Today we have, 2 ninjas in a battle to the death!

Jessica, the Ninja from Canada!

and Dalton, the Ninja Jutsu-Master!

Which of these 2 will walk away as the winner?

There's only 1 way to find out...



Personal Information

Full Name- Jessica The Hedgehog

Age- 24 YOA

Height- 3'5

Weight- 77 pounds

D.O.B- Unknown (Best Est. is sometime in 1993)

Father- Nick The Hedgehog (Not THAT Nick)

Mother- Monica The Hedgehog (Deceased)

Master Ninja (Reportedly has a Black Belt in both Karate and Judo)


Oxykinesis (Jessica has the ability to manipulate oxygen, which is her only known power)

Ninja Weapons

Ninjato (A traditional sword that has a straight blade and has great balance and a hand guard known as the Tsuba that blocks the attacks of others and can protect the hands of the user from sliding onto the blade)

Shurikens (Basic ninja throwing stars)

Kunai Knives (Basic ninja throwing knives)

Kakute (Worn as a bracelet that has spikes on it that're used to stab opponents)

Blowgun (Used to fire small darts filled with lethal poison)

Chigiriki (A flail-like weapon that deals fatal damage)

Kage-Nawa (A grappling hook-like weapon that can be used to scale walls)

Kama Yari (A spear-like weapon that has hooks on the side of the point that be used to pull people off surfaces or to trap an opponent's arms)

Kusari Fundo (A weighted nunchuck-like weapon that has a weighted end that deals serious blunt damage)

Naginata (A long bladed pole that has a lot of reach and delivers powerful slashes)

Metsubishi (A clump of powder that is thrown on the ground and releases a cloud of dirt, pepper, sand, and ash that blinds opponents and allows escapes or sneak attacks)

Neko Te (a claw-like weapon that can be used to stab opponents in their throats or other vitals. This is also capable of catching attacks from other weapons)

Sai (A 3-bladed dagger that is used to trap blades and break them off in addition to being lethal stabbing weapons)

Smoke Bombs (Small spheres that are dropped on the ground or thrown to release smoke, useful for sneak attacks and escapes)

Dao (A single-edged sword that is capable of slicing through armor)

Nunchaku (A small stick that is connected by a chain in the middle and used for focused damage)

Ame-No-Draukon (Jessica's personal katana sword, it can slice through armor and is nearly 5 feet in length. It is lightweight and can deliver swift damage to opponents even if they block due to it's titanium blade)


Normal State (Jessica's normal state, she's extremely agile)

Rage State (Jessica's power increases drastically and her eyes turn red)

Skill State (Jessica increases her power and speed to superhuman amounts and is able to deliver lethal, focused attacks that can completely decimate foes) (Her eyes turn blue in this state)

Overall, Jessica is a ninja with the power to literally take your breath away. She is skilled in stealth, sneak attacks, assassinations, silent takedowns, avoiding attacks, and delivering deadly counterattacks. And she even has plenty of weapons to dish out serious damage.

(Dio's Ninja Scale Level: 9.9/10)

<inserts a clip where Jessica leaps off a building and lands on her feet before saying "Another easy contract" and walking off>


Personal Information

Full Name- Dalton The Hedgehog

Age- Unknown (Since he's older than Dillian, the Best Est. is 17-19)

Height- Unknown (Best Est. is 3'8-4'2)

Weight- Unknown (Best Est. is 88-104 pounds)

D.O.B- Unknown (Most likely sometime between 1998 & 2000)

Father- Unknown

Mother- Unknown



Enhanced Strength (Not quite super strength, but stronger than an average Mobian)


Fireball Jutsu

Instantaneous Slash Jutsu

Thunderbolt Jutsu

Lots of other miscellaneous jutsus that I won't list for the sake of saving time.

(Seriously, he has a damn Revival Jutsu AND a damn Nighttime Jutsu)


Symbol Mode (Allows the combination of jutsus and makes Dalton about twice as strong)

Super Form (Makes Dalton able to fly and about 3 times as strong as his symbol mode)

Super 2 Form (Makes Dalton even more powerful, as he becomes about 5 times stronger than his previous state)

Overall, Dalton is an accomplished Ninja that is a master at jutsus and has quite a few forms to enhance his powers even more. He also is quite strong, hard to kill, and has proven to be able to go round-to-round with some rather tough fighters like his brother Dillian, Cydik, and even Nick.

(Dio's Ninja Scale Level: 9.9/10)

<inserts a clip where Dalton slashes an entire house in half before confronting Silver and saying "Who do you think you are"? Then Dalton puts up his fists and says "You can call me Dalton".>

The Fight

Location: Local Dojo Time: 4:00 PM

Jessica had entered the dojo to train, when she spotted Dalton, who she had seen on a wanted poster for destroying someone's house. Jessica decided to take the opportunity to capture him and get herself some money for the reward. Jessica walked up to where Dalton was training and kicked the sandbag flying across the dojo, where it crashed through the window and landed in the street. Then Jessica said "Don't worry, I'll pay for the damages after I take care of this guy". Then everyone heard a car crash and Jessica sighed and said "I'll pay for that too". Then she pointed at Dalton and said "You there, there's a bounty on your head for 5 million bucks".

Then Jessica said "Come quietly and you won't be harmed". Then Dalton looked at her and said "Sorry, I'm busy with training right now". "Maybe later" he said as he went back to punching another sandbag. Jessica got pissed off and said "Why does everyone always have to do this the hard way"? Then she kicked Dalton through the sandbag and said "Last time I'm going to ask". Then Dalton got up and launched a fireball towards Jessica, who sidestepped it and said "I'll take that as a no". Then Dalton cracked his knuckles and said "I haven't had to punch a girl in a while". "Let's see just how tough you really are". Then Jessica pulled out her ninjato from it's sheath and said "You're worth more dead anyway". Then she took her stance and Dalton raised his fists as they prepared to fight!



Dalton punched at Jessica, but she blocked his punch and then slashed him backwards before throwing a kunai with a chain attached to it. The kunai hit Dalton in his chest and then Jessica pulled the chain to pull Dalton back over to her before she kicked him through 3 sandbags and he landed in a wall. Then Jessica walked over to him and said "Is that all you got"? "How did you get your bounty so high"? Then symbols floated in and enveloped Dalton as Jessica watched them. Then Jessica said "Hmm, so you have some jutsus, huh"? Then Dalton jump to his feet in Symbol Mode and said "How did you know that"? Then Jessica said "Your symbols are written in Japanese, the same language I learned as a ninja". Then Jessica said "So you're good at ninjutsu".

Then she said "I'm more of a taijutsu person myself, but I do have some ninjutsu skills". Then Jessica slashed at Dalton, who used a sign to block it before punching Jessica flying backwards. Jessica gripped the ground and swung back towards Dalton, who was starting towards her. Jessica kicked Dalton in the chest and knocked him back before throwing a shuriken at him and hitting him in the chest, where it stuck. Then Dalton said "Damn you, you agile bitch". Then Jessica climbed up a wall and said "Compliments won't save your life". Then she placed her Kakute on her left wrist and her Neko Te on her right hand as she held her ninjato in her left hand.

Then Dalton fired a fireball at Jessica on the ceiling, but she dodged it and landed on her feet before stabbing Dalton in his back with her ninjato. Then she slashed him across the chest and left a gaping scar on his chest before kicking him backwards into a pillar. Dalton seemed to be getting pissed off and went Super before saying "Now I'm going to fuck you up, you piece of shit". Then Jessica laughed and said "First you have to catch me, dumbass". Then she dodged a punch from Dalton and dodged a lighting bolt he fired at her from point-blank distance! Then Jessica stabbed him in the neck with her ninjato and kicked him off. Dalton seemed to be badly hurt before saying "That's it, I've had enough of this game"!

Then Dalton went Super 2 and punched towards Jessica, who held up her ninjato in defense. Dalton broke the ninjato and then punched Jessica flying into a wall before tacking her through the wall and they ended up outside as Dalton began unleashing millions of thunderbolts around the area as he got pissed off beyond redemption! Jessica stood up and closed her eyes as she unsheathed her katana and said "This is where we part ways". Then she opened her eyes and they were bright red! Then she sliced through space and blasted all of the thunderbolts back at Dalton, who got blasted by them all and seemed really hurt. Then Jessica dropped a smoke bomb on the ground and smoke drifted everywhere.

Dalton looked around, pissed off. Then he began blasting fireballs and thunderbolts everywhere again as Jessica said "Your anger clouds your judgement". Then she sliced through at a perfect angle and sliced clean through all of the attacks before slashing at Dalton, who blocked her katana and kicked her flying backwards as he yelled "SHUT UP"! Then he flew over to Jessica as she stood up and prepared an instantaneous slash as Jessica caught her balance and moved to the side at the last second to avoid the slash. Then Jessica stuck her kakute into Dalton's left arm and he held it in pain as Jessica kicked him backwards and said "Now we end this". Then she kicked her katana into the air and used her Neko Te to stab Dalton in the throat!

Then while Dalton was stunned and couldn't move easily, Jessica caught her katana and her eyes glowed blue as she said "Are you scared of rain"? Then she started raining slashes down on Dalton as he took hit after hit from her light-speed slashes and started to crumble from the damage piling up. Then, after brutally slicing him all over his body, Jessica created a small ball of energy in her right hand. Then Dalton made one last attempt for an instantaneous slash, but Jessica caught it with the Neko Te and then slammed the ball of energy into Dalton's stomach! Then Jessica created another small ball of energy and slammed it into Dalton's mouth before punching him the chest and causing his entire body to explode and blast apart!

Then Jessica walked over to Dalton's head and kicked him in the face, causing his head to explode before grabbing his legs and saying "Hopefully these legs will get me the money for taking you out". "Because I hate wasting my time". Then Jessica walked into the distance with the legs, intent on getting that 5 million bucks. She arrived and said "Whelp, now is the time to find out".


Jessica walked outside, happy beyond comparison. Then she said "Alright, he said the 5 million bucks would be here in about a minute from now, where are they'? Then a bunch of deer ran by and almost ran Jessica over before she climbed a tree and said "Huh"? Then she thought about it and said "Those 5 million bucks better not be these STUPID DEER"! Then Jessica said "I'm ready to post a contract for that damn shady-looking boss". "SO I CAN KILL HIM"! Then Jessica calmed down and said "Oh well, the fight was a waste of time". Then Jessica walked away as the screen turned black. "Huh"? "What happened to the sun"?



This fight was a close call to make, Dalton is physically stronger and more durable as well.

But Jessica is roughly 5 times faster and almost 20 times more agile.

This was a battle of Strength vs Speed and Durability vs Intelligence.

Dalton's education is never specified, (which is a sad trend for most of Nick's characters) while Jessica has been taught until at least high school level.

So to out it in perspective, Dalton has the Strength and Durability advantage.

And Jessica has the Speed and Intelligence advantage. Which only leaves 2 attribute left to examine.


Both are great ninjas, but which is better at their job?

That's up for debate.

Dalton and Jessica are both ninjas, but 2 different kinds of ninjas.

Dalton is like a fictional ninja, one using elemental attacks and supernatural abilities that normal ninjas don't possess.

Jessica is more close to a realistic ninja, one who uses stealth and hidden weapons to take down anyone they need to in order to complete their goals.

Let me put it this way, which would require more skill and training to accomplish?

A ninja with the powers of fire and electricity who has 3 power increases or a ninja who relies on their actual ninja training along with ninja weapons to win the battle rather than powers and forms?

The traditional ninja has more skill, hands down.

And even if Jessica didn't use her actual skill, Dalton was still screwed in this fight because of Jessica's oxykinesis. She could have used it at the very start and killed him with little to no effort. (And even Dalton's transformations can't save from it since he still needs to breathe oxygen to live)

This was like watching someone with a hammer fighting a wall. The wall is strong and durable, but can't think or move to stay in the fight. Eventually, that wall will crumble to the person with the hammer.

Whelp, Dalton tried to win this fight.

But it looks like Jessica shut him up.

The Winner Is:

Jessica The Hedgehog





With a very important message actually.

I will soon be going on my normal summer hiatus.

So this is the last OMB that will happen until I get back. (For those who don't know, I usually come back around late August to mid September)

I'll still be online for maybe another week, but don't expect much after that.

Anyway, I'm going to reveal the fight before I leave and then do it when I come back.

Here's the next fight...


Kita, a girlfriend...

and Johnny, a boyfriend...

Which of these 2 will survive?


(Episode airs in about 3 to 4 months FYI)

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