Io Iapetus is a character created by Lunari64 on 9/13/16.

I. Iapetus (10.27.16)


Io is a short, small girl, with long pepper-black hair and light olive skin. Her hair is very coarse and unruly, falling over her shoulders and sometimes getting in her face.Her eyes are heterochromic, one eye light blue and one eye stormy grey.

Her typical attire is a plain, somewhat weathered orange shirt, and a long, droopy black skirt. Her shirt is a simple short sleeved tunic, with a v neck and a couple ripped hems. Her skirt is a fair length past her knees, pleated slightly at the top and drooping at the bottom. She has small brown fingerless half-gloves, and a handmade wooden staff.

Io's staff is made from a crooked, whittled oak branch. Around the top, the staff is wrapped with black string, with a charm hanging off of the bottom. The charm contains a small Ether Crystal, a very rare blue-violet gem.


Due to her multisouled nature, Io has two conflicting personalities. When her two spirits work together, Io comes off as a quiet and wise lady. She is not wound too tight, but makes sure everything gets done. Io is extremely pacifistic, and likes to resolve things without any violence or agrression, as she believes that violence leads to hatred and chaos.


Airion, one of the spirits that makes up Io, is a busybody. She is quite confident in her knowledge and judgement.


Celeste, the other spirit, is relaxed and quirky. She is far more social than Airion. However, Celeste has a somewhat short temper.


Prelude: Airion

Airion originally worked under her leader, Lady Tempest. She was a healer spirit, and spent much of her time studying the flow of ether energy through their forest home.

Prelude: Celeste

Celeste was a warrior spirit, and a leader for the Magic Spirit's small battalion. This group was responsible for keeping out any unwanted guests.

Coming Together

Lost Souls

Preserving Balance