Today we have, a battle of a girlfriend and a boyfriend!

Kita, Nick's psychotic ex-girlfriend!

and Johnny, Xia's smartass boyfriend!

These 2 have met in uncanon fighting games like Mobian Kombat, but never in their own canon.

Which of these 2 has what it takes to defeat the other and claim victory in a One Minute Brawl?

There's only 1 way to find out...


Personal Information

Full Name- Kita The Fox

Age- Unknown (Best Est. is 16-17)

Height- Unknown (Best Est. is 3'4-3'9)

Weight- Unknown (Best Est. is 77-86 pounds)

D.O.B- Unknown (Best Est. is sometime in 1999-2000)

Father- Unknown

Mother- Unknown

Psychotic Girlfriend


Cloning (The amount of clones isn't specified, but the best estimate is around 15-20)

Mind Control (To mind control a foe, she must first drain their energy by kissing them or using her cage ability)

Energy-Siphoning Kiss

Energy-Siphoning Cage


Super Form (Increases Kita's power by 2 times)

Super 2 Form (Increases Kita's power by 4 times)

Super 3 Form (Increases Kita's power by 8 times)

Overall, Kita has plenty of powers to defeat her foes. She can drain her foe's energy and even their powers, can control the minds of her foes after weakening them, and can create multiple clones of herself to deal serious damage to her foes.

(Dio's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Scale Level: 8.9/10)

<inserts a clip where Kita sneaks into the dojo and appears to be looking for Nick. Then she hears noise and says "An intruder, huh"? Then she prepares to fight before saying "I guess I'll just have to teach the poor fool myself".>


Personal Information

Full Name- Johnathan The Hedgehog

Age- 39 (Doesn't age any further)

Height- 5'11

Weight- 168 pounds

D.O.B- April 9th, 1985

Father- Unknown

Mother- Unknown

The Left Hand of Vuxo


Tephrakinesis (Ash)

Sunakinesis (Sand)

Frigokinesis (Snow)

Pyrokinesis (Fire)

Cryokinesis (Ice)

Electrokinesis (Electricity)

Acidokinesis (Acid)

Typhokinesis (Smoke)

Melanokinesis (Ink)

Osteokinesis (Bones)

Hemokinesis (Blood)

Toxikinesis (Poison)

Chronokinesis (Time)



Super Form (Increases Johnny's power by 4 times)

Dark Form (Increases Johnny's power by 4 times too, but he becomes much more lethal)

Hyper Form (Increases Johnny's power by 10 times)

Ashmaker Form (Increases Johnny's power by 500 times and allows him to use his strongest attack)

Special Abilities/Attacks

Ash Regeneration (Johnny has natural regeneration, but can use his ash as a catalyst to make him heal even faster)

Flesh Drift (Johnny turns into a pile of goop and floats through the air, generally used to dodge attacks)

Ash Bones (Johnny creates bones made of ash and launches them at his foes. If the foe is hit, the hit part of their body will turn into hardened ash and break off like stone if hit)

Ash Tsunami (A tsunami of ash that sweeps across a wide area of land)

Ash Coffin/Burial (A glob of ash grabs a foe and then increases in pressure until it crushes them)

Grand Ash Coffin/Burial (a mountain of ash lands on a foe and then increases in pressure until it crushes them along with everything else in it's huge radius)

Requiem Aeternam (Latin for Eternal Rest) (Johnny unleashes a planet-sized cloud of ash that swirls around the entire planet and starts to block out the sun. Then Johnny will make multiple mountains of ash swirl in from the giant cloud and have them all encase the foe in a moon-sized ball of ash before increasing it's pressure to utterly destroy them. This is so powerful, even foes with regeneration will have a hard time surviving the amount of pressure used)

Overall, Johnny has plenty of ways to deal damage to his foes. He has many powers to beat the hell out of his foes with, can regenerate, and has ways to kill even those with regeneration when he gets serious.

(Dio's Comedy Scale Level: 9.5/10)

<inserts a clip where Johnny is in his Dark Form and blocks a punch from another hedgehog before saying "Well, it looks like you've just fucked up". "Would you like a game of cards before your die"?>

The Fight

Location: Vuxo's Castle Time: 11:00 AM

Kita was exploring the artic, she reached Vuxo's Castle and Johnny was outside the main gate. Kita looked at Johnny and said "What is this place"? Then Johnny said "This is Vuxo's Castle, but only a few people are admitted inside". Then Kita said "I'll just take a peek inside, no harm done". Johnny thought about this and then said "I'll let you see the main hall, but that's all I can take you". Then Johnny led Kita inside the castle and she looked around before saying "Such architecture, when was this castle built"? Then Johnny said "Don't know honestly". "But Xia said it was at least 3000 years old when she dated some of the stones". Then Kita said "Mind if I stay here for a bit"? "It's terribly cold out there". Then Johnny said "I told you beforehand that you wouldn't be able to stay".

Then Johnny said "So I'll have to tell you again, you must leave". Kita seemed pissed about being told to leave and said "Who must I talk to in order to be able to stay here"? Then Johnny said "Only Vuxo or Legna could give you that". "Vuxo is in meditation and isn't to be disturbed and as for Legna, you have a better chance of getting a tan outside". Then Kita said "Then I will prove myself to both of them"! Then she created 2 clones, who both rushed at Johnny. Johnny was caught off-guard, but managed to block kicks from both of them with ash walls that then enveloped the clones and crushed them into paste as Johnny said "You want to do this the hard way, huh"?

Then Johnny called ash into the area and it soon was all over the floor as he said "This is your last chance to leave here alive, don't force me to destroy you". Then Kita snarled and said "Fool, you will not defeat me"! Then she created 10 clones of herself as Johnny closed his eyes and ash grabbed each clone and crushed them. Then Johnny opened his eyes and said "Very well, then do not hold back". Then Kita got into fighting stance as Johnny cracked his knuckles and Legna walked by and decided to watch. She sat on the queen's throne and watched as Johnny and Kita prepared to face off!



Kita created another 3 clones and the 3 all ran at Johnny, who dodged their attacks and then created a hammer made of ash and slammed it into all 3 of them, which knocked them into the original Kita and stunned her. Then Johnny created a bunch of snow that he blasted Kita with and buried her in snow. Then Johnny created a giant block of ice and slammed it into the snow, which caused the snow to start freezing as Johnny said "Deep Freeze". Kita broke out of the snow and created a cage around Johnny, who seemed to have little concern about it draining his powers.

Then Kita said "Now you're done for, I'm sure to kill you now". Then Johnny said "Is that so"? Then Johnny turned into ash and drifted through the bars of the cage and reformed outside of it. Then he grabbed Kita with a hand made of ash as he said "Ash Coffin". Then Kita entered super form and broke free before saying "You are a fool if you think I would go down without a fight"! Then she blasted Johnny backwards, but he shifted into 2 halves and then reformed before saying "Not bad, but you'll have to do better than that to beat me". Then Johnny went super and laughed as Kita got pissed off and created 20 clones of herself that all prepared attacks.

2 of the clones kicked towards Johnny, but he created ink that hit them in their eyes and made them miss him and hit 2 of the other clones. Then the rest of the clones all managed to hit Johnny, but he seemed to take little damage as he blasted electricity out in a wide radius and shocked all of them before shooting an ash bone at one of the clone and turning it into hardened ash. Then Johnny blasted it with electricity and it exploded into pieces of ash that then were absorbed into the ash floor. Kita snarled and her clones managed to hit Johnny and unloaded on him with dozens of attacks that seemed to deal some damage to him. However, once they stopped their assault, Johnny healed his wounds and said "You'll have to try harder than that". Then Kita got pissed off and all of her clones kicked Johnny around the room and began blasting him and all of the clones created cages around him, draining his energy 20 times faster!

Johnny seemed to be okay. Then his fur turned darker and he shattered the cages with a single punch! Then he said "Well, it looks like you've just fucked up". "Would you like a game of cards before your death"? Then Johnny summoned an ash tsunami that washed across the room and blasted Kita and all of her clones outside the castle as Johnny walked outside and his ash followed him in clumps. Then Johnny grabbed one of the clones by her throat and filled her body with ash until it exploded! Then Johnny said "Pop goes the weasel". Then he used his ash to grab 12 more of the clones and crushed them before glaring at Kita herself, who seemed a bit shaken at Johnny's sudden dark turn.

Kita ordered her remaining 8 clones to attack Johnny as she tried to think of something. Johnny dispatched each clone with ease, using an ash shuriken to slice one's throat open and then he used an ash bone on one's head and ripped it off before throwing it aside and continuing walking towards Kita. Kita saw only 6 clones left and said "Dammit, he wasn't kidding when he said I fucked up". Then Johnny breathed poison on the 6 remaining clones and they all began to fall over as the deadly toxin killed them in a matter of seconds. Then Johnny said "I never wanted anyone to see the fucked-up side of me". "But you've left me with no choice".

Kita was a bit scared, but threw her fear aside and said "This battle isn't over yet"! Then she entered her Super 2 form! Johnny just glared at her and said "Lets see you survive this". Then an entire mountain of ash floated over and landed on Kita! Then Johnny lifted the mountain into the air along with Kita and she became completely enveloped in ash as Johnny said "Grand Ash Coffin". Then Kita struggled to move and got an idea as she created as many cloned as she could and the amount of energy they had combined was enough to make a hole for her to escape as she jumped out and Johnny said "So you've managed to escape"? Then Johnny spread the mountain apart and the clones fell out as the mountain broke into pieces and each piece flew towards a clone and crushed it. Only Kita and 3 clones remained as Johnny floated over to them and said "You've been fun to play with, but this is where I stop playing with my prey". Then Johnny entered Hyper form!

Johnny glared down at Kita with piercing eyes as he said "Acid Wave". Then a wave of acid came crashing at Kita and her clones. Kita managed to avoid the wave along with 2 of her clones. The 3rd clone was swept up by the acid and was melted to bones that then were melted into nothingness. Then Johnny created multiple waves of ash that came sweeping in from different directions and blasted Kita and her clones with heavy ash. Kita's clones were crushed, but she remained alive and managed to crawl out before saying "What the Hell are you"? Then Johnny walked over to her and said "Generally, I'm a fun-loving guy who likes having little worries". "But you pissed me off and now I'm an asshole who'll kill you if you give me the chance". Then Johnny used a hand made of ash and grabbed Kita with it and lifted her into the air where he was. Then Johnny said "Your clones made this take much longer than it needed to be, but the time has come for your death".

Then Kita entered her Super 3 form and broke free before slapping Johnny across the face! However, Johnny simply turned his head back around and said in a sinister tone "You have no idea who you're messing with bitch". Then he punched her and sent her flying backwards and she flew into an icy mountain as Johnny made the snow fall down on her and cover her in thick blankets before he floated over there and prepared a giant ball of ice. Kita crawled out, but was quite frozen by the cold snow. Then Johnny blasted her with the ball of ice and sent her flying back towards the castle. Kita landed near the castle and stood up as Johnny landed near her and threw an ash bone at her left hand, it turned her entire left arm from the elbow down to ash as Johnny walked closer to her and launched another that hit her in her right leg and turned it from the knee down to ash.

Then Johnny walked closer to Kita, who struggled to stand as she seemed to be nearly out of energy. Johnny grabbed her by her shoulder and said "This is where our dance ends darling". Then Kita grabbed Johnny and kissed him! Kita was draining heavy amounts of energy from Johnny, but he entered his Ashmaker form and poured his energy into her until she began to grow in size! Then Johnny broke away as Kita was nearly bursting from energy and was dazed. Then Johnny turned his back to her and said "You should've kept your mouth closed, my poison is making mincemeat out of your energy". Then Kita began to shrink in size until she was at normal size and then began to fall over from the deadly poison. Then Johnny looked at her and said "Hmm, shall I end you in mercy or let you die in pain"? Then Kita snarled and said "Fuck you"!

Then Johnny snarled and said "Fine, then I'll just kill you in the most painful way I can"! Then Johnny created a giant cloud of ash that blocked out the sun! Then millions of mountains of ash swirled in and Johnny grabbed Kita by her throat and threw her into the group of mountains as they all turned into a giant ball of ash that was bigger than the moon! Then Johnny said "Hasta la vista" as the ash exploded into a giant explosion that sent dust travelling all over the entire solar system! When the dust finally settled, there was no trace of Kita and Johnny was standing at the main gate at Vuxo's Castle, like the fight never even happened.



This fight wasn't very hard to decide from.

Kita has the ability to create clones and steal energy, and that's about it.

Johnny had enough kinetic powers to destroy just about anyone in a matter of seconds.

Plus his regeneration made it that Kita had no way to even attempt to kill him.

Then there's forms, where Kita can reach Super, Super 2, and Super 3.

But Johnny has a Super form, a Dark form, a Hyper form, and even his own Ashmaker form.

Johnny's final form, without stacking, is a times 500 increase in his power.

Kita's final form, with stacking, is a times 64 increase in her power.

Johnny is nearly 8 times stronger than her WITHOUT STACKING his forms.

Now let's get into the attributes, which were also quite easy to decide from.

Strength goes to Johnny, he's almost as strong as Ty, and Ty is stronger than Nick, who's stronger than Kita.

Speed goes to Johnny, since his Flesh Drift allows him to be almost teleport-level in speed.

Durability goes to Johnny with no questions asked. He's got regeneration AND semi-immortality.

Intelligence goes to Kita. While Johnny DID graduate school, he's still known to be quite the dumbass while Kita has proven to at least be good at strategy with her plans.

And when it comes to skill, both are highly skilled in their powers. But Johnny has roughly 3 times as many powers that he maintains such a high skill in. Which means that Johnny must be in constant training to maintain her skill with all of his powers. Kita was proven to be able to withstand the pressure of multiple bodies at the same time as well with her cloning technique.

So on skill, they're pretty close. But I'd give it to Johnny for having actual training in all of his powers while Kita's could be because she sticks to low numbers of clones.

In short, Johnny held an advantage in 4 out of 5 stats and while Kita has no way to actually kill him, he had dozens of ways to kill her in a matter of seconds.

I guess Johnny could've granted Kita a bit more mercy than that.

But I guess it's true, Johnny is an ASHOLE.

The Winner Is:

Johnny The Hedgehog


Well, I have decided the next fight.

But it really won't be until after my hiatus this time.

The next fight will be...


A battle of magical mischief duos!

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