself to be Nate!

Then Nate said "Normally, genocide wouldn't bother me". "But you killed a certain someone you shouldn't have". Then Nate summoned the dark sword and said "You killed my girlfriend, now I will kill you". Then Prizor snarled and said "You must be brave or stupid". Then Nate laughed and said "I'm brave dumb-ass, you're the one who's stupid". Then Nate and Prizor faced off, which reached it's climax when Nate impaled Prizor and Prizor pulled the dark sword from his chest and said "You lack the power to kill me". Then he sliced Nate across his chest and used telekinesis to slam Nate around the area into objects.

Nate broke free when he went Super 2 and said "You'll have to try harder than that to kill me". Then Prizor impaled Nate in 6 directions with 6 of the spears before impaling Nate through the chest with the 7th spear. Then Prizor made the spears fly out as Nate left Super 2 and fell into the ocean below while bleeding profusely.

Then Prizor turned and began walking onward yet again. And just like before, he didn't give 2 fucks about the damage he was causing to the world. He cared only for vengeance, and he wouldn't let any Mortal, God, Demigod, Spirit, or Construct get in his way. Even if he had to kill them all to do it, he was determined to claim his revenge.

And so ends Chapter 8...

Chapter 9: Ancient Ruins' Ruination

Prizor soon found himself at the entrance to some ruins. He was about to walk past them when someone said "So you do exist". Prizor turned, but didn't see anyone. He then said "Whoever you are, leave me alone". Then the person said "Well met, killer of all who cross your path". Then Prizor snarled and said "Show yourself"! Then the voice said "As you wish". Then a hedgehog phased into view from the shadows. It was Vexu! Then Prizor said "What do you want"? Then Vexu looked at him and said "I don't care who you kill, but do not kill the 1 known as Nickolas". "We have 1 last battle to wage".

Then Prizor backhanded Vexu through the doors of the ruins and said "I will kill who I please, and you cannot stop me". Then Vexu flew out and punched Prizor in the face, knocking him back as Vexu said "How about I kill you so I know you won't kill Nickolas"? Then Prizor tackled Vexu into the ruins and they began to brawl.

After a rough fight, Prizor impales Vexu to a wall with his sword, but they slide down the wall. Leaving a scratch mark on the wall and blood leaking down it too due to Vexu's injury. Prizor then finished off the dying Vexu with a brutal curb stomp that crushed his skull. Deeper in the ruins, a portal stood. A figure emerged from it, one with angelic wings and a demonic tail.

Then Prizor said "I don't know who you are, but you better step out of my way". Then the figure slowed time down and said "I am Zion, half-angel and half-demon". Then Prizor shattered the slowed time and said "I'll make you fully dead if you don't move"! Then Zion said "We shall see about that". Then they fought each other.

After a tricky fight, Prizor impales Zion to the ground by his wings with 2 spears before lifting his blade to impale Zion through the head. Zion stops time in an attempt to get free but Prizor shatters it yet again and impales Zion through the skull, causing Zion to explode as his angelic and demonic energy drifted through the air and Prizor continued onward.

About 10 minutes later, Prizor encounters Arcan and is bothered by her. She keeps trying to ask him who he is and shit, until Prizor promptly smacks her. Then she smacked him and the fight was on. After a rather easy battle, Prizor impaled Arcan with her own cane and then decapitated her with his sword. Then he picked her cane up and looked at it a bit before snapping it and throwing the pieces in different directions. He then walked into the deepest depths of the ruins.

There, he had reached another portal. This 1 would take him to the Realm of Gods. Before he could enter, a tall hedgehog with an orange scarf stood in his way. Prizor looked at him and said "Get out of my way or you die". Then the hedgehog said "No, I cannot allow you to continue". "You must pay for your sins in full". Then the hedgehog said "I am Tenyu, the Aspect of D-" His sentence is interrupted by Prizor driving his blade into Tenyu's chest. Then Tenyu falls limp on the ground as Prizor says "Your tendency to speak for long amounts of time is boring". Then Prizor looked back at the portal.

But before he could enter, Quinn jumped into the room and kicked him. Prizor caught her leg and threw her back before saying "Go away, I don't have time to fight little girls". Then Quinn actually kicked him and Prizor said "Fine, have it your way". After a quick fight, Prizor sliced Quinn clean in half and walked into the portal to where the Gods lived.

Upon reaching there, he was confronted by Woodax and Flarox. "How did a mortal get here without our approval"? asked Woodax to Flarox. Flarox responded with "I don't know, but we must stop him". Then they both teamed up to fight Prizor. However, Prizor struck down both before finding the rest of the realm empty. At last, he came to Arraura.

Prizor said to her "Why are there only 3 of you Gods up here"? Then Arraura said "The others are on Mobius, tending to the damage you've caused". Then Prizor said "You are a Goddess, so you know the future correct"? Then Arraura said "Perhaps, but I will not aid you". Then Prizor snarled and said "You wanna become even closer to a spirit"?! Then Arraura calmly said "Killing me will not help you". "I have no desire to stop you". "All I ask of you is to spare the Innocent One from your Wrath". Then Prizor turned to leave and said "There is no Innocent One".

Then he left back to the ruins and they crumbled behind him as he left. But Prizor payed little attention to it as he began to walk onward yet again while the world slowly began to die from the inside.

And so ends Chapter 9...

Chapter 10: Prizor Goes To Hell

Prizor decided that if he was willing to ascend Heaven and beat the shit out of angels, then he also had to be willing to walk into the darkest pits of Hell and beat the shit out of demons. So he starts on his way there. He encounters Spike and the 2 exchange some words before fighting. At the end of the fight, Prizor impales Spike through his wings to a wall before slicing his chest open. Then Prizor uses telekinesis to force Spike through the spears before pulling them out and walking away.

Then, at the Gates of Hell, Prizor comes face to face with TLK. TLK says "What is your business here"? Then Prizor says "That is none of your business". TLK responds with "It is my business, only those who receive permission from King Zezko himself may walk in Hell while alive". Then Prizor pulled his blade out and said "If you want to live, you'll let me in". Then TLK summoned his sword and said "I am the Guardian of Hell, you will not defeat me Mortal".

After a grand battle, Prizor injures TLK by slicing his helmet off. Then TLK seems to weaken as Prizor slashes him across the chest and cuts into his armor. Then Prizor blasts TLK with millions of volts of electricity, which does major damage due to his metal armor. Prizor finishes TLK off with a brutal stab through the chest before blasting Gates of Hell open and walking in.

Here, Prizor battles Magnus. Who strums his guitar as Prizor gets closer. Magnus speaks to Prizor while he strums and says "Dude, you ain't dead yet". "Why are you way down here when you could be up there"? Prizor then looks at Magnus and then he sees Gold out of the corner of his eye. Gold then says "There you are, I've been looking for y-". Her sentence is cut off by Prizor punching her in the face. He tries to kill her, but Magnus gets in the way and blocks the slash before saying "Come on man, hitting ladies isn't cool". "Not even in Hell".

Prizor kills Magnus and tries to kill Gold again. But she says to him "If you'll spare my life, I will tell you your future". Prizor spares her and she tells him "Your goal is achievable, but it will not be easy". "You must complete the Pilgrimage of Fire, obtain the blood of a spirit, face Death head on, overpower Karma, and face many other powerful warriors". Then Prizor walked onward, where he met Joanna and Angel.

After killing Joanna, Prizor beat the hell out of Angel. Until Pyro appeared and punched him in the chest. Then Prizor and Pyro faced off while Angel regained her strength. Prizor soon finished Pyro off, but Angel was nowhere to be seen. Prizor reached the Throne of Hell, where he met Zezko. Zezko looked at Prizor with a soul-piercing gaze that made even Prizor stop in his tracks as Zezko stood up and looked down at him. "Why are you here Mortal"? asked Zezko to Prizor. Prizor responded with "You should be grateful, I've sent you a dozen souls myself".

Zezko bitchsmacked Prizor flying backwards and said "You are not welcome here Mortal, you have slain my son and granddaughter". Then Prizor gets pissed and pulls out his blade as Zezko glares at him with hatred in his eyes. Prizor snarls and says "I am full of wrath Demon King, you haven't fought one like me". Then Zezko summoned his giant blade and said "I am also full of wrath and vengeance, you've slain my kin and I will make you pay for it".

(Read the entire fight here)

After one helluva fight, Prizor stood as the winner and so he walked back through Hell. However, when he reached the Gates of Hell, Angel stood, in God form. "You are a combination of every atrocity that lives inside of Mobians". she said as Prizor looked at her. "You are full of Pride, Wrath, and Envy". "You embody Greed, Hatred, and Ambition". "You are Nihilistic, Narcissistic, and Pure Evil". Then she summoned her spear and said "Your wrath ends here, I will grant salvation to every soul you've damned"!

Despite her badass intro, Prizor defeats Angel and slays her. Before he leaves, he says to the dying Angel "To Hell with your salvation". Then he leaves Hell as it begins to crumble behind him. But Prizor presses on, intent on finding this spirit blood he was told he would need to find.

And so ends Chapter 10...

Chapter 11: Searching For Spirit Blood

Prizor learned the whereabouts of this spirit blood and arrived there. He looked around the rather unremarkable area and started to walk through a small forest. He soon had gotten through and met up with Micheal. Micheal and Prizor glared at each other for a few minutes before Micheal said "So you're the one Dad mentioned". "You're supposed to be tough I hear". Then Prizor said "You have 1 chance to walk away or I will kill you". Then Micheal summoned the Light Sword and said "I'd like to see you try". Then Prizor unsheathed his blade and held it Sephiroth style before saying "You have no idea what you're about to get into".

After a glorified sword duel of a fight, Prizor impales Micheal to a tree with a spear and slices his chest open before ripping his heart out and blowing it to smithereens. Then he takes the spear back and continues onward until running into a vampire named Xena. Xena tries to seduce Prizor, but Prizor backhands her aside and walks away. However, Xena follows him and sneak attacks him. Prizor and Xena get into a heated fight before Prizor uses a spear to impale her through the throat from behind and drops her.

Prizor soon stumbles across Yevon, who was casually destroying buildings in a nearby town. Prizor ignores Yevon and continues walking through the town. However, Yevon decided to bother Prizor and made Prizor angry. "If you don't leave me alone, I will kill you". "Understood"? Then Yevon laughed and prepared a magical attack as Prizor unsheathed his sword and slashed the blast in half. "You just sealed your fate asshole".

After a tough battle, Prizor ran up a tall building in the town as Yevon flew up after him. Prizor stopped at the top and flew down at Yevon before slicing straight through Yevon and causing him to split into halves that then exploded. Then Prizor arrived at an old house. He saw pictures on the walls, it was a home for a family of echidnas that seemed to be abandoned. Prizor heard movement and looked around a bit before seeing a ghostly blue echidna that was looking at him. He glared at the spirit and said "You stand in my way Spirit, step aside or die". The spirit looked at him a bit before saying in telepathy to Prizor "Why must you do such things as you do"? "You're only ruining our world by what you've been doing".

Prizor glared at the spirit and said "I don't give a damn about what happens to the world". Then the spirit seemed to sigh before saying "I didn't want to be forced into combat with you, but you leave me no choice". Then the spirit began to collect electricity as a younger echidna walked in the room and immediately hid in a corner as her mother said "Rachel darling, you mustn't stay here"! "Go, I will hold him off"! Rachel nodded to her mother and fled as Prizor unsheathed his blade and said "You must possess the Spirit Blood I need". His sudden drawing of a weapon made Rachel retreat. Then Lunari said "Do you really not care for this world"? "Your vengeance will only bring Death".

Then Prizor snarled and said "No matter who we are, Death smiles at us all". Then Prizor made a sick grin and said "It's only proper to smile back". Then after a battle that tested Prizor's patience, he impaled Lunari to the wall as she was shifting into her spirit form and grabbed her spirit while using the spear to keep her body still as he ripped her spirit from her body and threw her spirit through a wall. Lunari pleaded with Prizor by saying "If you want to destroy an unworthy soul, then destroy my husband Nickolas, he's in the nearby jungle that leads to the arctic". Prizor laughed and said "You'll see Nickolas soon enough" before slicing her spirit open and collecting her blood as her spirit faded into nothing and her body disintegrated.

Then he turned to Rachel, who was on the floor crying as Prizor said to her "Your mother is dead". "You will soon join her". Then he prepared a slash as Rachel hid her face and cried louder. However, the slash didn't connect. Instead, Rachel saw Prizor sheathe his blade and heard him say "Do you know why I will let you live"? Rachel shrugged and said "Because I'm innocent"? Then Prizor snarled as he turned around and said "Innocence is an illusion". Then he said "You will live to see your Father's death". "That is why". Then he walked away as Rachel seemed speechless and he soon was approaching the jungle the led to the arctic and Vuxo.

And so ends Chapter 11...

Chapter 12: Rumbles In The Jungle

Prizor had only just reached the jungle when he ran into Kara, who blocked his way forward and said "Hold it there you bastard"! Then she created a huge fireball that lit the jungle on fire as she said "You're a pissed off asshole, and so am I". Then she entered dark form as fire rained from the sky and she said "Hellfire will fall, your Death comes". Then Prizor unsheathed his sword and said "I will unleash Hell upon you". Then Kara laughed the trees they stood on began to float into the sky while burning. Then she became serious and said "Trust me asswipe, Hell has no fury like me".

After a difficult battle, Prizor impaled Kara through a burning tree and they crashed into the ground. Then Prizor got up and walked away a bit before Kara suddenly grabbed him from behind with a fire whip that burnt Prizor as Kara said "No way asshole, I'm not done with you yet"! Then she wrapped Prizor in fire as she said "I'm willing to send you to Hell, even if I have to drag you there myself"! Then she grabbed Prizor and said "THIS IS FOR ASHURA YOU ASSHOLE"! Then Kara self-destructed and the explosion consumed the entire jungle!

Prizor awoke, in the Realm of Spirits. He then saw a figure staring at him with crystal blue eyes that peered into his soul. Prizor stood up and said "Where the Hell am I"? Then the figure said "Ether itself". Prizor glared at the figure and said "Where is the way out of here"? Then the figure said "There is no way out". "This is where your Wrath ends Mortal". Then Prizor snarled and said "A feeble old man cannot beat me". Then the figure summoned a sword and said "We are no old man". "We are Axel, the God of Precepts". "We are the order of this world Mortal".

After a challenging fight, Prizor slices Axel open and causes all of his souls to spill out before walking to the exit and returning to Mobius. However, he appeared where the ruined jungle was and a mysterious Mobian stood there, he seemed to be thinking about something. Prizor walked past him but stopped before saying "So, the God I pledged my life to returns after I gave the world enough Ruin"? Then the Mobian said "You go far too extreme Prizor, the balance must be preserved at all costs". "You must stop or I will be forced to stop you myself".

Then Prizor said "Havok, the God of Ruination". "You want me to stop ruining the world"? "Then tell them that I only want to kill Vuxo and they should learn to stay out of my way"! Then Havok said "Sadly, I cannot do that". "Prizor, stand down, any more killing will make the balance unfixable, even for the Gods". Then Prizor snarled and said "Nothing is ever fixable for the Gods"! "Are you Gods so damn lazy that you can't solve a simple problem"!? Then Havok grew stern and said "Your murder of the Gods of Fire, Wood, Order, Demons, Knowledge, Lies, and Light didn't help any Prizor". Then Prizor unsheathed his sword and said "Why don't I add Ruination to that list"?

After a tough battle, Prizor slew Havok. The world shook in fear as another God died by the hands of Prizor, who then was about to enter the arctic when a ball of sound hit him in the back. Prizor turned and saw Lexie, who tried to look tough to hide her fear. Then he said "You have returned, which means you have made your choice". Then Lexie shook her head yes and said "I have". Then Prizor said "Then what is your decision"? Lexie seemed to change as a darker energy filled her and she said "I will never join a Monster like you"! Then Prizor pointed his sword at Lexie and said "Humph, bold words child".

After Lexie's newfound strength faded, Prizor impaled her to the ground with a spear through her chest and said "You still are not worthy" before Lexie started to scream. However, Lexie's high pitch screams messed with Prizor's ears. Which made Prizor force his blade into Lexie's throat to stop the screams before walking onward, into the arctic.

And so ends Chapter 12...

Chapter 13: Cut Free From The Strings...

Prizor was reaching the first snow of the Arctic as he ran into Ajax, who stood in his way with his 2 axes drawn and ready to battle as Prizor got within 10 feet of him, said "A warrior much like me huh"? "I am Ajax, and I cannot allow you to go any further". Then Prizor said "If you'll stand in the way of my Destiny, then I must strike you down fellow warrior". Ajax seemed to tower over Prizor as he said "You are a warrior who fights for vengeance, an unrighteous cause". "I fight for the safety of my allies and myself, a righteous cause". Then Prizor unsheathed his blade as Ajax smirked and said "Baring your teeth finally"? Then Prizor snarled and said "I've slain Gods and Angels, Demons and Machines, Aliens and Demigods, Spirits and Little Girls, so I don't think a giant is too unreasonable to kill"!

After a brutal fight, Prizor used telekinesis to almost bury Ajax in snow before stabbing his sword in Ajax's left eye and ripping it out and watching Ajax bleed out as the snow in the area turned red from blood and Prizor continued his march. However he soon met Breaker and Racer, who decided to heckle Prizor for fun. But Prizor wasn't very amused by their games and smacked Racer across the face when he tried to trip Prizor. Breaker then tries to punch Prizor, but Prizor catches his hand and twists his wrist while using his telekinetic spears to chase Racer.

Racer taunted Prizor with "Your spears can't catch me"! Then Racer ran behind Breaker and said to Prizor "Hey lookie, you can't hit me"! Then a spear barely missed Racer as it impaled Breaker from behind and he dropped dead as Prizor said "I wasn't aiming for you, you dumbass prick". Then Prizor grabbed the stunned Racer with telekinesis and said "What was that about me not being able to hit you"? Then Prizor crushed Racer into paste and dropped him through the ice and into the freezing water below. Then he walked deeper into the Arctic.

In the deepest crags of the Arctic, Prizor encountered Squall, who stood silent as Prizor got closer. Prizor and Squall exchanged glares as they stared at each other. Then Prizor said "So one God remains in my way"? Then Squall said nothing as just pulled out a ring and looked at it in remembrance. Then he said "Tell me Prizor, would you do anything to claim your revenge"? Then Prizor said "Of course, haven't I already proven that"? Then Squall put the ring on his left hand's ring finger and said "You've proven to have an insatiable bloodlust". Then Squall's eyes turned black as he said "You made a fatal mistake back in the City Prizor".

Prizor seemed to be a bit lost and said "What the hell are you talking about"? Then Squall snorted fire from his nostrils and said "You killed someone very dear to me Prizor". Then Squall grew dragon wings and entered his dragon form as a cloak of fiery rock went down his back and he said "I AM THE DRAGON GOD"! "And you will pay for the damage you've caused". "After what I put you through Prizor, you'll wish you were in Hell". Then Prizor unsheathed his blade as Squall's gigantic 80 feet tall dragon form roared in anger and Prizor said "You are only preventing my victory for a few more minutes Dragon God". "Even you cannot stand up to my might"!

Then Squall roared again before lowering his head and saying "I have two reasons to fight you with no restraint Mortal, and both are from your own doing". Then Squall said "You've slain nearly everyone, there are no more civilians to watch for". Then Squall paused for a second and said "But you took something from me that I held precious..." Then Squall shed a single tear and wiped it before saying "My dearest Eden, dead by your hands". "You have more than Hell to pay Prizor" said Squall as he prepared to fight and Prizor took his battle stance. Then Squall said "I heard her last moments, she called out to me". "She begged me to save her life, I wanted to answer her plea, but the other Gods wouldn't allow me".

Then Squall glared down at Prizor and said "Unfortunately for you Prizor, the other Gods WILL NOT SAVE YOUR SORRY ASS THIS TIME"! Then Prizor said "Get out of my way, you don't know who you're dealing with". Then Squall said "Shut up Prizor"! "You are a disgrace to all of the good Mobians on this planet"! "You seek your vengeance and I seek my own, only one of us is leaving this alive". Then Squall snorted more fire and said "There's nothing else left to say, nothing else matters to me".

(Battle Theme: Valley of the Damned by DragonForce)

Dragonforce - Valley of the Damned with lyrics and images

Dragonforce - Valley of the Damned with lyrics and images

Prizor VS Squall Battle Theme

Squall launched fire breath down at Prizor, who ran from the breath as he he then slashed towards Squall and sliced into his scales. Then Squall used his left hand and punched Prizor into the ground before stepping on him with his right foot. Then Prizor lifts up Squall's foot and pushed Squall nearly off balance as he uses his spears to attack Squall's chest. Then he ran over to Squall and jumped at Squall's head with his sword out as he impaled Squall's chest and began to climb up Squall's chest with the sword as Squall tried to punch him off and he hit himself instead.

Then Prizor buried the blade into Squall's forehead, but Squall still grabbed him in a crushing grip and said "You have done enough Mortal". Then Prizor seemed to break free as Squall said "So you'll persist in your worthless efforts"? Then Squall slammed his fist and Prizor through a mountain range as the entire artic seemed to tremble. Then Prizor stood up bleeding as he unsheathed his blade and prepared a slash that glowed with bright light. Squall reverted back to his base form and said "I will end this now". Then Squall summoned Excalibur and Ragnarok before blocking Prizor's slash and bashing him backwards with the shield.

Prizor then snarled and said "I've had enough of you". Then Squall seemed to become half ghostly as he said "I normally don't have to use this, but I'll make an exception for you". Then Squall stood still and suddenly his Dragon Aspect appeared as Prizor dashed at him and his slash bounced off of Squall's tough body. Then Prizor tried again, but still bounced off of Squall as Squall slashed him flying through entire mountains and they crumbled as he went flying through them. Squall flew after Prizor while he was getting sent through the mountains and kicked him back down to the ground before flying down and impaling Prizor through his chest with Excalibur and saying "I have no mercy for someone like you".

Then Prizor used telekinesis to push Squall backwards and then he used his spears to impale Squall from behind and Squall lost his Dragon Aspect and said "Damn... it..." Then Squall said "There's no other choice left to me, I must speak the forbidden 6 words". Then Squall glowed with a black light as he said "Rii" and he began to glow with power. Prizor looked at Squall as he said "Muh" and Prizor's sword seemed to bend a bit. Then Squall said "Hunz" and the nearby ice cracked. Prizor saw the ground in front of him tear open like a fissure as Squall said "Vaaz". Then a bunch of skulls appeared and flew around Squall as he said "Than". Then, Squall glowed with a bright light as his soul revealed it's true power as he said "Zol". Then Squall summoned shouted a blast that glowed with soul-destroying power as Squall nearly fell over from the energy used!

Prizor held his blade behind his back as he said "You don't control my Destiny anymore, God". Then he slashed the shout with his sword and sparks were flying off as Prizor began to growl. Prizor's sword and Squall's shout collided and were causing shockwaves that were causing the entire planet to shake violently as Prizor continued to get pissed off and Squall managed to stand up and lift Excalibur while he dropped Ragnarok and said "Is there no end to your Vengeance"? Then Squall prepared a slash as Prizor shattered the shout and said "I will do anything I must". Then Prizor and Squall matched up in a sword fight as Squall seemed to tire out from his loss of energy and Prizor kept getting faster from his anger.

Eventually, Prizor overpowered Squall and sliced his chest open before kicking him on the ground and stepping on his chest. Then Prizor said "You fall to me now, Dragon God". Then Squall's right hand grew in size and it grabbed Prizor from behind as Squall grew wings and said "If I'm going to Hell, I'm taking you there with me"! Then Squall re-entered his dragon form and flew into the sky while holding Prizor in a crushing grip. Prizor began to get free while Squall was in the stratosphere and sliced Squall's hand and he let him go. Prizor flew around Squall as Squall watched him and tried to punch him, but missed. Then Prizor ran down Squall's arm and slashed Squall across the face before flying away and coming back to sliced Squall's left wing.

Squall still was able to fly, but he grabbed Prizor again and slammed him into a mountaintop before flying down after Prizor. Prizor used both chain whips to latch onto Squall's feet and he pulled Squall down as he impaled Squall's other wing through the top of the mountain! Squall pulled himself off and grabbed Prizor, but Prizor slashed himself free again before blasting Squall off the mountain and jumping down after him with his blade in hand!

Prizor impaled Squall through his forehead as they fell and energy began to pour out of Squall as Prizor forced the blade deeper and said "No more Gods remain in my way"! as they crashed into Mobius and Squall reverted to his base form again as he slowly died. As Squall died, he said to Prizor "Your choices are what will dictate your future Prizor, even you can't escape Fate". Then Prizor said to Squall "Watch me Dragon God, from the afterlife". Then Prizor walked away and he soon encountered Gold who was pissed at him for some reason.

"Why the Hell did you kill the Dragon God"? "You do realize he's the God who embodies Wrath right"? "He's the one who YOU should've prayed to"! Then Prizor bitch-smacked Gold aside and said "I don't pray to any ineffectual deity". Gold seemed to be a bit more pissed off now at him as she clenched her fists and said "That's it, someone has to stop you right now"! "You're getting far too much out of hand, even for someone like me"! Then Prizor looked at her and said "Does this mean we're breaking up"? Then Gold summoned her cards and her puppets surrounded her in defense as she said "I thought I could make you change, clearly no one can make you change". Then she called her Puppet Master Controller as Prizor unsheathed his sword and said "Don't make me do this Gold, I'd rather let you live in my new world".

Gold seemed to think a bit before saying "Sorry Prizor, but I'd rather die in this world than live in a new one with you"! Then Prizor snarled and unsheathed his blade before saying "Then I'll grant you that request". Then he sliced through 12 of her 21 puppets in about 10 seconds and ran towards her before being blocked by 2 puppets that held up swords to block his sword. Then Prizor slashed them both in half and sliced through 5 of the remaining 7 puppets and said "I'll give you 1 last chance Gold, join me in my new world or die in this one"! Then Gold entered dark form as Prizor destroyed the last 2 puppets and said "Neither of those worlds would be nice, this world is dying and yours would be dead".

Then Prizor said "I do not wish to kill you, do not force my hand". Then Gold said in an ominous tone "Why am I any different from the others"? "They begged, they cried, they offered you gifts just so you would let them live". "I would rather die than have been granted mercy from a demon like you"! Then she blasted Prizor with a huge blast of magic and he held it back with 1 hand as he said "Do you remember me"? "I used to be different from this, a long time ago". Then Gold sighed and said "Yes, I remember the old you, before you were a monster". Then Prizor said "I'll change if you'll help me". Then Gold said "I cannot help you with that Prizor". "You and you alone have the power to make that change".

Then Prizor said "Can you at least give me advice"? Then Gold said "Kill me, forget your past, claim your retribution, reach your Destiny". Then Prizor said "Why can't I let you live and still reach my Destiny"? Then Gold said "Because the world your Destiny will create won't be worth living in". Then she reverted to base form as Prizor still looked at her. Then she said "Kill me, I have no desire to live anymore". Then Prizor said "No, my world will give you your desire back"! Then Gold said "I will not live to see that world". Then she drew a card that summoned a gun and shot herself!

Prizor ran to her and said "Why"? "Why can't you live in my new world"? Then the dying Gold said "Because I'm too jealous to let you have your own when I can't have mine..." Then Prizor said "If you hadn't been so rash, I wouldn't allowed you to rule alongside me..." Then Gold sighed again as she said "We'll meet again..." then she died. Then Prizor lowered her down to the ground and said "Farewell, Gold". Then he turned back to his path and said to the sky "This world is damned, the only force that could stop me is gone". "I hope you few remaining Gods are happy". "Because YOU'RE ALL NEXT"!

Then Prizor turned to the arctic once again and said "Master can wait". "I have a few loose ends to tie before I confront him". Then Prizor opened a rift to the realm of Gods with a slash and walked through into the realm of Gods, he was determined to destroy every God or entity that got in his way of doing so.

And so ends Chapter 13...

Chapter 14: Taking On The Gods

Prizor arrived in the Realm of the Gods and he walked for a bit. He soon ran into Gabranth, who said to him "Prizor, you've grown very powerful". Then Gabranth said "If we teamed up, we could defeat your Master"! Then Prizor said "Why does Master hate you"? Then Gabranth said "I betrayed him when he threatened my power, but he lived and surpassed me". Then Gabranth said "That's why he betrayed you Prizor, he feared what you could become".

Then Prizor seemed to get a bit angry and said "You betrayed him like he betrayed me"!? Then Gabranth said "Yes, but we both have reasons for vengeance Prizor". Then Prizor unsheathed his blade and said "No, I will kill him on my own, without your help"! Then Gabranth summoned a blade of darkness and said "If you think I'll let a rookie get a shot before me, then you'll have to kill me"! Then Gabranth and Prizor faced off in a battle of Wrath versus Darkness as it began to rain heavily.

Prizor emerged as the winner after impaling Gabranth to a wall and slicing his throat before lifting him into the air and throwing him on the ground before walking onward through the realm of the Gods. He soon ran into Dawn, who sneered at him and said "I've heard all about you, you've murdered nearly everyone by yourself". Then she summoned Tournesol and said "While I could care less about most of the fools you've killed, you did take 2 of my siblings away from me". Then Prizor said "They should've stayed out of my way". Then Dawn laughed as she turned into her Wrath form and said "I owe you quite an ass-whooping Prizor, payback's a bitch".

Then Prizor and Dawn clashed as Dawn's speed allowed her to keep up with Prizor's furious slashes as she said "I'll fight you with everything I got asshole, you won't beat me without taking some damage"! Then she slashed Prizor across his chest and blood leaked out as he snarled and said "You don't know know the power I wield Hellspawn, it's beyond your comprehension". Then Dawn said "It's simple, you're an asshole who refuses to die unless someone convinces you to die off". Then Dawn kicked Prizor flying backwards and she summoned Zelaxia and shot him through his chest with an arrow that impaled him to the wall. Then Prizor pulled himself off the wall as he got pissed off.

Dawn summoned Gellostis and blasted billions of thunderbolts at Prizor, who tanked them as he ran over and slashed her into the air and knocked Gellostis from her hand before slashing her back down to the ground and impaling her through the chest with Gellostis! Then Prizor slashed her left arm off and impaled her through the throat with his blade before saying "I am the new God of Wrath, you are a child before me". Then Dawn suddenly gave Prizor a middle finger as Tournesol flew over and impaled Prizor through his neck and knocked him off her. Then Dawn got up and pulled his blade from her neck and her wound began to heal rapidly as she said "Did you learn your arrogance from your Master"? Then Prizor pulled Tournesol from his neck and said "You can't kill me".

Then Dawn and Prizor clashed with each other's weapon as they fought with the other's weapon and clashed in a battle of anger as Dawn entered her Pure Wrath form and Prizor took off all 15 rings and they soon were slashing through entire buildings trying to kill each other. Dawn and Prizor ended up switching weapons and ended up fighting with their own weapons again before Prizor slashed Dawn off of the edge of the realm and she fell into the Void. Then Prizor walked away as the void then exploded from the influx of Dawn's hellish energy. Prizor then walked onward, until he encountered another foe.

"You claim to be unkillable, let's put that to the test". said Belial as he stepped into Prizor's way and crossed his arms in front of his chest. Then Prizor snarled and unsheathed his sword as Belial summoned a bunch of bones and they all glowed different colors. "I'm going to enjoy kicking your ass" said Belial. Then Prizor said "You won't be any different from the others I've slain". Then Belial laughed and said "I guess we'll find out soon enough, asshole". Then a red bone flew at Prizor, but Prizor slashed it in half and blasted Belial with lightning before slashing through a green bone.

Belial soon commanded darkness that flew into the room and began blasting it bit by bit at Prizor. Prizor slashed the darkness aside as it flew at him and he used telekinesis to stop Belial's bone sword from being thrown before making Belial slice himself with it with telekinesis. Then Prizor teleported over and slashed Belial in a wild frenzy of slashes that were falling like rain! Prizor kept slashing as Belial kept tanking his slashes and eventually Prizot seemed to tire out and Belial was still standing with his arms crossed. Then Belial said "Pure rage cannot kill me". Then he backhanded Prizor flying through a wall.

Belial walked over as Prizor stood up and snarled. Then Prizor said "No one is unkillable fool, I'll just have to try harder"! Then Prizor went back to slashing Belial again, but it still did nothing as Belial just looked at him with an unamused face and punched Prizor in the gut and stopped him. Then Belial kicked him flying backwards again and said "I am the Corruption of this world, you are a worm before a God". "Know your place, and bow". Then Belial summoned 2 bone swords and held 1 in each hand. Prizor got up, and he looked pissed off as he said "I bow to no God or Mortal". "I am the one that YOU should be bowing to"!

Then Prizor took off all 15 rings and his energy cloaked him in pure fire as he said "The Gods are fools, thinking they could control my Destiny, my Fate, my Life". "Destiny and Fate are gone, my Master is the one to thank for that". Then Prizor said "So I'll do what he either couldn't do or decided not to do..." Then Belial said "So if the Gods don't control your Destiny, why do you blame them for Gold's death"? "If you truly believed in your Destiny being yours, then why did you place the blame on the Gods"? Then Prizor snarled and said "I had no desire to hurt her, but they still took her from me..."

"I will destroy Life itself"! yelled Prizor as he slashed Belial and actually cut him. Belial seemed to actually feel the slice and said "You are a fool, destroying Life will finish off this dying planet". Then Prizor slashed at Belial, but he blocked his slash with a sword of darkness and said "No, I will not allow you to destroy this world". Then Prizor's eyes both turned red as he said "Then you shall die too"! Then Belial and Prizor battled with their blades before Prizor buried his sword deep into Belial and Belial collapsed on the ground and Prizor turned around and walked away.

"You need a dose of reality, asshole". said Belial as he stood up and entered his Reality form! Then Prizor turned around and said "So, the God of Reality lives". "You may actually be some fun". Then Belial and Prizot battled again with their blades, but Belial was gaining the upper hand as he pounded Prizor into the ground and stomped on him through the floor and underground. Then Belial said "This is how strong you are in reality's eyes, Prizor". "Take a good look". Then Prizor stood up and impaled Belial with his sword through the chest and blood came from Belial's mouth as the blade glowed with a holy light and Prizor said "How's that for a Reality Check"? Then Belial slowly dissolved to ashes as Prizor said to him "I'll make my own reality, to oblivion with your worthless ass".

Then Prizor walked onward, as he finally reached the Gate of the Gods. Beyond it lied the Temple of the Gods, where the Gods were at. However, he would have to face Mia, the guardian of the Gates to get to them. "You've caused much strife Prizor". said Mia as Prizor got closer to her. Then Prizor said "Let me pass". Mia just looked at him for a while before calling her spear and saying "You do not command me". Then Prizor unsheathed his blade and his chain whips rolled down his arms as he said "Your family is dead, I killed them myself". "Only your son, Nickolas, remains". Then Mia said "Yes, I know it was you who killed my dear Xirsec and my husband". Then she became serious and said "That is why I'm going to kill you here and now". "Your right to Life has been granted to you for far too long"!

Prizor slashed at Mia, but she blocked his slash and then stabbed him with her spear before blasting him backwards with a ball of light. However, Prizor was soon back and slashing at Mia with renewed fury as he landed slashes on her golden armor and it began to dent before she finally knocked him back and said "You are quite the feisty one, you hit hard and fast". Then she blasted dozens of lasers off her spear at Prizor, but he was slashing them out of his way as he ran towards her and kicked her through the Gate itself before punching her in the face and tossing her through a building to the left. Then Prizor said "You are a good guard dog, but you must learn when to heel".

Then Mia flew over and impaled Prizor through his chest with her spear and he grabbed her spear in mid-air and spun her around before slamming her into the ground and ripping the spear from his chest. Then he snapped it in half and stuck the point into Mia's chest before kicking her chest-plate and breaking it open. Then he grabbed Mia and lifted her into the air with telekinesis and slammed her through 4 buildings before dropping her on the ground. Then he walked over and sliced her head off with his sword and kicked her body down a hill where it fell into lava and was burnt to a crisp.

Then Prizor marched up to where the Gods were. When he entered, Zegram was waiting for him with his scythe drawn as he seemed to be thinking. Prizor recognized the God of Death right away and said "The God of Death, it only makes sense that you'd still live". Then Zegram opened his eyes and said in an icy tone "But you shall not live for much longer". Then Prizor said "Tell me, God of Death, how many Gods remain"? Then Zegram said "Humph, you won't receive an answer from me". "Not after what you've done Mortal". Then Prizor said "Give me that information and I will allow you to live". Then Zegram laughed and said "You really are a fool Prizor". "You are a pawn in a Game that you don't even know is being played".

Then Prizor unsheathed his blade and said "Tell me where Life sleeps, being Death, you should know where it is". Then Zegram said "I know where Life is, but you will never reach it". Then Zegram held his scythe in battle stance and said "You are a rare case, I am allowed to destroy you due to the strife you've caused Mobius". Then Zegram glowed with black energy and said "You've slain my siblings, destroyed Heaven and Hell, have upset the natural balance, and yet you still have the nerve to command me for answers"? Then Zegram spat on the ground and said "Your Final Destination isn't Heaven or Hell, it's Oblivion". Then Prizor snarled and said "Lets see if you're capable of taking me there"! Then he prepared a slash the same time as Zegram did.

Their slashes met and Prizor elbowed Zegram backwards before slashing across his chest, leaving a long laceration on him as Prizor said "By the time I'm through with you, you'll fear me Death". Then Zegram suddenly slashed Prizor flying backwards and said "I do not fear anyone, not even your Master". Then Zegram suddenly split into 7 versions of himself as Prizor seemed a bit confused. Then 1 of the Zegrams said "I'm afraid that this is where you die Prizor". Then a 2nd said "Indeed, your death is unavoidable". Then Prizor snarled and said "I will not die until I decide it's time"!

Then Prizor ran over and dealt serious damage to Zegram when he killed 2 of the versions and lowered Zegram's power to where he had to absorb 2 of the remaining 4 to keep his energy up. Prizor then killed a 3rd one and forced Zegram to become 1 again before saying "Do you fear me yet"? Then Zegram's scythe became double-bladed as he grew more skeletal and a dark aura covered his body as his black eyes turned their gaze to Prizor. Then Zegram said "This, Mortal, is where you die". After a heated battle, Prizor defeats Zegram by impaling him through his chest with both chain whips and slicing his chest open at the same time. Then Prizor says to the dying God of Death "This is 1 Mortal you will never claim the soul of". Then Zegram managed a small chuckle before saying "I am Death itself, all Life succumbs to me eventually..."

Then Prizor said "Why are you happy"? "You're dying, you should feel sad"! Then Zegram laughed again and said "Then why do you enjoy killing if it's sad"? Prizor started to answer, but stopped in his tracks. Then Zegram said "Why am I happy"? "Do you remember what you said"? Then Prizor seemed a bit confused and Zegram said "Death smiles at us all Prizor, now it's my turn to smile back". Then Zegram dissolved into dust as Prizor seemed to be lost in thought. Prizor starting walking deeper inn the building as he thought to himself "I've slain Death, was Gold right"? "Will my world not be worth it"? Then he reached an orange room with large windows on the sides and large pillars on both sides.

He walked until he stopped to look behind himself when he heard a noise. But he saw nothing and turned forward to see a short hedgehog wearing a blue jacket. The hedgehog had his hands in his pockets and his eyes were closed as Prizor glared at him. Then the hedgehog said "So you're finally here, huh"? Then he said "There's some pretty serious crap going down right now on Mobius". "And it's your doing dude". Then the hedgehog said "Normally, I'd be chilling right now with my bro at a nice island resort". Then the hedgehog opened his eyes and said "But Mobius is in ruins, and my brother is dead..." Then the hedgehog said "So here's how this is gonna go, you dirty brother killer, you shall be judged".

Then Prizor snarled and said "A weakling has no right to judge-". Then the hedgehog said "Hey, Big Mouth, shut up for a sec and listen". "You shall be judged for your every action, no matter how important or insignificant they are". Then Prizor unsheathed his blade and said "By what authority gives you the right to judge me"? Then the hedgehog laughed and finally took his hands out of his pockets before saying "I am Sarcasm, the Aspect of Karma". "What goes around comes around dude, and so it's my job to punish you for your sins".

After a brutal fight, Prizor defeated Sarcasm and Sarcasm said to Prizor "Dude, was all this worth it"? Then Prizor said "Everything I do, is of my own accord". Then Sarcasm said "But is it the right thing to do"? Then Prizor said "I care not for this world anymore, it means nothing to me". Then the dying Sarcasm said "And why is that"? "Is it because that, despite your power, you couldn't save the girl you loved"? Then Prizor said nothing as Sarcasm said "If she was here, would you still be here doing this"? Then Prizor looked at the dying Sarcasm and said "That is only a dream I can fantasize about". Then, as Sarcasm dissolved into ashes, he said "Remember 1 thing kid... Dreams Live On...".

Prizor continued on until he reached a large hall that Arraura stood in. She noticed Prizor's presence and said "So, you've returned to finish us off". Then Prizor said "You never presented an obstacle to me Goddess of Spirits, so I have not come to kill you". Then Arraura said "But you strike down every other God you've met Prizor, why must Mobius suffer for your own personal gain"? Then Prizor said "You know what my goal was, it was the meddling of others that caused this". Then Arraura raised an eyebrow and said "So you blame others for your choices"? "Why should you blame them for their death"? "You didn't have to kill any of them, you killed them all from your own free will".

Then Prizor snarled and said "Whose side are you on"!? Then Arraura said "I am on the side of Mobius, which is dying thanks to you". Then Arraura stood up and said "I have remained idle for far too long, something must be done now". Then Arraura summoned her stave and said "I do not battle you out of anger or fear Prizor". "I must battle you to preserve the future of Mobius". Then Prizor unsheathed his blade and said "Then I will strike you down, in Mercy". Then Arraura finally showed physical disgust at Prizor by saying "Sorry Prizor, but I don't think you could grant me Mercy even if you wanted to".

Arraura knew that with Prizor's high strength and her low defense, that she would have to avoid his attacks at all costs. Prizor slashed at her, but she turned spiritual and phased through it unharmed before using an attack of her own to shoot magic bolts at Prizor. Prizor kept fighting through her attacks, but he kept missing her since she was phasing. Finally, Arraura became tired after being forced into her spirit form multiple times in a few minutes times span. And so she got tired out and Prizor went for another hit, but Arraura managed 1 last phase to avoid it before nearly falling over on the spot and reverting back to her normal state. Then she said "I guess that's all I have left in me". Then Prizor said "Stay out of my way Goddess, I don't feel like slaying another I didn't have to".

Then Arraura said "No, I'm afraid my end is unavoidable now". "But Prizor, don't say we never warned you about your goal". "Sometimes, the result you've been hoping for, isn't the right one". Then Arraura dropped her stave and it turned to dust as she began to fade too. Then Arraura said "Prizor, my last request is that you allow the Innocent One to live in your new world..." Then Arraura turned to dust as her hall began to crumble as Prizor left her hall and walked outside. He then traveled back to Mobius with another slash and saw that Mobius was indeed in ruins. Volcanoes erupted, the earth was quaking violently, the wind was violently blowing trees over, the water was black and bubbling, and there was lightning striking the ground every few seconds. But Prizor didn't seem to care about the planet still, he knew he had a few more opponents to worry about before he could try to fix the planet's problems.

Prizor then said "Master, your time has nearly come". "It is time for me to finally claim my vengeance". Then Prizor walked back into the arctic, intent on finishing what Vuxo had started.

And so ends Chapter 14...

Chapter 15: The Last Few Trials

Prizor was walking through the arctic when he finally saw Vuxo's Castle in the distance and walked over towards it. However, before he could reach it, a green hedgehog stood in his way. "So you're the one who killed my family"? said the hedgehog as he summoned a sword made out of light. Then Prizor unsheathed his blade and said "Step aside, this doesn't concern you". Then the hedgehog said "The name's Nick, and this does concern me since you killed my family asshole". Then Prizor snarled and said "Then you shall join them"!

They fought in a battle of sword versus sword before Prizor seemed to gain an advantage by slashing with ruthless strikes. However, Nick turned mystic and managed to blast Prizor flying backwards before blasting him with the Mystic Beam, but Prizor held the beam back as his eyes turned red and he said "You will not defeat me". Then Prizor teleported next to Nick and kicked him into the sky before teleporting up and raining slashes down on him that blasted him back down to Mobius and sent him plummeting into the ground. Then Prizor sent down a chain whip, but Nick grabbed it and pulled Prizor down to the ground with it and uppercutted him in the chin before kicking him in the chest and knocking him through a mountain.

Then Nick entered God form and said "You aren't as tough as ya thought you were". "I'm the champion of the Gods dude, you can't beat me". Then Prizor suddenly appeared and slashed Nick across the chest with a huge slash that knocked Nick backwards as Prizor took off his 15 rings and said "Witness this Gods from the Afterlife, your champion will kneel to me"! Then he kicked Nick flying backwards and teleported to where he was flying and used a chain whip to impale him through his back before using the other to restrain Nick's arms. Then Prizor unsheathed his sword as his telekinesis controlled the chains to hold Nick still. Nick fired an eye laser, but Prizor blocked it with 1 hand as he walked closer with his sword in his other hand.

Then Prizor said "No God or Mortal will stop me from my goal". "Not even you, their champion". Then Prizor impaled Nick through his chest with the blade and shattered his God form as Nick's eyes widened and he coughed up blood! Then Prizor stuck the blade even deeper as he yelled "I WILL NOT BE DENIED MY VENGEANCE"! Then he pulled the blade from Nick's chest and kicked him off the chains before walking away. However, Nick arose in Elder God form and said "No, it's not over yet". Then Prizor turned to him and snarled before slashing at Nick and the 2 fought as equals as Nick got pissed and began to strike with more force. However, it was no match for Prizor, as he began to fight even harder and eventually pummeled Nick to where he held the Light Sword up in defense to fend off the rage-filled blows from an angry Prizor who had Nick on the ground barely defending himself from the strikes!

Nick could only hold up for so long before Prizor eventually broke the Light Sword and then sliced his head off before walking away towards Vuxo's Castle. He arrived at the large metal gate that stood in front of the castle, it was there that he met Johnny, who seemed surprised to see him. "Long time no see Prizor". said Johnny as Prizor walked up to the gate. Johnny was guarding the gate and Prizor said to him "Let me in Johnny". Then Johnny crossed his arms and said "Now you know I can't do that". Then Prizor said "Let me in or I will be forced to move you out of my way". Then Johnny made a poker-face and said "And why should I let you through"? "Why are you here"? Then Prizor said "To get revenge on the one who wronged me". Then Johnny said "Dude, that's a suicide mission". "Just leave and go home, I can't let ya pass". Then Prizor unsheathed his blade and said "Then I will move you from my path and claim my vengeance".

Johnny seemed to be intrigued at Prizor before saying "You know you can't kill me, right"? Then Prizor said "I may not be able to kill you, but I can beat you to a bloody pulp". Then Johnny uncrossed his arms as ash replaced the snow and he said "If it's a fight you want Prizor, I'll give you it". Then Prizor sliced Johnny's left arm off, but it instantly grew back and Johnny turned into a cloud of ash that drifted away a good 20 feet and then reformed into Johnny. Then Prizor snarled and walked over while saying "I guess it's time to test that immortality you possess". Then Johnny smirked and said "And I'll test if that face of yours can get any uglier". Then Johnny flew into the air and he created dozens of clones that all appeared around Prizor and were ready to fight as Prizor's chain whips unwrapped from his arms and he spun them around in a circle and cleared out every clone before saying "Your clones will not work on me Johnny".

Then Johnny himself came back down and said "I guess you're right, but I still have to stop you dude". Then Prizor teleported after Johnny and tried to slice his neck, but Johnny moved his body apart and said "Whoa there"! "I didn't know this was a death match"! Then Prizor said "It is, I will not stop until you are dead or no longer in my way". Then Johnny stopped his jovial tone and said in a serious voice "Then I guess it's time I get serious then". Then Johnny glowed black as he turned dark form and ash began to chase after Prizor and blast him around the area with attacks from ash swords and ash spears impaling him. Until finally a giant glob of ash surrounded Prizor as Johnny said "Ash Coffin". Then the ash latched onto Prizor and began to levitate into the air.

Johnny closed his eyes and said "Sorry old friend, but I can't allow you to live as such a monster you've become". Then Prizor seemed to get pissed off at the confined movement and his eyes glowed with enough red that they glowed through the ash and Johnny said "Ash Burial". But as the ash went to crush Prizor, his arms ripped through the side as his chain whips poked through and he yelled "NOTHING WILL STOP ME JOHNATHAN"! Then Johnny actually got pissed and said "You just won't give up, what is the point to your quest anyway"? "You already know you'll fail"! yelled Johnny as he entered Chaos form and he glowed light blue. Then Johnny said "Someone has to stop you, even I know that much". Then Prizor snarled as he erupted free from the ash prison and said "You cannot stop me Johnny, no one can". Then Johnny made a blade of hardened ash and slashed at Prizor, who blocked it as they began to battle as equals.

But Johnny quickly was overpowered by Prizor and Prizor sliced off his arms and legs before encasing Johnny's head and body in a field of electricity. Then he walked onward and punched the huge gate wide open as he walked up to the castle itself and kicked the 2 heavy doors open. He then walked into a small room where a hooded figure in robes sat in a chair. The figure said to Prizor "So even Johnathan couldn't stop you"? Then the figure stood up and removed it's hood, revealing itself as Xia. Then Xia said "It's such a shame that such a wasted potential in your being as a whole was wasted in becoming a such a creature of violence, chaos, anarchy, destruction, and death". Then Prizor said "Let me pass Xia, you are no fool". "You know if I was capable of defeating Johnny that I'm capable of beating you".

Xia sighed and said "Tell me Prizor, how many have survived your Wrath"? "3? 2? 1? None"? asked Xia before Prizor snarled and said "Just let me through, I have no reason to answer to you"! Then Xia said "And why is that"? "Do you lack the explanation"? "Are you simply ignorant to what you've done"? "Are you putting up a facade to hide the fears that pulse within you"? Then Prizor punched Xia in the face and knocked her backwards before saying "I will not answer to you". Then he walked past her and entered the main hall, which was empty. Then he walked a few feet before hearing Xia say "So you think you're ready to accomplish your destiny"? Then Prizor turned and said "Why do you pester me"? "Leave me alone or I will be forced to destroy you too"! Then Xia made a questioning face and said "Too"? "What kind of complication are you implying Prizor"?

Then Prizor said "Johnny is dead, everyone else is dead, only those in this castle now still live". Then Xia seemed to be quiet for a few minutes before saying "So Life means that little to you Prizor"? Then she seemed to get a little pissed and said "Would you stab your own mother in the back too"!? "Only because she tried to reason with you not to commit what sins you've committed"!? Then Prizor snarled and said "Do not lecture me Xia". Then Xia growled and said "You kill like a child, you do it only for attention and because you could"! "You are a MONSTER, a monster with no morals in it's being"! "You've slain your friends, all of the Gods, and even those who were closest to you"! "But did you shed any tears"? "Did you ever care"? Then Xia's eyes turned gray and she said "No, even when Gold died, you cared more for your vengeance than her". "You claim to have loved her, but yet you profane her memory with your vile deeds". "If you truly loved her, you would've stopped after her death rather than merely seek more revenge".

By this point, Prizor was pissed off and prepared to fight Xia as she said "You dare draw your weapon"? "Anything you can do with that blade will only ruin her memory more". Then Prizor yelled "GET OUT OF MY HEAD"! and he slashed at Xia, who moved and said "Why"? "Does the truth hurt too much for you to handle"? "You'll kill any God or Mortal that steps in your way, but yet you are beaten by your own truth"? Then Xia said "Or is too painful for you to hear again"? "She died for you so that you could have your own world, and you only plotted more revenge against those you blamed for her death". "Her death wasn't from the Gods, but from you". "You are what caused her to throw her life away, YOU ended her". Upon hearing this Prizor fell to his knees and said "Dammit, did I really do it"? Then Xia said "Yes, you did so in a metaphorical manner". "You forced her to relinquish her dreams so that yours could live on".

Then Prizor seemed to get pissed off and he stood up and said "No, I won't believe your words". "I refuse to believe in such a thing"! Then Xia said "Why must all of the conflicts of this world end in violence"? "Your world would only prevent violence by there being no one left to have conflict, and if this world was restored, conflict would only return in time". "Your quest to end conflict and create your own perfect world is endless Prizor, that is why you will never achieve it". Then Prizor finally cleared his head and said "I don't want a perfect world, I just want my own world, just like Master". "He slayed the world and reshaped it to be his and his alone, now I am doing the same". Then Prizor slashed at Xia, but missed as Xia dodged again and teleported to the entrance of the next room and said "Your Destiny isn't to copy Vuxo". Then she walked into the next room and Prizor ran after her, but didn't see her anywhere.

He then saw a hedgehog with a huge sword appear and say "So you're the one who's slain my family, only 2 of us remain now". Then the hedgehog unsheathed his giant blade as Prizor prepared his blade and said "Who are you"? Then the hedgehog said "I am Ty, the only sibling that Xia has left thanks to you". Then Prizor said "Where is Xia"? "She has answers I want". Then Ty prepared a slash and said "You will not touch my sister unless you go through me first". Then Prizor snarled and blocked Ty's slash, but it put a number on his strength as Ty nearly cleaved right through his blade. Prizor realized his disadvantage and decided to try to fight at a range with his chain whips But Ty caught 1 and pulled it & Prizor towards him before kicking him through a wall. "It is my Destiny to kill your Master, not yours" said Ty as he walked over to Prizor.

Prizor stood up and he battled Ty with all his might. After the smoke cleared, Prizor stood alone as Ty was gone. Then Prizor walked deeper into the castle, where he finally found Xia and yelled at her "I demand an answer as to what my Destiny is"! Then Xia turned to him, but she wasn't very pleased as she growled at Prizor and said "I will not give you anything, my family is DEAD because of you"! Then Xia entered her Unrestrained Dark Form and said "You can beat any physical challenge, but you fail to those who present you with a mental challenge". Then she said in Prizor's mind "You have caused enough strife to fill 60 lifetimes, I must strike you down now". "You will either lay down your life or I will take it from you". "There is no alternative". Then Prizor took off his 15 rings and said "No one decides my Destiny Xia, it is time for someone to knock that narcissistic attitude out of you"!

(Read the full battle here)

After a brutal battle, Prizor managed to defeat Xia and starting walking to the next room while his injuries healed and he arrived at the Throne Room. The King's throne was vacant, but Legna was on the Queen's throne. She said to Prizor "Ah, I didn't expect to see you here Prizor". Then she stood up and said "So Johnny, Ty , and even Xia all failed to stop you"? Then Prizor said "Where is your husband"? "His time has come". Then Legna laughed and summoned her halberd before saying "He's on the roof, waiting for me to bring him your corpse". Then she said "This is where your so-called Wrath ends Prizor, it's as simple as that". Then Prizor snarled and unsheathed his sword before saying "Then I'll destroy you too Legna, no one will stand in my way and live"!

Disturbed - The Vengeful One - UNOFFICIAL Lyrics Video- ==RE-UPLOADED==

Disturbed - The Vengeful One - UNOFFICIAL Lyrics Video- ==RE-UPLOADED==

The Prizor VS Legna Fight Theme (Note: Yes, this is just Legna's Theme)

Legna merely laughs at Prizor and says "That's rich Prizor, you really know how to crack people up". Then Prizor snarled and said "I wasn't joking Legna, I will kill you if you'll stand in my way". "Be smart and step aside"! Then Legna became serious and said "I wasn't joking either Prizor, I will bring my husband your corpse". "It'll make such a heartfelt anniversary gift".

Then she wielded her halberd in battle stance as Prizor said "I will destroy you Legna, this is your last chance for Mercy". Then Legna equipped her dark armor and put her helmet on, which didn't have a visor. Then she said "I must admit Prizor, you are far more evil than anyone I know". "You've slain nearly all of Mobius in the space of about a week". Then Prizor said "Flattery will not make me change my mind, step aside or die". Then Legna laughed and pulled a mask down from the top of her helmet and now it covered her face with an metal mask as the eye slits began to glow light blue. Then Legna said "Prizor, you stand before the Fallen Seraph"! "It is time for the abyss to stare back at you, and for you to know fear, as it blinks"! Then Prizor got into battle stance and said "If you think you can stop me, then I want to see you try"!

Boss Fight: Legna, The Dark Messiah

The battle begins with a basic sword fight, blade against halberd. The best way to go about this fight is to dodge that halberd and counterattack with a 3 hit combo from the blade before using the ax to knock her into the air and then by using a QTE, you're able to grab Legna by the foot with a chain whip and slam her back down into the floor for maximum damage in a single combo. After depleting about half of her HP, Legna will get pissed off and will start using longer combos and more vicious attacks. The attack to watch for is Phantasm Heart, in which a giant heart appears on the floor and erupts in dark energy, the attack hits multiple times and can cause HEAVY damage to Prizor if it isn't blocked or avoided.

After depleting her HP, Legna will seem to get a lot weaker. But then, as her HP gets to around a 16th, she'll suddenly grow her black angelic wings and fly up to the ceiling as her HP suddenly regenerates back to full HP. As that happens, she'll say "Not bad, for a Mortal I suppose". Then she'll drop off the ceiling and begin to fly around the huge hall while taking swipes with her halberd and blasts of dark energy. The goal at this point is to tire her out by dodging attacks and then using the QTE to pull her back down to the ground in order to slash her in the head. Repeat this until her HP is fully depleted and she'll go down.

But it won't be over yet, as Legna will rise up 1 more time and she'll finally erupt in anger as she'll grow larger and grab Prizor and throw him through a wall before growing to gigantic size and taking the fight to the roof of the castle, where Vuxo and Maximus see the fight and watch. This is the final phase, simply dodge the attacks from Legna's Fallen God Form and strike her afterwards. Her attacks are very powerful, they could kill you in 3 hits if they hit you without blocking. Another word of advice is to avoid getting stuck in a combo with her, as her 7, 8, or 9 hit combos could easily kill you in one use even if you block. (It's better to dodge than to block for this fight) After finally depleting her HP for the third time the fight is over and it's time for the end of Legna.

Prizor slices Legna's left leg off and makes her Fallen God form kneel before knocking her halberd out of her hand and then slicing her right arm off as Legna growls in agony. Then Prizor lifts up Legna's halberd and impales her through her chest with it before she shrinks back down to normal size and Prizor kicks her off the roof. Legna falls down the icy chasm and slowly dissolves into black dust that then scatters into the air. Then Prizor turns to Vuxo and Maximus before saying "Now it is your turn Master". Vuxo seemed pissed off and ready to fight, but Maximus stopped his father and said "No, I will destroy him Father, rest your weary spirit". Then Maximus summoned the Crystallum Blade and walked over to Prizor, who snarled and said "If you'll stand in my way as well Maximus, then you shall die too"! Then Maximus's left eye glowed blue and his right eye glowed green as he said "Your destruction will end here Prizor, I will assure the preservation of the future".

Then Prizor said "Why do you defend your father"? "He wronged me and will pay the price for it"! Then Maximus said "Because his wronging of you has been overtaxed by your lust to hurt others". "You merely use that as an excuse to destroy any who dare to stop you". Then Maximus said "You are no hero Prizor, there is no excuse for Genocide". Then Prizor said "I told the Gods and now I'll tell you Maximus, no one will stop me"! Then Maximus said "You speak from arrogance, you are destined to fail". Then Prizor snarled and said "I don't need your Mercy Maximus, I don't want your forgiveness either". Then Maximus growled and said "Foolish one, I have no forgiveness for you". "I will end you here and now, before you damn this entire universe into oblivion"!

Then Prizor snarled as he prepared a slash and said "You won't stop me either". Then Maximus said "We shall see Mortal". Then Maximus suddenly created a large crystalline dome around both him and Prizor and said "This will be your grave Prizor, that is your destiny". Then Prizor snarled again and said "I make my own Destiny, no one makes it for me"! Then him and Maximus prepared to face off as Maximus stuck his sword into the ground and prayed before pulling his sword out and saying "This is where we part ways Prizor". Then Prizor said "You pray to false deities that can't lift a finger to help you Maximus, they are dead and you shall join them shortly"! Then Prizor and Maximus met blade to blade as Prizor seemed a bit surprised by Maximus's blade speed and said "What the hell"? Then Maximus said "If you want to get past me, you'll have to pick up the pace". Then Maximus pushed Prizor back and they prepare to battle!

Boss Fight: Maximus, The 2nd Legendary Warrior (Fight Theme: Fury of the Storm by DragonForce)

DragonForce- Fury of the Storm FULL SONG + LYRICS

DragonForce- Fury of the Storm FULL SONG + LYRICS

This fight is TOUGH. Maximus is pretty damn fast and he strikes like a train when he gets into a combo with that sword of his. The best way to deal with this phase is to dodge attacks and then use the QTE to disarm Maximus and then smack him around while he's nearly defenseless to deal heavy damage.

After depleting Maximus's HP to about a quarter, there will be a QTE where Prizor will use Maximus's sword to destroy the crystal dome and then impale Maximus. But as you can expect, the fight is far from over as Maximus enters his Beta form and pulls the blade out before saying "No, I will not allow you to damn everything"! Then phase 2 begins as Maximus flies around and teleports too, all while slashing at you and sending slashes through space after you along with random crystal spikes popping out of the ground.

Despite all the attacks, just pummel Maximus with combos and he'll go down rather easily. But when you think ti may be over, Maximus will finally become his Crystal God Form and now he has 2 crystallum blades that he duel wields. Then Maximus says "Judgement will pass, I will stop you even if it kills me". Then Prizor takes off his 15 rings as phase 3 begins with Maximus slashing towards Prizor at speeds faster than light as a QTE that if performed will allow Prizor to knock off nearly a quarter of Maximus's HP in 1 blow. While Maximus is easily capable of dealing enough damage to kill Prizor with his combos, just evade him and then counterattack and he'll go down in time.

Upon depleting Maximus's HP Prizor will break a crystallum blade off at the hilt and throw the blade to the side. Then a QTE commences to where the first input has Prizor dodged a slash from Maximus and then disarm him before a second input will make Prizor kick the crystallum blade he disarmed from Maximus into Maximus's left hand and it will impale him to a tower on the roof of the castle. Then Maximus will trap Prizor in the Crystal Prison, but a third input will have Prizor pick up the blade that was broken off from the first crystallum sword and he'll throw it through the prison and shatter it as the blade impales Maximus through his chest and then Prizor walks over to Maximus and summons his sword as a final QTE happens as Maximus creates a third crystallum sword in his right hand to face Prizor while being stuck to the tower. After accomplishing all 3 QTEs in this part, Prizor will impale Maximus through his throat with the 3rd crystallum blade and then slash the tower off the castle as it is then seen falling into the icy chasm below the castle before exploding into millions of fragments as crystals begin to drift through the air.

Vuxo puts his left hand up and catches some fragments and looks at them while Prizor turns to him and says "Now there will be no more distractions". Then Prizor walked closer and said "Master, you owe me an answer to your betrayal"! Then Vuxo looked at him and said "Master"? Then Vuxo suddenly glowed as he shifted into another form and he now looked like Vul! Then Vul said "What's up"? "The name's Vul"! Then Prizor growled and said "Who the Hell are you"? "Where is my Master"!? Then Vul said "Calm down a bit man, you need to learn how to chill". Then Prizor said "No, I will destroy you if you stand in my way"! Then Vul said "Oh"! "A challenge"!? Then Vul looked at his invisible watch and said "Well I guess I have some free time to hang out with you~"! Then Prizor unsheathed his blade and said "Enough games, I will end you quickly".

Boss Fight: Vul, The Idiot

This fight can be troublesome, Vul teleports and evades attacks. Hell, he can even do it mid-combo and screw you up. The best way to win this fight is to use weaker attacks to drain Vul's HP little by little rather than go into a full-blown combo that gives Vul a better chance to escape and damage you while you're in the middle of a combo and can't defend yourself. To balance this, Vul doesn't hit very hard compared to Maximus or Legna. The first phase ends when Vul's HP is about half gone. Then he will turn into his giant form and become serious.

Treat phase 2 like Maximus or Legna, avoid those attacks like the plague. After weakening Vul to about 10% of his HP, you'll be able to end the fight with a QTE. The QTE allows Prizor to slash off 1 of Vul's arms before impaling him directly in his core and ripping it from Vul. Then Vul reverts back to a mass of energy that Prizor blasts with electricity and completely destroys. Then Prizor sees Vuxo on top of his castle's tallest tower. Prizor flies up to confront Vuxo as Vuxo stares at a mountain in the distance. Prizor realizes that it's finally time for his vengeance and says to his former Master "The time has come Master". Then Vuxo said with his back turned to Prizor "You've left a world in ruins, blood flows in rivers from your malice, and the Gods are all but dead". Then Vuxo said "In one timeline, you were Mobius's biggest hero". "Now you will be branded as Mobius's worst villain".

Then Prizor said "Master, no one else remains". "We are all that remain". Then Vuxo turned to Prizor and said "You were my best Champion, and look at how far you've fallen...". Then Prizor said "Genocide doesn't mean anything to you, you slayed 13 dimensions for your own amusement". Then Vuxo said "A sad, but true, fact that is". "But there is another fact you must know". Then Prizor said "And what would that be"? Then Vuxo's eyes turned black and he said "That means I don't have to hold back against you because of civilian casualties, I can use my full power without restraint". Then Vuxo said "Are you ready Prizor"?

Then Prizor sent a slash traveling through space at Vuxo, but Vuxo dodged and it hit the mountain in the distance and caused it to crumble as otherworldly energy flowed out of it. Then Prizor yelled "What the Hell"!? and Vuxo just snickered to himself as a giant hedgehog came out of the mountain and walked over to the castle. Where Vuxo said "This is the Elder God of Mobius, he's been sealed away for a very long time my Apprentice". Then Zigo looked around at the dying Mobius before glaring at Prizor and saying "My world, it bleeds because of you". "I cannot allow you to continue any further Mortal". Then Zigo raises his giant fist and slams it down on Prizor! However, Prizor is then seen lifting Zigo's fist up before saying "I don't know what the hell you are, and I really don't care either". "But if you think you'll stop me now, then you're dead wrong"!

Then Zigo moves his fist back up as Prizor unsheathes his sword. Then Zigo said "Bold words coming from a Mortal to the Elder God". Then Prizor snarled and said "I don't care if you're the Elder Asswipe"! "YOU WON'T STOP ME"! Then Zigo seemed to get a little pissed off before saying in an ominous tone "We shall see Mortal, I challenge you to 1 versus 1 combat". "Mortal to God, we battle until Death". Then Prizor took his battle stance and said "I agree, mostly just so I can kick your sorry ass"!

Boss Fight: Zigo, The Elder God

This fight isn't very difficult. It's a simple test of endurance and all you have to do is survive for 3 minutes against Zigo and you'll be able complete phase 1 by a QTE. In the QTE, Prizor slams his axe into Zigo's hand while it's on the ground after trying to punch him. Then Prizor runs up Zigo's arm while Zigo fires eye lasers at him and tries to swipe him with his free hand. Prizor dodges both and then stabs Zigo in his right cheek before Zigo knocks him back on the castle and roars in pain. Then phase 2 begins as you simply must survive again for 3 minutes.

Repeat the previous step, but this time, Prizor stabs Zigo's left cheek before getting knocked back. Then phase 3 begins with Prizor and Zigo actually fighting hand to blade. After depleting Zigo's HP, a QTE is used to finish him off. Prizor stuns Zigo with a brutal stan through the nose before throwing his axe like a tomahawk into Zigo's forehead, then Prizor throws his chain whips sround the axe's handle and he pulls it out along with a piece of Zigo's brain! Then Prizor blasts the exposed brain in Zigo's head with electricity and causes Zigo to explode before turning his gaze to his former Master and saying "Any more surprises"? Then a warrior appeared, clad in armor.

Prizor looked at the warrior and said "Another hero, here to try to stop me"? Then the warrior said "I have come to slay the Elder God, but you have slain him already". Then Prizor said "Stay out of my way and you will live". Then the warrior said "I am Mastema, the Godslayer". "If I cannot kill the Elder God then I will kill it's slayer"! Then Prizor and Mastema both unsheathed thier blades before Prizor said "You are an insect that stands in my way, you will be crushed". Then Mastema said "We both have slain Gods, but I do it because it was their fault". Then Prizor snarled and said "This dying world isn't big enough for both of us"!

Boss Fight: Mastema, The Godslayer

This fight is 2 phases, neither are very difficult but can be tough if you're too used to QTEs being just yours. Mastema has the ability to also initiate QTEs against you if he lowers your HP enough. This fight is all about survival, you'll have to dodge and counter to defeat Mastema in phase 1. If he attempts his QTE, beat him to the punch or it'll be game over. Phase 2 shakes things up, but is easier to beat overall.

Mastema enters his True Form for phase 2, but Prizor shows no fear as he simply sees it as another obstacle in his way. This phase is a simple dodge and strike back fight, dodge those claws, teeth, and tails, and then strike back. Keep in mind that QTE ability can still be triggered by Mastema, so don't get overconfident and just stay on Mastema's tails and he'll go down for the finishing QTE.

After slicing off a tail, Prizor will impale the body with his sword and use his spears to impale any remaining tails to the ground. Then he climbs up Mastema as Mastema says "You are quite the warrior Mortal". "Et arcum superior voluntatem tuan". (Latin for "I bow to your superior will") Then Prizor impales Mastema through his forehead and causes him to revert back to normal before Mastema dissolved into dust that was blown away by the wind. Then Prizor turned to his former master once again.

"Do you know why I left you to die Prizor"? asked Vuxo as Prizor prepared to face him. Then Prizor said "Let me guess, you feared my potential and decided to destroy me to keep your grip over this planet"? Then Vuxo laughed and said "How amusing, you think I fear you"? Then Vuxo became serious and said "You should be fearing me". Then Prizor unsheathed his blade and said "I've conquered Heaven and Hell, slain most of the Gods, and have destroyed entire realms, I don't think fear applies to me anymore". Then Vuxo said "Only 2 of us remain, I guess I'm the last line of defense".

Then Vuxo summoned the Sword of Infinity and equipped his armor as Prizor got into battle stance and said "I've carved a path of blood and bodies to reach you Master, it is time to end this". Then Vuxo said "You speak like you expect to win, this won't be a happy ending for you". Then Vuxo said "This Fairy Tale is coming to it's Final Chapter Prizor". Then Prizor snarled and Vuxo said "Do you want to know what the Final Chapter is called Prizor"? Then Vuxo got into battle stance and said "The Death of Wrath".

Boss Fight: Vuxo, The Deathbringer

Here we are, the moment of Destiny. This fight is rather tough and it will drag on for a while if you aren't good at combos. The best trick to this fight is to parry Vuxo's slashes and then counterattack him while he's stunned. However, the problem comes in when Vuxo loses about 25% of his HP and starts using his special techniques. His Chaos Terminate causes a QTE that kills you if you don't perform it correctly, Super Nova deals insane damage and can't really be dodged, you'll have to block to lessen the damage and then heal. Around 50% of his HP, Vuxo will create clones of himself that'll chase after you with sword attacks, they deal less damage than Vuxo himself, but can still overwhelm you in you get cornered. Around 25% of his HP, Vuxo will send his clones away and say "Enough of this, I'm dealing with you the only way possible". Then Vuxo will summon his weapons and enter Deathbringer form, which restores his HP to full.

Now for phase 2. Again, dodge his slashes and shots and strike back at every chance you get. But be ready for his Chaos Terminate again, since he'll most likely use it again during this phase. He doesn't gain anymore special techniques he'll use in this phase, but now he hits even harder and you'll have to heal more if you want to survive and make it to the end of the fight. After lowering Vuxo's HP to around 20%, he'll revert back to his base form and say "Dammit, there's not much choice left now". Then Vuxo will enter his Alpha form and force Prizor to the ground with telekinesis. However, Prizor's rings fly off and he manages to resist the telekinesis before impaling Vuxo through his chest with the blade!

Vuxo will stumble back and say "Damn, it seems you do have the power to hurt me". Then Vuxo will trap them both inside a sphere of darkness and say "Shades of Black" before the sphere condenses and explodes on both of them. Prizor awoke inside another realm, where he saw Vuxo standing over him wearing a cape. Prizor got up and said "Where the Hell are we Master"!? Then Vuxo said "My world, your grave". Then his eyes glowed white and he said "You want to prove your destiny"? "Now's your chance, show me what you got". Then Vuxo used 10,000 Blades and Prizor matched every single slash with equal force and said "I've grown in power Master, I have overcome you". Then Prizor absorbed the souls from his blade and became his Soul Devourer Form!

Vuxo grew in size and became a giant before saying "Despite your arrogance that is greater than my own, you are still just a Mortal Prizor". Then Prizor snarled and unsheathed his blade before saying "Can a Mortal cut your flesh and spill your blood"? Then Vuxo laughed and said "Fili hominis pone mori". (Latin for "Prepare to die Mortal") Then Vuxo blasted a Chaos Megalaser that Prizor managed to barely block as it began to force him to his knees. Then Vuxo said "Veniam petimus". (Latin for "Beg for forgiveness") Then Prizor managed to stand up and Vuxo stopped the blast and said "Not bad, but you have a long way to go before I crumble". Then Vuxo launched a Deathball down at Prizor, who put his hands up and caught it. He began to fight it's crushing power as it tried to force him to the ground. Then Vuxo said "Vos have ut faciam tibi melior est, quam". ("You'll have to do better than that") Prizor managed to push the Deathball back at Vuxo, who turned it back into energy and absorbed it.

Then Vuxo said "Ab ira nec fato, ut salvare". ("Your wrath will not be enough to save you from your fate") Then Vuxo summoned the Sword of Infinity and transformed it into the Blade of Infinity before returning to normal size and saying "Mucrone herbis vires experiri". ("Blade to blade, test your might") Then Prizor and Vuxo slashed at each other and equaled before slashing again and coming up as equals. Then Vuxo kicked Prizor backwards and blasted him with a shot from his gun before teleporting over and punching Prizor into the sky before teleporting up and slashing him back down. Prizor slammed into the ground, but managed to stand up as Vuxo landed and walked over to him. Then Vuxo said "Sint irrefragabiles et relentless me, et hac pugna terminus umquam"? ("I am relentless and you are unbreakable, will this fight ever end"?) Then Prizor said "It will end with your death"! Then Prizor slashed once more at Vuxo, but Vuxo caught him by the wrist and impaled him before saying "Requiesce in pace, Prizor". ("Rest in peace, Prizor")

Then a rift opened in dimensions and Vuxo kicked Prizor off the blade and into the rift as it then closed. Then Vuxo returned to Mobius as the screen darkens and the credits roll. After the credits, the only things seen is this:


Secret Ending (Genocide Version)

(Note: This ending is only shown if you complete the game on Hard or Expert difficulty)

A short scene plays, where Prizor lands in another dimension and stands up, he looks around and sees a world that isn't quite in ruins like Mobius. Then he says "So the Gods damned me to fail, even though they stand in the Afterlife..." Then he stood up and said "Master is too powerful for me to defeat at this point". Then he began walking and said "I'll destroy every God in every Realm I find to absorb their power, and then it will be my Master's turn to join them". Then the screen goes dark again as Prizor keeps walking.

"Neither Heaven nor Hell nor Oblivion nor the Void have as much fury as I do, that I can assure you Master". "It may take me months, years, decades... Hell, even centuries". "But I will claim my vengeance". "And even you cannot stop me from doing so". "I will crush every obstacle you put in my way, every God, Demigod, Warrior, Mage, it makes no difference to me". "They all will go to the same place in the end Master, and it will soon be your turn to join them".





(There are other endings, they are explained here)


DLC Chapters

DLC Chapters are generally much longer than any of the DLC skirmishes. These chapters are usually long enough, both level-wise and boss-wise, to be considered a "missing" chapter from the standard game. The difficulty of these chapters varies, some are easy, others are hard, a few are rather moderate. However, it should be noted that some will be extremely difficult and will test the skills of the player to their limits.

DLC Chapter One: The Twilight Zone

Bosses: Jupiter, Twilos, Hezzu, and Jupiter (Godly Form)

DLC Chapter Two: Pissing Off The Gods

Bosses: Striker, Jolt, Xaoc, and Omnita (50% & Full Power)

DLC Chapter Three: The Flawed

Bosses: ???

DLC Chapter Four: War Zone

Bosses: ???

DLC Chapter Five: Science Fair

Bosses: ???

DLC Chapter Six: Jkirkian Involvement

Bosses: Adex Zarvok Burns, Joshua Sentrium Burns/Joshua Sentrium Burns [Livid Alteration]

DLC Chapter Seven: Death to a Hero's Killer

Bosses: Ion (Titan Phase 1, 2, 3, 100%, Divine Wrath, Divine Retribution)

Note: This Fight is meant to make you lose due to story purposes

DLC Chapter Eight: Saber Mountain

Bosses: ???

DLC Chapter Nine: Memorial of Villains

Bosses: ???

DLC Chapter Ten: So Sweet and Strange

Bosses: Adni, Raven, Airion and Celeste, Synth, Sasha(Calypso), Eliza(Calypso),

DLC Chapter Eleven: The Unknown Encounter

Bosses: Herj, Nick, Trick, Lunari, Dub, Ztar, Josh, Jules, and Dio.

Meant to be a funny yet EXTREMELY hard DLC which includes the users.

DLC Chapter Twelve: A Savage's Vengeance

Bosses: The Random Savage God (Base Form & Power Ascensions)

DLC Chapter Thirteen: In The Shadows

Bosses: ???

DLC Chapter Fourteen: Beta Testing

Bosses: ???

DLC Chapter Fifteen: ???

Bosses: ???

Final DLC Chapter:??

Bosses: ???

DLC Skirmishes

DLC Skirmishes are shorter DLCs that are much more focused on giving difficult and memorable boss fights than difficult or taxing levels. In a nutshell, these DLC are pretty much 30% level and 70% boss fights.

DLC Skirmish One: Cyber World

Bosses: ???

DLC Skirmish Two: The Crystal

Bosses: ???

DLC Skirmish Three: The Ether Links

Bosses: ???

DLC Skirmish Four: Sealed Hell

Bosses: ???

DLC Skirmish Five: The Decaying Lab

Bosses: ???

DLC Skirmish Six: ???

Bosses: ???

DLC Skirmish Seven: ???

Bosses: ???

DLC Skirmish Eight: ???

Bosses: ???

DLC Skirmish Nine: ???

Bosses: ???

DLC Skirmish Ten: ???

Bosses: ???

DLC Skirmish Eleven: ???

Bosses: ???


Main Game

Titanslayer - Defeat Ion

Core City Killer - Clear Chapter 1

Ninja's Noose-ance - Defeat Dalton

Bane of Ether - Clear Chapter 2

Taking The Sense Out of Sensei - Defeat Justin

Error 404 - Defeat Rosa

Dojo Devastation - Clear Chapter 3

More Wrath Than Gaia - Defeat Eden

Dark Spirit Slayer - Defeat Mikasa

Two Villains' Fate - Defeat Metal and Xirsec

Victimizing The Villains - Clear Chapter 4

Ending The Future - Defeat Alex and Haely

No More Experiments! - Defeat Cydik

Liberation of the Lab - Clear Chapter 5

A Hero No More - Defeat Rudy

"You Are No God" - Defeat Hectic

"Crawl Home To Daddy, Demigod" - Defeat Arc

Extraterrestrial Eradicator - Defeat Pre-Mobius Alaine

Explosive Ending - Clear Chapter 6

Sayonara Asshole! - Defeat Phantom

Jutsu Destroyer - Defeat Dillian

Angelic Demise - Defeat Mabell, Lucas, and Aden

Bringing The Wrath To Heaven - Clear Chapter 7

No More Lies - Defeat Lexias

Book Burner - Defeat Monoza

Anti-Hero's Archenemy - Defeat Nate

How Was Your Saturday? - Clear Chapter 8

Dirty Brother Killer! - Defeat Tenyu

2 Gods, 1 Angry Hedgehog - Defeat Woodax and Flarox

"You wanna become even closer to a spirit"? - Defeat Arraura (Only fought at this point on Neutral)

Taking The Gods By Storm - Clear Chapter 9

Bane of Liches - Defeat TLK

Devil Demolition - Defeat Zezko

"To Hell with your Salvation"! - Defeat Angel

Living Through Hell - Clear Chapter 10

"Where's Daddy at to save you now"? - Defeat Micheal

At The Ends Of Insanity - Defeat Yevon

"Innocence is an Illusion" - Defeat Lunari & Rachel

"You'll see Nickolas soon enough" - Clear Chapter 11

Calming The Storm - Defeat Kara

Souled Out - Defeat Axel

Con Fuoco - Defeat Lexie

"You still aren't worthy" - Clear Chapter 12

Brotherly Demise - Defeat Breaker and Racer

Down To Mobius - Defeat Squall

Cutting the Strings -Defeat Gold

"Farewell, Gold" - Clear Chapter 13

The Master Of My Master's Master - Defeat Gabranth

Ending The Hellspawn- Defeat Dawn

"I'll make my own Reality" - Defeat Belial

Death To The Gatekeeper - Defeat Mia

Life After Death - Defeat Zegram

Avoiding A Bad Time - Defeat Sarcasm

Tears of a Goddess - Defeat Arraura in her Hall (Fought at this point on Genocide)

Time to Face The Master - Clear Chapter 14

Dragon Slayer - Defeat Nick

Left Handicapped - Defeat Johnny

Wrath Versus Strength - Defeat Ty

If Knowledge is Power, then Power is Knowledge - Defeat Xia

Making God Handless - Defeat Legna

Crystal Shatterer - Defeat Maximus

Energy Displacer - Defeat Vul

Bane Of Gods - Defeat Zigo

Slayed The Godslayer - Defeat Mastema

Whelp, That Happened... - Complete The Story

That's not how the story goes... - Die once

"Did you rewrite the script"? - Die 5 Times

Pitiful Prizor - Die 10 Times

"Need a cheat code"? - Die 50 Times

The Master of Mercy - Spare everyone and kill no one

True Genocide - Kill everyone and spare no one

Achieving Wrath - Beat the Game

Seeing Both Endings - Beat the Game Twice, once on Mercy and once on Genocide

Now THAT'S Impressive! - Beat the Game once on Mercy, once on Genocide, and once on Neutral.


(Note: Only the achievements for completing the chapter or skirmish are going here, the individual boss achievements will be going on the actual pages for each of them)

DLC Chapters

Negative Space - Clear DLC Chapter One

"I don't fear Death, God" - Clear DLC Chapter Seven by Choosing to fight until death

Repentance? - Clear DLC Chapter Seven by Giving Up and accepting a god's punishment

Fare Ye Well - Clear DLC Chapter Ten by sending everyone back to their home world

Careless Whisper - Clear DLC Chapter Ten by killing all the newcomers.

Role Reversal - Clear DLC Chapter Eleven by changing reality to where the Creators are now the Created

Wikia Wasteland - Clear DLC Chapter Eleven by killing the creators and destroying reality


DLC Skirmishes

GAME OVER- Clear DLC Skirmish One



DLC Addict- Buy all DLC Chapters and Skirmishes

DLC Master- Complete all DLC Chapters and Skirmishes

Master of Wrath- Complete the Main Game and ALL DLC on Expert difficulty