The "Main Protagonist" of Universe 88, Jino.

Unlike most of his race, he was a survivor. An Unknowing one for a while.


Jino was but a very young child when the planet met its end. Barely a few months old. He barely knew his parents, let alone knew much about anything else. He'd been given to a widow and her daughter to escape the planet. From there when they reached earth, he somehow became separated from the widowed mother and daughter.

Personal Life

18 years later, he's grown up alone and gotten by just street acts alone. Enough money to have food and clothing, but not enough to consistently live in an apartment. However things have begun to look up for him.

Currently, he is 27 years old, married, and a father of one.


To note, the adventures listed will be explained in brief... Very Much So Briefly if possible.

Cyro Saga-

The first main adventure. Jino's life was fairly normal at this point, he'd lived a life thinking he was a normal human being, met a girl by the name of Potata, whom he considered attractive, and so on and so forth. Even meeting an individual named Thunder... But then things stopped being normal when a Saiyan Warrior decided to invade. A fight happens, and most of the combatants are injured except for Jino. Who proceeds to take them all to a hospital. Later that night, all of them were abducted and forced to partake in an intergalactic television show where the stakes are very high. Over the course of their stay, there was a lot of infighting, a lot of angsting, and quite frankly a lot of tension. The team gained two majins, Lunari and Bluuberri, and an odd fellow, Riven. However while there were these negatives, Jino tried to be the level headed one of the team... But even he had his limits. Said limits came to a boiling point at the end.

In the end, the mad tyrant running the show, Lord Cyro, forced Jino and his newfound lover, Potata, to face off with the resident bad boy of the team, Zaveis. To make matters worse, Cyro threw in a curveball and forced Potata to transform into a fearsome Oozaru. Jino could not fight, he wouldn't. Zaveis on the other hand, decided to help him out atleast once. However his efforts were in vain as cutting off her tail did not reverse the transformation. Despair was setting in for our hero. The artificial moon was also destroyed, but for that the reward was Potata's death. Thus, despair turned to rage, on top of all the other things that had been bottled up since arriving on the show. Very little was keeping Jino from snapping, but indeed he snapped. To his surprise and many others', he transformed as well, into a Super Saiyan.

Thus the stage was set for the final battle. Super Saiyan versus Mad Tyrant. A battle that was like a raging wildfire.The planet was set to destruct, there were many things at stake. Lives, wishes from seven magical orbs known as the Dragon Balls, just to name the most important things.

In the end however, Jino was the victor. He and his companions barely escaped.

Ribbons and Dragons

Sometime later, after the events of the Cyro Saga, our heroes returned to earth. For a few of them, this was their new home. What basically happened during this story arc was:

  • Jino and Zaveis team up to hunt dragon balls
  • The Ribbon Army is introduced
  • Potata trains in the otherworld with King Kai and meets Jino's parents
  • Jino meets Potata's mother and family, learning more about his origins as a Saiyan
  • Angst from the Majins Lunari and Bluuberri and Wolf-Saiyan Thunder.
  • Majin Jupiter, is inadvertently created from a stray piece of Majin Lunari.
  • Saturn Family is introduced
  • Potata is resurrected
  • Potata and Zaveis become super saiyans in a heated clash over a stolen wish
  • Jino and Potata get married and have a child, Hiro.
  • Time Skip!

Tournament Intergalactic

9 years have passed. Everyone meets up once again to catch up on old times. However things are interrupted when aliens arrive to recruit them for an intergalactic tournament. Both children and adults in their own leagues and nothing shady whatsoever.

This Story Arc was left unfinished, thus meaning no true conclusion. It's possible that the tournament went without any problems. It's also very possible Jino could've been the victor, but nobody truly knows.


Jino takes after both of his parents in the regard that he's a kind soul yet a fierce fighter.

Unlike his parents, however, he is also a bit of a nerd when it comes to pop culture.


Jino is pretty tall and very fit all things considered, coming in at 6'5"(195 cm). Spiky black hair, if short. His attire consists of:

  • An unzipped Navy Blue hoodie that looks a bit beaten up,
  • White t-shirt
  • Red/White Wristbands, checkered
  • A rather comfortable Dark Blue(bordering black) colored pair of jogging pants
  • Flat bottom shoes, grey.

Forms and Abilities


  • Base Form - The standard form, nothing too special.
  • Super Saiyan - The Golden Legend, attained through pure unbridled rage. Much stronger than the base form.


  • Ki Sense - The ability to sense energy of any type.
  • Ki Manipulation - The Ability to manipulate Ki energy.
  • Flight - The ability to fly.

Special Techniques

  • Tatsunamical Rush - a spinning flurry of kicks that hit in rapid succession. Hitting upwards of Five Times.
  • Ki Burst - Ki Blasts fired in rapid succession and followed by Jino teleporting behind the target and dropkicking them into each blast.
  • Posing Bluff - Simply, he strikes a pose as a means of taunting and distracting his target. While doing this, he sends a wave of ki through the ground to explode underneath the target.
  • Heat of the Moment - A rather simple, yet effective 10 hit combo string. Starting with a knee thrust to the opponent's face, followed up by various punches, kicks, capping off with a dropkick into throwing the target into the ground. Potentially could be followed up with an energy beam to the face.
  • Ultra Secret Very Special Do Or Die Technique - A last resort in case of emergencies. In the event that all other options are either unavailable, unusable, or even frankly used up, Jino will make great use of his legs. Namely by doing a 180 and Running. Running away very fast. Usually started by making a rather large bluff.

Ultimate Technique(s)

  • Shining Justice - It starts off fairly simple, Jino rushes in to deal as much damage as he can, then smashing the target into the ground hard enough for them to bounce, to which he continues with a ki infused grab at the target's face. However then he transforms and finishes the attack by releasing the ki stored in his hand. Releasing it as an Extremely powerful and destructive wave of energy. Putting all of his energy into it in order to make sure the target stays down.


  • Jino's favorite meat is bacon, second to that is a medium well cooked ribeye steak with cinnamon.
  • He is the first one to become a Super Saiyan in U88. His mother had the potential for it, but died before being able to reach said potential.
  • Jino is very laid back and honest, often encouraging of his friends. Also tends to put a lot of responsibilities on himself.
  • Birth Stone is Ruby.
  • He often makes references to various pop culture and media. One such instance was striking a pose done by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Protagonist, Jonathan Joestar.

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