Today we have, 2 glitches that exist in reality itself!

!Xav, the Multiversal Virus!

and Glitrix, the Reality-Warping Asshole Glitcher of Reality!

Which of these 2 "glitches" will walk away as the winner?

I guess there's only 1 way to find out!


Personal Information

Full Name- !Xav The Multiversal Virus

Age- Unknown (Best Est. is 19-24)

Height- 5'6

Weight- Unknown (Best Est. is 130-160 pounds)

D.O.B- Unknown Creation Date

Father- N/A

Mother- N/A

Menace of the Multiverse


Negative Energy Manipulation (Negative Energy attacks, which drain power from anything it touches and can be used without darkness being present)

Self-Particle Manipulation (Allows !Xav to manipulate his own particles, allowing him to split his body into pieces to avoid attacks and to attack foes from multiple angles at once)

Reality Warping (!Xav uses this to change the landscape around him. It also allows him to travel through solid matter, although it is stated to take a huge amount of energy to do so)

Particle Regeneration (!Xav has the ability to attach any limbs he loses and such, he also can regenerate from any wound that doesn't destroy every particle in his body)

Software Work (His supernatural eye can give him control of software, like hacking security or disabling defenses)

Overall, !Xav is hard to put down for good due to his ability to return from any wound outside of complete vaporization, can change reality to assist himself, can use negative energy to deal high damage to foes, and can shape his own body into a weapon.

(Dio's Virus Scale Level: 9.6/10)

<inserts a scene where !Xav exits from a computer inside of an electronics store and scares the shit out of everyone nearby>


Personal Information

Full Name- Glitrix The Hedgehog

Age- Unknown (Best Est. is 16-21)

Height- Unknown (Best Est. is 3'7 to 4'7)

Weight- Unknown (Best Est. is 88 to 120 pounds)

D.O.B- Unknown

Father- Unknown (Presumed to be artificial)

Mother- Unknown (Presumed to be artificial)

A Glitch In The Matrix (According to his 1 piece of Trivia anyway)


Reality Warping (Glitrix's only known power, he can warp reality to do things like give himself new powers, control the minds of others, destroy planets with a snap of is fingers, travel through dimensions, and rip the fabrics of both Time and Space)

Overall, Glitrix is an enigma. There isn't too much info known about him other than his name, color, and ability to warp reality. However, even with the little bit of info that is known, Glitrix is a powerful opponent and is nearly impossible to defeat.

(Dio's Reality-Warping Scale Level: 8.7/10)

<inserts a scene where Glitrix warps reality into his own image and laughs>

The Fight

Location:The City Time: 3:00 PM

!Xav was enjoying his time inside of a computer that was inside an electronics store. He traveled the computer and did as he pleased. However, the outside world was in great peril. Glitrix was attacking the city and one of his blasts hit the computer that !Xav was residing in. !Xav left the computer as it exploded and scared the Hell outta the customers in the store as Glitrix looked over at him and said "Hmm"? "Who the Hell are you"? Then !Xav glared at Glitrix and said "I was living quite peacefully in my home, and you just had to destroy it". Then he blasted !Xav with a laser of negative energy and knocked him outside as he then turned into particles and floated out the open window and reformed a few feet away from Glitrix.

Then Glitrix turned and looked at him before saying "You'll pay for that asshole". Then Glitrix got ready to fight as !Xav created a blade made of negative energy and said "I want to see you try". Then Glitrix summoned a blade of his own and snarled before saying "I'll destroy you in 10 minutes tops". Then !Xav laughed and became serious as he said "I'll only need 5 to send you to Hell". Then they prepared to face off!




!Xav slashed Glitrix, who blocked it and kicked !Xav backwards before saying "Ha, not so fast huh"? Then Glitrix gave himself the power of electrokinesis and fired a bolt at !Xav, who dodged it and sent his arm with the blade traveling away from his body towards Glitrix, which stabbed him in his chest and then pulled itself back out and his arm re-connected to !Xav as he said "Like to talk trash, huh"? Then Glitrix snarled and blasted more bolts at !Xav, who dodged them all and then blasted Glitrix with a negative laser and did some serious damage to him.

Glitrix then said "What kind of shit are you hitting me with"? Then Glitrix stood up and growled before sending slashes through space at !Xav. !Xav got hit on his left arm and stumbled before regaining his balance and then dashing forward and slashing Glitrix into the air and then shifting up in particles to slash him back down. Then !Xav shifted back to the ground and threw his sword like a throwing knife at Glitrix and it lodged itself in Glitrix's chest as Glitrix coughed up blood. Then !Xav walked over Glitrix stood up as he gave himself extreme durability and super speed. Then Glitrix zipped off and was behind !Xav and punched him in the back of the head before giving himself teleportation and teleporting in front of !Xav and kicking him backwards into a large boulder.

Then Glitrix laughed and said "I'm only warming up buddy"! Then he gave himself cryokinesis and blasted !Xav with ice, who held up his arms in an X pattern in defense and managed to resist the cold before he launched negative energy blasts at Glitrix, which hit him and he lost a lot of energy from the direct hits. Glitrix breathed heavily and !Xav then walked over to him and pulled his sword from Glitrix's chest. Then !Xav said "It's been 4 minutes, I still have a minute left to kill you". Then Glitrix laughed evilly and gave himself super strength and elekinesis! !Xav looked at him as Glitrix then punched him flying backwards and laughed again before teleporting to !Xav and unloading a full combo of punches and kicks that caused ripples across the entire universe as he laughed before punching a full-blown hole in !Xav with a flaming fist! However, !Xav regenerated the hold back and blasted Glitrix in the chest with negative energy at point-blank distance and stunned Glitrix.

Then !Xav shifted his arm and sword into particles and they flew inside of Glitrix. Then !Xav used more negative energy to damage Glitrix and then made his arm and sword normal, which impaled Glitrix from the inside out! Then Glitrix said weakly "You... little... asshole". Then Glitrix gave himself a healing factor! Glitrix began to cling to life, but !Xav then forced a negative laser into his chest and began to rapidly damage his healing as !Xav said "It is useless to resist, no one can outlast my powers". Then Glitrix opened up a wormhole and got a hold of !Xav's negative blade and used it to impale !Xav in the chest, which then made !Xav overheat with negative energy! !Xav pulled the blade out, but it left a gaping hole in his chest and singe marks on his skin. Glitrix took advantage of the hole and blasted electricity inside of !Xav's body, causing him to explode and his particles were blown away from one another as Glitrix laughed again. However, the particles reformed into !Xav and he took the chance he got from Glitrix's healing factor being weakened to the point of barely existing to slash his arm off before slicing him clean in half and saying "Not bad, you lasted 6 minutes". Then Glitrix coughed and said "Damn... it..." Then Glitrix said "Is this... what happens... when you try... to become... a God..."? Then !Xav looked down at him and said "Sorry, I'm not qualified to answer that question". Then !Xav walked away.

But Glitrix managed to pull himself back together and stand up before saying "No, it's not over yet". Then he said "I'm done toying with you". Then Glitrix created a large thunderbolt and launched it at !Xav at speeds that were going 20 times faster than light. !Xav was hit and the thunderbolt went straight through him, leaving a hole that stunned !Xav while Glitrix then gave himself the ability to erase energy! Then Glitrix fired a blast of energy-erasing at !Xav, who managed to dodge as it hit the wall behind him. Then !Xav created armor made from negative energy and then created a negative blade in each hand before teleporting over and slicing Glitrix into the air and flying up to slash him. But Glitrix blocked the slash and blasted !Xav back down and then blasted him through his chest with a laser before teleporting down and kicking him into the air. Then Glitrix prepared a sword with energy-destroying power as he created 2 portals.

The first portal opened in front of Glitrix and the second opened behind !Xav as he fell. !Xav fell through the portal and landed right into a stab from Glitrix that impaled him with the energy-destroying blade that shattered his armor and made him drop both blades! Then !Xav coughed up blood as the blade radiated light that began to disintegrate him with it's power. Then Glitrix created another blade of the same power and stab it into !Xav's left arm. Then he created and stabbed another into !Xav's right arm, then his left leg, and then his right leg. Then Glitrix laughed and created one more before stabbing it through !Xav's skull. Then Glitrix turned his back to !Xav and waved his hand, causing the blades to all explode in enough power to vaporize an entire village as Glitrix walked away.



Whelp, this fight was going both ways for a while.

!Xav is harder to kill than Glitrix, that much is true.

But, Glitrix has the stronger power and is more likely to abuse it.

!Xav's negative energy is very powerful, but Glitrix's ability to warp reality is too much more OP.

Glitrix could give himself ANY POWER. (That includes omnipotence or omniscience too)

!Xav was harder to kill, but couldn't do as much damage.

Plus his speed is limited while Glitrix could give himself super speed to become much faster.

The same goes for strength, Glitrix could easily become stronger.

This battle came down to 1 final matchup...

Negative Energy VS Reality Warping

Reality Warping is just too damn OP for Negative Energy, since it could change the properties entirely if the user wanted to.

Basically, Glitrix stomped !Xav because he's one of the most OP characters.

The Winner Is:

Glitrix, The Reality Warping Asshole


A battle of ninjas...



Only 1 of these combatants will leave... alive.

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