Lassy the Hedgehog is a character created by Lunari64 on 6/26/16.




Lassy is kind've a ditz, and a bit erratic. Lassy is very cheery and very friendly, being very quirky and kind.


(Might rephrase some of this later)

Lassy's father worked at a laboratory. When he brought her one day to show her around, a shady figure managed to fool her and lead her away, to show her some of the chemicals her father was working with. He then shoved her into a large container of one of the gels, in an attempt to kill her. The gel altered her young, adaptable physiology, maling most of her body into a rubber- like substance. She liquefied into the gel, unintentionally, making the killer think his job was done. Once he was gone, Lassy reformed, and struggled her way out of the vat, and landed on the floor, weak. Friendlier scientists found her, and led her back to her father, to show him that his daughter was alright. After that, they ran some quick tests on her, to make sure her new physiology was stable, before letting her return home. Her mother was fuming because he was so careless, and the two divorced. Her mother kept her, and took care of her.


As a result of her exposure to the gel, Lassy has a rubber-like physiology. This allows her to bend her body in any way imaginable without hurting her. She can also stretch her limbs outward short distances thanks to these new qualities.

Lassy also has the ability to liquefy into gel, negating physical damage.


  • Her name is intended to be a pun on "elastic."