"A scorned pawn makes his way across the board, fighting for his life at every step along the way". "It appears that Life is indeed a game". "This pawn played only for himself for most of his life". "But after realizing his faults, he will do anything to correct his biggest mistake". "No cost is too steep for his goal".

"Witness the pawn's struggle to save his lost love, but who is he truly helping here"? "Himself"? "His love"? "Both"? "Neither"? "Will the pawn win"? "Or will he be wiped from the board"? "There are many questions, but very few answers". "Only Time will tell if the pawn will succeed..."

This is the sequel to the fangame Prizor's Wrath.

Last game, Prizor slayed pretty much everyone.

This game, he's focusing his Wrath towards another planet.

But his reasons to kill have changed...

Story Chapters


Prizor wanders Moebius until he stumbles across some ancient ruins and investigates them. He clears some trials that serve as the game's tutorial and reaches the end, where he finds an ancient inscription and a button. Prizor glares at the words, but is unable to read them. Prizor then hits the button, but it seemed to do nothing. "Stupid button, I should've known that it wouldn't work". Then Prizor began to leave the ruins, but a voice called to him. It said "Mortal, come here". Then Prizor walked over and a figure appeared in the form of a silhouette and said "Mortal, I can grant you the power you need for your vengeance".

Prizor snarled at the figure and said "I don't need help from anyone". "Leave me or I will destroy you"! Then the figure said calmly "Mortal, I can give you the power for your vengeance AND the one you held dear to your heart". Then Prizor glares at the figure and said "Name your price". Then the figure said "Destroy the Gods of Moebius and I will give you your vengeance and your dear friend". "Do we have a deal"? Prizor then said "Killing Gods isn't exactly new to me". "But I will do it, on 1 condition". Then the figure said "What is your condition"? Then Prizor said "When all of this is said and done, you never bother me again". The figure nodded in agreement and the deal was struck.

Chapter 1: The Wrath Continues

Mission 1: Through The Fire and Flames

Prizor received a map from the figure. The map would guide him to each God and Goddess of Moebius one by one. Prizor followed the map to reach a small cavern that had lava flowing in the bottom . There he would face his first mission in his quest. The goal at this point is to make your way through the sections of the caverns to reach the very bottom. Upon entry, Prizor will be unable to make it very far before realizing that the only way to go any further is to use his chains to pull a stalactite off the ceiling and uses it as a platform to reach the opposite side of the cavern. There he encounters some bat-like creatures known as a Rax. After fighting his way through about a dozen of them, Prizor arrives at a staircase that does down and he walks down to floor B1 before arriving inside smaller caverns that look almost like they were mines at some point.

Prizor makes his way through the mines while fighting multiple Rax until he at last come to a railroad with a mine cart. Prizor hops in the mine cart and it starts going down the tracks. Along the way, more Rax fly in and try to attack Prizor, but he stands in the mine cart and uses his chains to lash them to the sides of the tunnels and scrapes them against walls to rip them to shreds. Then Prizor sees a gap in the tracks ahead and a QTE is triggered where Prizor jumps out of the cart and land on one of the Rax and flies it into another cavern before slashing it's head off and landing on a ledge and continuing on to the next staircase that leads him to the bottom of the caverns where the lave flows. Prizor checks his map and it says "God Detected, roughly 30 Meters North of present location". Then Prizor puts the map away and walks out into the bottom of the central cavern.

Prizor walks in to find a figure standing in the lava, Prizor walks closer and the figure literally walks out of the flames as it says "Why do you profane my caverns Murderer"? Then Prizor pulls out his blade and says "You are a God, my enemy". Then the figure said "It is not wise to become the enemy of the Gods Mortal". Then Prizor snarled and said "I don't care, all of you... must die". Then Prizor got in battle stance as the figure said "Mortal, you will not walk away from this fight as the winner". Then Prizor said "And if you manage to win, you won't be walking away either"! Then the figure sighed and took it's true form as a fiery minotaur that held 2 giant flaming swords in it's huge hands! Then it said "If you insist so much on dying Mortal, I will help you achieve that goal". Then Prizor snarled and said "No you will not"! "My Fire burns brighter than any flare you can create"!

Boss Fight: Yarog, The God of Fire

This fight opens up with the Fire God launching fireballs around the room that Prizor must dodge. After dodging them, slash the Fire God and he'll take some damage. Repeat this until his HP is depleted and then initiate the QTE. In the QTE, Prizor will use telekinesis to restrain the weakened Fire God before summoning all of his spears. However, the Fire God breaks free and becomes gigantic as he says "Foolish Mortal, I am Yarog"! "The God of Fire"! Then he slammed his giant palm on Prizor, who held up his spear. The spear fully impaled Yarog's hand and hurt him enough for Prizor to break a stalagmite off the ground and toss it Yarog, which impaled him to the cavern wall as lava leaked from his wound like blood.

Then Prizor flew up to Yarog and unsheathed his sword before putting it to the side of Yarog's neck and saying "You are the first of the many that will die". Then moving the left analog stick to the left will make Prizor slice Yarog's throat as the God of Fire turns to ashes that burn themselves into embers that drift away. Then Prizor leaves the caverns and consults his map for the next location.

Mission 2: Weedkiller

Prizor followed the map's directions, eventually arriving at a huge forest. He was told to make his way to the center of the forest and find the temple hidden there. Prizor soon starts his trip into the forest and strange enough, there are no enemies. He walks around until it becomes nighttime, then he hears noises coming from remote directions in the forest. Prizor keeps walking until a pack of wolf-like creatures known as Verus attack. Prizor slays all of the Verus and finally reaches the temple. However, there is a giant Verus guarding the front door and it seems hungry. Prizor walks right up to the beast and says "Your energy is different from a normal Verus, what are you really"? The creature seemed to smile as it changed shape and became a warrior that wielded a huge battleaxe and wore titanium armor.

It was a huge, imposing, male echidna who said "I am Veros, why do you slay my Verus breathren"? Then Prizor said "It is my quest to kill all of the Gods that walk this planet". "Now it is the Goddess of Nature's turn". Then Veros said "I cannot allow that, the Goddess of Nature is my mother". Then Prizor snarled and said "Getting in my way will lead to your demise". Then Veros said "I'll be happier to die knowing that I at least tried to stop you rather than to live to see this world come undone". Then Veros took his huge battleaxe off his back and now was holding it in his hands as Prizor unsheathed his blade and said "Another fellow warrior that must die, Karma reaches out to me, even from Death".

Boss Fight: Veros, The Demigod Warrior of Nature

Veros is quite an easy fight. His axe is very slow and easily dodged, and his vine attacks deal hardly any damage to Prizor. This fight will only be as hard as you make it. Going on the offense will end this fight in less than 2 minutes and playing it safe with defense will end it in about 3 minutes at the most. The choice to kill Veros is yours since he's not a God, but killing him may be the better option. (For the sake of why you should kill him now, I won't kill him at this point so you can see why later)

After Veros is beaten to a bloody pulp, Prizor continues into the temple. Inside, Prizor is ambushed by multiple Wood Golems who he must fight to proceed. After demolishing the golems, Prizor arrives at a large inner sanctum in which grows a giant tree. He walks closer, only to hear a voice say "Are you lost child? Prizor looks around and says "Who said that"? "Show yourself"! Then the voice said "Be calm my child, I do not wish to fight". Then Prizor snarled and said "I am NOT your child". The the voice laughed as petals floated into the room and formed a spirit that turned into a physical body.

A female echidna stood, flowers growing on her body and small woodland animals gathered beside her. Then she said "I am Mother Nature herself, but the other Gods call me Uzulla". Then she smiled and said "It's not too often that I get visitors, do you need a blessing"? Then Prizor thought to himself "She's the Goddess of Nature, which means I must kill her". "But I must admit, she doesn't seem too bad compared to the other assholes I've dealt with in the past". Then Prizor comes to a realization as he starts to figure something out. "Why does she have to die"? "She looks nearly harmless" noted Prizor when he sees her playing with the animals.

However, Prizor remembers his deal and he must do so to see Gold again. Then he says out loud "Yes, I will need a blessing". Uzulla looks at him and says "You don't seem troubled, what will you need 1 for"? Then Prizor unsheathes his sword and says "Mercy for killing a truly innocent God". Then Uzulla sighs and says "A challenger"? "I get those less often then visitors". Then she grows vines with thorns on them that come out of her body as she says "You may have Mercy if you kill me, I know this wasn't your exact plan". She then gives life to the giant tree, causing it to step over her and protect her with it's life.

Boss Fight: The Guardian Tree & Uzulla, The Goddess of Nature

This fight isn't too hard. The tree can be annoying since it blocks attacks for Uzulla, but it usually isn't that much of a problem. The first step in this fight is to damage the tree enough until it can't protect her as much. Then you can deal some damage to Uzulla herself. When the tree is nearly dead, you'll be able to finish it off with a QTE. In that QTE, Prizor slices off some of it's bark before jabbing the sacred wood through Uzulla's chest and then slicing the tree clean in half before turning to the injured Uzulla to finish the fight.

This starts phase 2, where Uzulla is weakened but still capable of dealing high damage if she connects. The best bet here is to dodge her attacks and then strike back while she's recovering from the strain. After depleting her HP, it's time to finish off the Goddess of Nature with a QTE. In the QTE, Prizor impales the hurt Goddess of Nature in her chest and says "You are the 2nd death I will ever regret". He then breaks her neck and a light glows from her body as petals begin bursting out everywhere and Prizor backs up a bit as explosions of petals begin flying out and blasting the walls and ceiling of the temple.

Then all of the nature in the area begins to die, trees crumble and animals begin to get sick. Prizor glanced at the dying area and walked away before consulting his map for his next goal.

Mission 3: An Icy Reception

Prizor arrives at the glaciers, where his map told him to go in order to find the next God on his list. Prizor must trek his way across the frozen land and reach a palace that is home to the Ice God, Jimear. Prizor begins his trip with battles against bear-like creatures called Shoas. Upon reaching the palace, Prizor encounters 2 giant locked doors and a gigantic horned beast known as a Behemoth.

Boss Fight: Ice Behemoth (Snowbinder)

Prizor battles the Behemoth and eventually overpowers it before stunning it with a QTE. In that QTE, Prizor stabs the beast in it's left hind leg and then climbs up the beast by stabbing his blade into it and climbing each time.Once Prizor is on it's back, the Behemoth goes crazy. It tries to throw Prizor off, but Prizor hangs on and then throws his chain whips around it's mouth and steers it into the palace, where it crashes in through the huge doors and falls to the ground.

Prizor leaps off as the beast regains it's footing and roars at him. Then Prizor battles the beast for a bit longer, until the finishing QTE is triggered. During which, Prizor slices the Behemoth's front right leg off and then throws his chains around it's horns. Then you must mash buttons to pull the Behemoth's head down before Prizor dashes forward and, with a simple press of the A/X button, will slice the creature's head clean off!

Then Prizor walks further into the palace, until he enters a room with icesickles on the ground and ceiling. The walls, ceiling, and floor were all covered in ice. The chill in the room was enough to make even Prizor shake as he walked in. Prizor then heard a voice that said "My dear Snowbinder lies dead"? "Such a shame". "I raised it since it was a pup myself". Then ice collected in the center of the room and formed a jagged spiral that had energy drifting around it. Then Prizor glared at the ice and said "Come out of hiding Ice God". Then razor-sharp ice shards flew towards Prizor, who put his arms out in defense.

The shards cut into his skin as the ice in the center of the room glowed. Then a face appeared on the ice and said "A Mortal has entered my palace, speak your business now". Then Prizor snarled and said "Ice God, your end is at hand"! Then Prizor unsheathed his sword and the face said "You dare to challenge me"? "I will show no mercy Mortal". Then the face disappeared from the ice and reappeared on the left wall, that was covered in ice, before saying "You will feel the chill of death".

Boss Fight: Jimear, The God of Ice

Phase 1

The way this phase plays out is that Jimear moves from wall to wall across the room, but is only vulnerable when he's in the crystal in the center of the room. You'll have to dodge his ice shards and ice blasts as well if you want to survive. Now, the fight also has a time limit due to how cold the room is, so don't play around and smack Jimear whenever there's a chance to do so.

Now, to make it a bit easier, Prizor can crack the ice on the walls and even break it off. While you can do that for all 4 walls, which would effectively force Jimear into the crystal, the ice will return over time. Just keep in mind that Prizor will be moving on everyone's favorite physics, ICE PHYSICS! Once you damage Jimear enough, the crystal shatters, leaving Jimear to fend for himself.

Phase 2

This phase starts with Jimear summoning his icy trident and saying to Prizor "You said you'll bring the fire and fury of Hell, right"? Then Jimear equipped icy armor with spikes protruding from multiple directions and said "Then I guess Hell is going to be frozen over"!

The time limit is gone, the ice on walls, floor, and ceiling are melting, Jimear is focusing all of his remaining power into this 1 on 1 fight. Jimear is powerful with his swipes from his trident, but pretty slow too. Dodge his attacks and then strike back. Keep that up until he gets tired, then unload on him until he gets pissed off and swings his trident like a madman.

With that, Jimear is finished. Approach him as he kneels from fatigue and trigger the QTE to finish off the God of Ice. In the QTE, Prizor will slice Jimear across the chest, shattering his ice armor. Then Prizor will swing his sword at Jimear again, but Jimear blocks it with his trident and another QTE is triggered. Just mash buttons to overpower Jimear and shatter his trident. Then Prizor slices Jimear's chest open, and water flows out and soon turns to ice. Then Prizor rips the ice from the ground before jabbing it into Jimear's left eye. Then Prizor punches a hole in Jimear's chest before saying "It's been ice to meet you".

Then the ice freezes Prizor's hand inside Jimear's body! Then Jimear says "You aren't going anywhere". Then Jimear began to crystallize as he became an ice sculpture. Before he was fully crystallized, Jimear said "You willl stay here for Eternity, in permafrost". Then Prizor snarled as the ice began to freeze him, but he wouldn't be contained. Prizor's hellfire erupted from his frozen hand, he melted the entire ice palace in the inferno he created before walking away.

Prizor returned to the ruins and said "The first 3 are dead". Then the spirit waved it's hand and the map glowed, revealing the location of the next 3 Gods and Goddesses. Then the spirit said "This is only the beginning, you still have many more deities to track down and destroy". Then Prizor left, continuing his path of destruction.

After Prizor left, the spirit said to itself "Such mindless brutality, I've never seen a Mortal covered in so much darkness as that one". "Not since the Deathbringer himself made the pilgrimage to Moebius all those years ago". Then the spirit seemed to be in deep thought as it said "But that was millenia ago, it couldn't possibly be him in a younger form, could it"?

End of Chapter 1...

"How is the progress going"? said a voice. "I'm working on it, but it's been slow since there's hardly anyone to help me". said another voice. Then a third voice said "Please find a way, you know we'll need a plan". Then the first voice said "I'm working as fast as I can, I just need to work out the kinks". "We'll be fine".

Chapter 2: The Next Batch of Victims

Mission 1: Lie Detection

(I'll work on this later)

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