Today we have, 2 duos forced to share the same body due to magical mischief!

Io, the Ether Spirit!

and Vesati, the duo created by wizardly mischief!

Which of these 2 will survive this all-out battle?

I guess there's only one way to find out.



Personal Information

Full Name- Io The Cat

Age- Unknown (Stated to be immortal)

Height- 2'9

Weight- Unknown (Best Est. is 47-68 pounds)

DOB- Unknown

Father- Unknown

Mother- Unknown

Ether Spirit


Runes (Io's runes are broken down into 2 main types, attack and support. Attack runes are used by Celeste and support runes are used by Airion. If Io uses too much of either attack or support, then the spirit associated with that type will get weak and control will shift to the other spirit) (EG: If Celeste uses too much energy with attack runes, then Airion will take control until Celeste recovers)

Ether/Etherkinesis (Used for energy attacks and comes from the Ether Forest)

Io's Stave

A tall stave made of dark oak wood and a black string is tied around the top. This stave is mainly used by Io to channel runes and could also be used to hit a foe if Io is forced into a corner and needs space to think.

Special Techniques

Healing Rune (A rune that heals wounds)

Shield Rune (A rune that creates a shiels to block attacks. Can be broken)

Vine Snare Rune (A rune that summons vines to ensnare foes)

Ether Flame Rune (A rune that unleashes Ether-enhanced fire)

Teleportation Rune (A rune that allows the user to teleport)

Gates of Hell Rune (A rune with the power to send a foe to Hell)

Death Rune (A rune strong enough to instantly kill a foe that has been weakened enough)

(Dio's Magic Mastery Scale Level: 9.6/10)

Overall, Io has some pretty powerful runes to defeat any foes she must. She also has 2 spirits inside of her that she can utilize both powers from to become nearly unbeatable in a 1 versus 1 battle.

<inserts a clip where Io uses the Gates of Hell rune to send Blaze to Hell during their fight, earning the win>


Personal Information

Full Name- Vesati The Hedgehog

Age- Unknown

Height- Unknown (Best Est. is 3'6-4'2)

Weight- Unknown (Best Est. is 81-102 pounds)

DOB- Unknown

Father- Unknown

Mother- Unknown

Magical Mishap


Pyrokinesis (Jake)

Geokinesis (Jake)

Electrokinesis (Chase)

Hydrokinesis (Chase)

Attack Magic (Jake)

Support Magic (Chase)

(Dio's Magic Mastery Scale Level: 9.2/10)

Overall, Vesati is quite a handful in battle. Vesati has multiple powers at his disposal and is easily capable of making himself stronger to defeat more powerful foes.

<inserts a clip where Vesati is practicing his magic and accidently burns down an abandoned house with a stray fireball>

The Fight

Location: The City Time: 12:00 PM (Noon)

Io was walking around the city, admiring it's architecture and well-kept streets. Vesati was about 2 streets down, practicing his pyrokinesis. Vesati lost control of his fireball he was creating and it flew around the city wildly. Vesati ran after the fireball, trying to stop it or at least divert it's path from hitting anything in the city. The fireball flew past Io, barely missing her. However, Vesati ran right into Io and they both fell to the ground. Vesati was pissed off at Io, who was still trying to figure out what just happened.

Then Vesati said "I had a fireball to catch, now I won't be able to stop it". Then Vesati said "I'm going to make you pay for getting in my way". Then Io summoned her stave and said "Must this end in violence"? Then Vesati said "You got in my way, now you will pay the price"! Then Io sighed and said "Not the first fool I've had to deal with". Then Jake took control of Vesati as fire began to form in Vesati's hands. Then Io placed some Ether flames on her stave and prepared to defend herself from Vesati's flames.



Vesati fired a ball of earth towards Io, but Io blasted it in mid-air with Ether flames and broke it before saying "This battle doesn't need to happen, please understand and listen". Then Vesati snarled and fired a giant fireball towards Io. Io dodged the fireball due to her catlike agility and said "If you'll leave us no choice, then we will do what must be done". Then Io created a vine snare rune and Vesati was trapped in vines. Vesati used fire to burn the vines away and switched to Chase being in control. Then Vesati created a shield of electricity around himself and Io seemed to watch him, studying him.

Then Airion raised a shield around Io as Io prepared a blast of ether energy. Vesati then switched back to Jake being in control before launching numerous thunderbolts at Io. Io tried to dodge the thunderbolts, but wasn't quite fast enough, resulting in Io taking moderate damage from the attacks. Meanwhile, inside Io, Airion sighed and said "Defense doesn't seem to be working on this guy". Then Airion said to Celeste "It's your turn". Then Celeste awoke and yawned before saying "What time is it"? "I feel so tired". Then Airion said "Well, it's around noon". Then Celeste said "Noon"? Then Celeste sighed and said "What was so important that you had to wake me up"? Then Airion said "Take a look for yourself".

Vesati fired even more thunderbolts at Io, but Io suddenly placed a earth rune on her stave and blocked all of the lightning before then launching some serious wind towards Vesati, who was caught off-guard and pushed back before falling into a fountain. Then, Vesati's own electric shield began to work against him by shocking him. Io then used an electric rune to pull the electricity from Vesati, allowing him to get out of the fountain. Then Io said "This battle has no purpose, we ask that you realize that and stop persisting in your efforts to fight us". Vesati seemed to be a bit pissed off and used a support spell to increase his defense by 10 times. Then Vesati blasted another fireball at Io, who blasted it and destroyed it.

However, during the smoke from the explosion, Vesati jumped towards Io with a flaming sword and slashed Io flying backwards. Io was hurt, but seemed to be not shaken up by Vesati's attack. Then Airion said to Celeste "I'll raise our defense, you keep trying to beat some sense into this guy". Then Io's defense increased by 10 times and then Io fired more Ether blasts at Vesati. Vesati slashed the blasts aside and then fired electricity at Io, who was hit head-on and shocked. Then Vesati threw his sword at the injured Io, but Io used a teleportation rune to make the sword teleport before contact and instead the sword appeared behind Vesati and stabbed him in the back. Then Io began creating another rune as Vesati held his back in pain and pulled the sword out.

Io finished the Healing rune and her wounds were healed as Vesati seemed pissed off and Chase took control for Jake to calm down. Then Vesati created a bubble of water and sent it towards Io, who poked it with her stave and burst it. However, inside of the bubble was fire that hit Io directly and did some damage to her. Vesati then began to levitate water out of the fountain and soon a tidal wave appeared behind him as Io looked up and Airion said "We better find a way to stop that or else we're gonna be in some serious trouble". Then Celeste said "Chill out, I got an idea". Then Io began drawing a complex rune and then placed it on her stave as the wall of water began to crash down. Then the rune opened a huge mouth and sucked all of the water in before closing and disappearing. (That was the Gates of Hell rune BTW)

Then Vesati seemed very pissed off and he said "You've bothered us long enough"! Then Vesati increased all of his stats by 100 times and fired a mountain-sized fireball at Io. Io created a shield rune and blocked the giant fireball with it. However, it began to crack through due to it's immense size and power. However, Io was prepared in case of such and had placed a teleportation rune on the back of the shield, causing the shield and the fireball to teleport above Vesati and the fireball crashed down on Vesati and injured him as Io walked over to the crippled Vesati, who was nearly out of energy. Then Io created a Healing rune and said "If you'll stop trying to fight us, then we will heal you".

Vesati snarled as Jake came back into control and Vesati glowed with bright power. Io quickly jumped backwards as Vesati healed his wounds and said to her "Save your damn useless pity"! Then Vesati blasted even more fireballs at Io, who suddenly raised her stave into the air and blasted out intense ether energy that destroyed the fireballs and then came swirling towards Vesati like an energy dragon! Vesati snarled and blasted the energy away and then sent some blasts after Io, who dodged them while seeming to be slowly getting more and more upset about the situation.

Then Vesati charged his ultimate blast as Airion created a shield around Io. Then Vesati blasted the shield and it managed to protect Io. However, Airion was badly hurt because of her energy being nearly depleted from the shield, so she began to rest. Then Celeste took full control and said out loud "Well, it looks like now it's just me against you". Then Io blasted intense dragon-like constructs of ether energy that all flew around Vesati in circles. Vesati's energy began to fade since both Jake and Chase were tired out from fighting. Then Celeste said "Now you'll pay for hurting my friend Airion". Then the dragons all swooped in on Vesati and blasted him all over the area before finally blasting back down to the ground.

Then Io used vine snare runes to snare both of Vesati's arms and legs before Celeste said "You're lucky I'm quite merciful". "Otherwise, I'd have these vines rip you in 2". Then Celeste said "I'll have mercy on you and just send you away". Then Io created another Gates of Hell rune and placed it on the ground at her feet. Then Io walked away and then commanded the vines to move Vesati over the rune, which then activated. However, Vesati manages to break free from the vines by emitting fire that burnt them. Then Vesati blasted the rune and destroyed it before struggling to stand straight and saying "You've made us look like fools long enough". Then Celeste said "Us"? "Do you mean-"?

Then Vesati suddenly punched Io with a flaming fist and knocked her backwards and through a building. Then Vesati walked over and blasted Io again when she stood up. Vesati kept blasting Io until she couldn't stand up easily and then said "This is where we'll finally be rid of you and your stupid pity". Then Vesati said "Forgiveness is for losers and the weak". Then Vesati prepared a giant blast of lighting as Io tried to stand up, but was unable to. Then Vesati blasted Io with the electricity and disintegrated her before turning and walking away.


However, Vesati didn't leave without any repercussions. As the Spirit Goddess Arraura saw what had happened between Vesati and Io's battle. After seeing this, Arraura summoned the 1 spirit she knew would answer her call to bring Vesati to justice. Or should I say, the 1 GROUP of spirits who would answer her call. And so Arraura send Axel down to Mobius to bring Vesati to justice...



Now then, this fight wasn't easy to pick a solid winner from.

Vesati is both stronger and more durable than Io,

but Io is both smarter and faster than Vesati.

And when it comes to skill, Io has most likely lived longer and has more experience at using runes and magic.

But it's Vesati's ability to use both Jake AND Chase's powers in either state that gave him the edge.

While Airion or Celeste will pass control to one another, Jake and Chase use each other's power without switching.

Meaning that Vesati had a versatility advantage in attacks due to having 4 elements he could use at any time.

And those 4 he uses are pretty much the optimal set to take down Io.

Earth is heavy and creates dust when destroyed, giving him enough power to match Io even when her attack power is increased.

Water is nearly unstoppable, even with a shield rune. And if the shield isn't a full airtight bubble, water will get in and force Io to lower it. (Think like being trapped inside a container full of water)

Fire is just so damn powerful since it deals heavy damage and leaves behind a smokescreen, which even Io's cat vision can't see through.

And Electricity is pretty much THEE strongest element, being capable of obliterating nearly anything it's unleashed on. Plus, electricity may deal extra damage to Io because of her being a spirit, since it's rippling energy could mess up her own spirit energy.

This was a battle of who would kill the other first, in which Vesati held the advantage of being able to keep coming back for more due to having higher durability.

Plus Io is a pacifist, who doesn't even like to fight, much less kill anyone.

Who would kill who first is the question that gave Vesati the win, Io's hesitation would be her undoing in this fight.

If Io wasn't a pacifist, or if I decided to ignore things like not wanting to kill (kinda like how Death Battle does) then Io would have stood a good chance of winning this fight. (Hell, Celeste had the perfect chance when Vesati was trapped by the vines during the battle)

This was 1 case where Mercy just wasn't the right option.

Well, it looks like Io's chances of

winning this battle have turned to dust.

The Winner Is:

Vesati The Hedgehog


A battle of angels...

Aden, the angel in service of Flarox!

and Vanessa, the Savior of Gods!


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