There are plenty of schools of magic, there are more than 30 in total that I know of.

However, some fall into bigger categories as well.

This page has 2 purposes, the first is to list as many magics as possible.

The second is to place those magics into categories to make it easier to distinguish between the spells.

(Note: The 7 following schools are called the Magic 7 for short)

The Magic 7

White Magic

White Magic is magic focused on the healing of others injuries and ailments.

(NOTE: Definitions for each part of a school are coming later, most are self-explanatory anyway)

Healing Magic

Curing Magic

Black Magic

Black Magic is magic focused on dealing damage with the elemental energies of the world.

Fire Magic (Pyromancy)

Water Magic (Hydromancy)

Wind Magic (Aeromancy)

Earth Magic (Geomancy)

Ice Magic (Cryomancy)

Lightning Magic (Electromancy)

Holy/Light Magic (Photomancy)

Dark/Shadow Magic (Umbramancy)

Sun Magic (Solmancy/Heliomancy)

Moon Magic (Lunamancy)

Star Magic (Astromancy)

Wood Magic (Dendromancy)

Metal Magic (Ferromancy)

Sound Magic (Sonomancy)

(That's all I care to add, there's no point to any others I could think of)

Green Magic

Green Magic is magic focused on using status ailments to assist your friends and handicap your foes.

Enhancement Magic

Handicap Magic

Size Magic (Megethomancy)

Blue Magic

Blue Magic is magic that is learned from other casters. These are typically copied from enemies to gain unique abilities that you can't gain otherwise.

Copied Magic

Arcane Magic

Arcane Magic is magic that is considered dangerous, sanity-depriving, and even taboo. These spells are the "forbidden magic" that live in the lore of magic's history.


Gravity Magic (Gyromancy)

Blood Magic (Haemomancy)

Radiation Magic (Radiomancy)

Dream Magic (Oneiromancy)

Summoning Magic

Summoning Magic is magic that focuses on the summoning of various entities like weapons, armor, or creatures.

Conjuration Magic

Illusion Magic

High Summoning Magic

Special Magic (AKA Unique Schools)

Special Magic is a magic school that was either developed by a particular user of magic or exists solely in a separate world apart from Mobius. These schools range in usefulness, as the creator of the school determines how powerful it becomes.

Divine Magic (Created by Xia)

Deep Soul Magic (Not created by Mastema, but only found in his world)

Crystal Magic (Created by Maximus, the only known user)

Twilight Magic (Created by Twilos, used only by him and Jupiter)

Void Magic (Unknown Creator, used by Moros only) (To my knowledge anyway)

(Feel free to add any new schools another character uses here)

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