The EC Foundation (The Environmental Conservation Foundation), an organization that housed unordinary and dangerous creatures, hybrids, and unnatural objects, has finally decided to call it quits, and ultimately erase the organization of its work, destroying all evidence, including the subjects and facilities. However, one of these facilities, ultimately owned by Dr. Louis Marvack, seemed to be in a hurry, as he forgot to close away his own facility. In only a few days, however, a store opened up, building itself unknowingly above the facility.

Just in 5 weeks after its construction, the store sent out a distressful message, by mail, to the professor asking him to come back. The postal service did find the address of the professor in a short amount of time, but however, found that someone else has now taken over the property. It seemed that the professor had suddenly vanished without a trace, so what would be the most obvious thing that a dummy would do? Nail the message onto a pole near town and hope that the man himself will hopefully see it.

However, it seems the man took no interest in the message. Instead, it seems that your character took an interest on the topic. Now, you start off, not knowing of the horrors that you'll encounter, and the secret behind the message which will send you into a situation where your situation can change based on how you cooperate with others...


  • You may swear in the roleplay. However, swearing like a maniac will have you banned from the story.
  • No inappropriate actions towards others.
  • This story is in a horror category, meaning your characters cannot use much of their powers, as then the story will get dull and boring. And I don't want that at all. >:
  • No godmodding or powerplaying. These are my most important rules.
  • You cannot control another character's action.
  • You cannot just randomly come out of nowhere and join the party. Host up your own introduction in the story.


  • Noahc2015

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