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Pyro- Fire

Cryo- Ice

Electro- Electricity

Hydro- Water

Geo- Earth

Aero- Wind

Photo- Holy-based elements

Erebo- Dark-based elements

Acido- Acid

Antio- Antimatter

Seleno- Moonlight

Helio- Sunlight

Astro- Stars

Atmo- Weather

Atomo- Atoms

Bio- Life/Creation

Chrono- Time

Tricho- Hair

Dendro- Wood

Ergo- Energy

Ferro- Metal

Antho- Plants

Frigo- Snow

Gyro- Gravity

Haemo- Blood

Hyalo- Glass

Plasmo- Plasma

Inferno- Hellfire

Pilo- Clay

Melano- Ink

Necro- Death

Osteo- Bones

Oxygono- Oxygen

Aerio- Gases

Biblio- Books

Chromo- Colors

Cupro- Copper

Papyro- Paper

Phobo- Fears/Phobias

Anemo- Spiritual Energy

Skepto- Thoughts

Crystallo- Crystals

Radio- Radiation

Argento- Silver

Agapio- Love

Arthro- Joints

Astrallo- Astral Energy

Cosmo- Cosmic Energy

Sono- Soundwaves

Auro- Gold

Dermo- Skin

Magneto- Magnetism

Choro- Space

Iono- Ions

Ammo- Sand

Melio- Ash

Flyro- Forcefields

Geno- DNA

Saccharo- Sugar

Halo- Salt

Phantasmo- Illusions

Toxo- Poison

Electromagneto- Electro Magnetism

Typho- Smoke

Aggresio- Anger

Alco- Alcohol

Ferro- Iron

Conio- Dust

Logico- Logic

Megetho- Size

Noso- Disease

Nepho- Clouds

Oleo- Oil

Oneiro- Dreams

Physio- Physics

Aglio- Pain

Dato- Data (text, fonts, etc)

Pulso- Pulses

Seismo- Vibrations

Musico- Music

Cathrefto- Mirrors

Entomo- Insects

Lycopho- Twilight

Ourano- The Sky

Esso- Reality

Quanto- Quantum Energy

Chthonio- Nether/Demonic Energy

Tropho- Food

Thermo- Heat

Carbo- Carbon

Draco- Draconic Energy

Morpho- Shape

Myco- Fungi

Ilichio- Age

Closto- Thread

Hygro- Vapor

Mento- Mental Energy

Arithmeto- Mathematics

Nano- Nanites

Panio- Cloth

Plumbo- Lead

Mnemo- Memories

Piezo- Pressure

Nycho- Fingernails

Physallido- Bubbles

Stanno- Tin

Palyno- Pollen

Palleto- Paint

Trivo- Friction

Zoo- Animals

Techno- Technology

Patho- Emotions

Geothermo- Lava/Magma

Marioneto- Puppets

Hypno- Sleep

Nebulo - Nebulas

Psychro - Cold

Hygeio - Health

Tecto - Techtonic Plates

Picno - Density

Automo - Vehicles

Aichmo- Sharpness

Thanato - Death Force (death energy)

Achyro - Nothingness/Void

Cyberno - Cyberspace

Myso- Filth/Trash

Corro- Corruption

Gnosio- Knowledge

Anthraco- Coal

Elemento - Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Ice, Lightning, Light, and Dark

Panto - Everything

Joke Kinetics

Fuckino - One Finger Death Poke

Memaito - Memes

Dankeeno- Dankness

Bulleto- Guns

Weedro- Weed

Profano- Curse Words

Majono- Everything that is MLG

CAHomo- Cards Against Humanity

Sodiuno- Salt

Puddino- Pudding

Triopersona- 3rd Person Perspective

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