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Controls & Platforms

Sonic Smash Bros 2 comes in 3 platforms, this sacred trinity being the Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U. (Why didn't I use tge Switch you ask? Because I'm a rebel. Be glad I didn't make it the PS3 and Xbox 360 rather than the 1 and the PS4)

Now for the actual controls, I'll explain them in detail.

Xbox One/PS4

Left Analog Stick- Character Movement

Right Analog Stick- Not used

A/X- Jump/Double Jump

B/O- Special Attacks

X/Square- Normal Attacks

Y/Triangle- Final Smash/Ultimate Smash (Not used otherwise)

LT/RT/L2/R2- Shield/Dodge/Sidestep

LB/RB/L1/R1- Grab

L3/R3- Not used

Digital Pad- Taunts

Wii U

Same as Smash 4 for Wii U.

Playable Modes

Single Player

Classic- A 20 Stage contest done against opponents and some mini-games too.

Adventure- A rather large contest that takes place through multiple stages with varying opponents.

All-Star- A single character or a pair of players with 2 take on the entire roster!

Events- Special criteria fights! These come in 1 Player and Multi-Player variants!

Training- Use this mode to learn new fighters, or gain a better understanding of 1 you normally use.

Stadium- Various extra modes to show off your skill in! Like beating up an innocent sandbag or the slightly evil wire-frames!


Versus- The standard battle, choose either Time, Stock, or Coin, choose a character, set CPUs, and then beat the Hell out of everything that isn't on your side!

Special Versus- Want some extra mayhem? Step into this mode and check out the crazy possibilities!

Tournaments- Have a house full of family and friends who wanna play? Everyone can get a turn in these since they go up to 256 entrants! (If you need more than that, buy 2 of this game and split it half and half)


Trophies- These look like mere trinkets, and they are. But there's a certain feeling of happiness when you know you've collected all of them! (Note: This is my (un)official gag reel, the trophies will have my thoughts on the character as well as details on their strengths and weaknesses in this game)

Character Bios- Read these to learn about the said character, some are funny, some are sad, and some are just awesome! Only finding them all will let you know which list you made :P

Shop- Use your coins you earn in matches here to buy stuff! Characters, Stages, Options, Extras, and even DLC are all here!


Audio- What's that? You can't hear me? Try adjusting these.

Brightness- Turn this up to see better, unless you're a vampire that is...

Screen Movement- Can't see everything? Seeing too much? Let's fix that!

3:16/Widescreen- Pick 1 and commit to it, adapting to the change after a while SUCKS.

Rules- In case you just want to set your default rules to save time, come here.

Data Manager

Save- Save the game

Load- Load a game

Copy- Copy a save from 1 memory unit to another

Delete- Delete your current game progress (Caution: Once done, it can't be undone)

Move- Move your data from 1 memory unit to another

Battle Screen

Upon entering battle, every participant will have a portrait on the bottom of the screen along with a damage counter and their number of lives. However, a new addition to this game is a meter below each portrait called the Smash Meter. It fills up by dealing damage and by taking damage and gives benefits as it fills. Normally, the bar is blue. But it fills up with yellow. After reaching Yellow Level, the damage dealt by the character increases.

After Yellow Level, it will enter Orange Level. Which increases the character's defense in addition to the power increase. Then, Orange Level will reach Red Level. In Red Level, the character will gain speed and be able to deal even more damage. And finally, Red Level reaches Black Level. Black Level doesn't provide a buff to the character, but it does allow the character to use their Ultimate Smash upon getting the Smash Ball.

Just for simple reference:

Final Smash < Ultimate Smash


Starting Characters

(Note: The emojis next to the character's name is their symbol)

Ty The Hedgehog (πŸ—‘)

NB- Soldier's Salute

SB- Demonic Chariot

UB- Sword Toss

DB- Gigaflash

FS- Final Shine

US- Death's Scythe

Dawn The Hellspawned Hedgehog (πŸ”₯)

NB- Wrist Launcher

SB- Pyro Whiplash

UB- Whirlwind

DB- Umbra Bolt

FS- Mana Storm

US- Inner Demon

Squall The Hedgehog (🐲)

NB- Bow Of Heroes

SB- Fire Breath

UB- Grappling Hook

DB- Spin Attack

FS- Storm Call

US- Dragon Aspect

Xia The Hedgehog (🍫)

NB- Incinerate

SB- Aqua Edge

UB- Float

DB- Gaia Crusher

FS- Meteor

US- Big Bang

Johnny The Hedgehog (πŸ•·)

NB- Ash Shuriken

SB- Ash Spear

UB- Ash Cloud

DB- Poison Knife

FS- Ash Tsunami

US- Ash Coffin

Angel The Angelic Hedgehog (πŸ˜‡)

NB- Photon

SB- Lightning Thrust

UB- Rising Angel

DB- Clean Sweep

FS- Holy

US- Angel Of Death

Legna The Fallen Angel Hedgehog (πŸ–€)

NB- Power Swipe

SB- Ray Of Darkness

UB- Falling Angel

DB- Dark Shield

FS- Halberdier's Wrath

US- Legna's Thgil

Vanguard The Hedgehog (πŸ’‘)

NB- Cannonball

SB- Missile

UB- Flight Mode

DB- Nuclear Charge

FS- Infinity Laser

US- Heaven's Gate

Gabranth The Hedgehog (πŸ’€)

NB- Shadow Ball

SB- Shadow Beam

UB- Twin Demon Fang

DB- Dark Miasma

FS- Incarnation Of Darkness

US- Final Eclipse

Zezko The Hedgehog (😈)

NB- Flare

SB- Demonic Palm

UB- Hell's Hand

DB- Fiery Kick

FS- Pentagram Slash

US- Inferno Divider

Eden The Hedgehog (🌎)

NB- Spike Slingshot

SB- Stalagmite

UB- Rocky Road

DB- Tremor

FS- Boulder Toss

US- Negative Radius

Maximus The Hedgehog (πŸ’Ž)

NB- Shard Blast

SB- Crystal Smash

UB- Crystal Lift

DB- Electric Crystal

FS- Giga Crystal

US- Crystal Prison

Kara The Hedgehog (🌈)

NB- Razor Kick

SB- Ice Block

UB- Somersault Kick

DB- Ark Lightning

FS- Inferno Spin

US- Omni-Blast

Ashura The Mecha-Hedgehog (β˜”)

NB- Thunder Blast

SB- Ruination Punch

UB- Teleport

DB- Clone Charge

FS- Windmill Of Shadows

US- Clone Cyclone

Rudy The Hedgehog (πŸ”«)

NB- Napalm Shot

SB- Grenade Launcher

UB- Jetpack

DB- Scatter Shot

FS- Sniper Shot

US- Nova Shot

Ion The Hedgehog (CG Reboot) (πŸš€)

NB- Nexus Slate Beam

SB- Nucleic Burst (Can Be Charged)

UB- Warp

DB- Nexo Slam

FS- Nitrous Blast

US- Nitro Finish

Ion The Hedgehog (Genesis) (πŸš€)

(Note: Genesis Ion is on the same spot as CGR Ion, just toggle the costumes)

NB- Nitro Spear

SB- Nitro Heat

UB- Warp

DB- Nitro Spin

FS- Nitro Airstrike

US- Nitro Flash Bomb

Magnus The Hedgehog (🎸)

NB- Icy Spear

SB- Guitar-A-Rang

UB- Ice Slide

DB- Ice Wall

FS- Note Barrage

US- Ice Age

Unlockable Characters

Ricky The Demonic Hedgehog (πŸŒ™)

NB- Double Arrow

SB- Soul Breaker

UB- Demonic Pursuit

DB- Fire Cloak

FS- Stave of the Inferno

US- My Other Half

NPC/Boss Characters



Starting Stages


Unlockable Stages



Character Trophies


Stage Trophies


Final Smash Trophies


Other Trophies


Character Bios

Starters & Unlockables


NPC & Bosses


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