A member of the Fanon Gang, Jadyn Bass.


In her younger days, Jadyn was more of an outspoken and outgoing child. Nowadays, it's a wonder how she even has friends and is part of the gang in New RCHS.

Personal Life

Jadyn mostly keeps to herself about many things, what kind of boys she likes or what kind of clubs she partakes in. In the streets of River City, with her friends, she's usually stonefaced and withdrawn.




Jadyn wasn't always so introverted, in fact in her younger days, she was often bold and talked a lot of trash. Nowadays, she only speaks when needed to, and even then in rare moments she appears to be quite hammy. Hates the Jocks and the Nerds.


A Junior at RCHS, age 16, Jadyn's outfit generally consists of:

  • Various hairclips and a red hairband
  • Long sleeved sweaters, typically black/indigo striped. May feature musical note shaped buttons.
  • Light Blue skirt/brown stockings
  • Black dress shoes, quite shiny.

Jadyn is of hispanic descent and has long black hair. Generally she is seen with a stoic look, but rarely she flashes a large grin.

Fighting Style: Nameless

Jadyn's fighting style doesn't really have a name, it's mostly just improvising.


  • Misery Lane - Running up to her target, she clotheslines them at the last second.
  • Business Drop - Running up to her target, she flat out dropkicks them.
  • Panic Slam - A counter move where she looks like she's about to panic, but instead grabs the target and slams them into her knee
  • King's Twirl - Grabbing her target from behind, Jadyn will lift them and begin to spin while holding them, all before tossing them in some direction. 
  • Bass Bomber - Grabbing her target from the front, she shoves them away with a hip check.
  • Celtic Jig - On a downed opponent, Jadyn will proceed to tap dance on them.
  • Ichor Sweep - A Chargeable attack that quite literally sweeps her targets off of the ground and straight into the air.


So a character needs a theme right? Here is what Jadyn's is:

Misery Business03:32

Misery Business

The theme associated with Jadyn


  • By all means Jadyn could be considered a goth
  • Her favorite food is Beef Jerky
  • Her Birthstone is Quartz
  • What exactly is the cause for her stoicism stems from an unknown incident.
  • She is afraid of drowning.

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