Lunari is a tall, light-blue colored echidna, with long dreadlocks and dark blue eyes. She can easily be identified by the long, asymmetrical, jagged-edged white marking on her face, going from her left eye down her cheek. She usually wears a knee-length, navy blue, long-sleeved dress embroidered with white tribal patterns on the bottom, along with black leggings, black flats, and white gloves.


Lunari is a very caring and sweet girl, almost childlike in how cheery she is. She tries to be helpful at all times, even when people don't need her help. She can be a bit shy, especially when she explains her powers, but usually gets over it quickly.


Lunari lived in a small village since she was a child. Her parents were very traditional, and decided to have Lunari participate in one of the tribe's rituals at the age of 13.

The ritual was a process to give powers based on a person's personality traits. Since Lunari was so eager to help others, the ritual gave her the ability to reach those in need and help them. This was done by giving her the ability of astral projection, and separate powers as a spirit.

Lunari took her time to adjust to these powers, fine tuning them and practicing with them. When she came of age, she went adventuring, simply enjoying life. During her journeys, she used her powers to help others.


After undergoing her ritual, she gained the ability to separate her own spirit from her body. As a spirit, she looks like a transparent version of herself, with a faint glow. In this form, she can "join" with another person. This person can hear her voice inside their head, and their attacks will gain power, each attack glowing with spiritual energy.


  • When using her astral projection abilities, her body is left behind and vulnerable.
  • As a spirit, Lunari is weak to Chaos and Dark energies, as well as many varieties of Ether and Magic.
  • Lunari has next to no battle experience, and can't defend herself in a 1 on 1 fight.

Theme Songs

Chapter 18 That Town Three Years Later (Dog) - Kid Icarus Uprising Music Extended

Chapter 18 That Town Three Years Later (Dog) - Kid Icarus Uprising Music Extended

Lunari's main theme.


13. Boss Battle (Superstar Saga Orchestrated)

Lunari's battle theme.


  • Lunari's name was originally intended to be Luna. However, when the author (Lunari64) noticed that there were already a few characters with the same name, she changed the name to Lunari.
  • Lunari, like her creator, is left-handed.