Welcome to a ONE MINUTE BRAWL!

Today we have, 2 of the toughest angels around!

Vanessa, the angel who tried to save God himself from Vuxo!

and Aden, the Pit rip-off number 1 angel of Flarox!

Which of these 2 will defeat the other?

There's only one way to find out...



Personal Information

Full Name- Aden The Angelic Hedgehog

Age- Unknown (Most likely immortal)

Height- Unknown (Best Est. is 3'8-4'4)

Weight- Unknown (Best Est. is 88-109 pounds)

DOB- Unknown

Father- Unknown

Mother- Unknown

Flarox's Number 1 Angel

Powers & Weapons



Divine Pyrokinesis (Basically, it's godlike fire that other pyrokinetics can't manipulate)

Kyzumucu (A combination of a sword and a bow, the 2 blades combine into a bow) (Another Pit rip-off)

Overall, Aden is quite powerful since he can fly and deal intense fire damage with his godly flames. On top of that, his Kyzumucu is a versatile, and stolen, weapon.

(Dio's Pit Rip-Off Angelic Warrior Scale Level: 8.9/10)

<inserts a clip where Pit defeats Hades Aden defeats Shadeku, the god of shadows>


Personal Information

Full Name- Vanessa The Angelic Hedgehog

Age- 35 In appearance (Immortal)

Height- 5'4

Weight- 98 pounds

DOB- Unknown

Father- Unknown

Mother- Unknown

Husband- Ricky The Demonic Hedgehog

Daughter- Darkness The Nephalem Hedgehog (FYI, a Nephalem is an Angel-Demon offspring)

Savior of Gods

Powers & Weapons





Green Magic

Red Magic (Allows the use of both White and Black magic, a magic hybrid in short)

Godly Photokinesis (Extremely powerful light that vaporizes nearly anything it touches, only used in God's Savior form)

Spirit-Caller (A stave that allows Vanessa to use her magic spells)

Tranquility (A bow that Vanessa obtained from God and is stated to be her strongest weapon)



Super (Times 5)

Darkspine (Times 20)

Angel (Times 30)

Demon (Times 30)

Angel-Demon (Times 60)

God's Savior (Times 100)

Overall, Vanessa is an experienced angel who has plenty of forms and powers to battle nearly any foe that she must in order to protect her friends and family.

(Dio's Angel Scale Level: 9.1/10)

<inserts a clip where Vanessa enters her Darkspine form and says "Normally, I prefer to not use this form". "But I'll be sure to end your misery quickly".>

The Fight

Location: The City Time: 7:00 PM

Aden was on Mobius, tasked with stopping a robbery that was in progress. However, Vanessa was also sent to deal with the situation. Aden and Vanessa ran into each other and accused each other of being the thief before Aden got mad and blasted Vanessa with flames. Vanessa then decided that the time for talk was over and summoned Spirit-Caller as Kyzumucu flew in through a window and landed in Aden's right hand. Then Aden shifted it to the blades form and took his battle stance as Vanessa wiped her quills away from her eyes and said "Last chance to surrender". Then Aden said "Newsflash bitch, I don't surrender"!



Vanessa fired ice from her stave and froze Aden's left leg. Then Aden combined his blades together into the bow and fired an arrow at Vanessa, who was caught off-guard and took some damage. Then Aden used some fire to melt the ice on his leg and flew towards Vanessa before turning the bow back into the blades and slicing Vanessa across the right cheek as he flew by. Vanessa seemed to be quite hurt from the attack, so she said "How are you doing so much damage"? "Your weapon is mortal-made while mine is was crafted by God himself".

Then Aden said "This is the Kyzumucu, it was crafted by Flarox". "The God of Fire himself gave this to me". Then Vanessa said "So you have the weapon of a god at your disposal"? Then Vanessa turned super and said "Then let's not waste time playing around". Then Vanessa created darkness that flew in the area blocked out the sun! Then Aden lit a fireball, it's warm light lit up the area as he said "You know, it isn't very fun playing in the dark". Then Aden launched a giant fireball at Vanessa, who was hit by it before Aden flew towards her and slashed her through a wall before firing an arrow at her while she was trying to step out of the wall.

Vanessa was hurt, even her super form couldn't take much more damage from Aden. Then Aden stabbed the injured Vanessa and kicked her away before flying behind her and slashing her flying forward again, this time through an entire block. Then Aden walked over to Vanessa, who was barely moving. "Is that all you got"? Aden asked Vanessa as she coughed up some blood. Then Vanessa's eyes began to turn more red as she said "Not by a long shot". Then dark energy flew into the area and formed a cocoon around Vanessa as Aden watched.

Then the cocoon erupted open and Vanessa floated out in Darkspine form! "It's been a while Darkspine, let's see if you still got it". Then Vanessa blasted Aden backwards with intense darkness that burnt his skin like fire as he landed on the ground, with dark embers floating around him. Then Vanessa said "You're losing your touch Darkspine". "Normally, the target would've been obliterated from that". Then Vanessa floated over like she was gliding on the wind with her arms crossed. Aden got up and fired an arrow at Vanessa, who blasted the arrow aside and then blasted Aden flying backwards.

However, Aden caught his footing and then he fired multiple balls of fire at Vanessa, who was hit by a few and took a little damage as she said "Not bad, but you'll have to do a little better than that". Then Vanessa cast Haste on herself, becoming even faster as she then dashed straight for Aden, who slashed her as she came by and did some damage, knocking her off-balance and allowing him the chance to channel his fire enough to make a moon-sized fireball crash down into Vanessa while she was stunned! Then time froze as Vanessa said "That's it, this is where I end this". Then Vanessa activated her Angel form and then her Demon form to layer them together!

Then Vanessa blasted the fireball back into the air with laser made of light before blasting Aden with multiple lasers made from solid light that all were blasting him from different directions and knocking him around like a pinball. Then Vanessa blasted Aden with the intense darkness again, but Aden had a shield of fire in front of him that was blocking it! Then Aden said "No fire will mark me, this is the fire of Flarox himself". Then Aden blasted the intense darkness back at Vanessa along with the godly fire that blasted her through the entire city! Then Aden created a cloak made from the godlike fire and then infused it to the Kyzumucu.

Vanessa suddenly teleported back and snarled before saying "Nice trick you got there, but it'll be to no avail". Then Vanessa began launching tremendous thunderbolts at Aden, who blocked them with the fire before blasting her with the fire and burning her with intense flames. Vanessa seemed to be getting weaker, but she wouldn't give up. Vanessa tried her desperate attack, multiple balls of darkness and rays of light flying at Aden from every direction. Aden slashed the dark balls into pieces and his fire blocked the rays as he flew towards the tired Vanessa and then slashed her across her chest and kicked her backwards into a skyscraper!

Then the sky turned white as energy erupted from the skyscraper, disintegrating everything around it as intense light shined out as silver light blasted everything in sight and reduced it to ash! Then Vanessa walked out in her God's Savior form and summoned Tranquility as she said "Feel the Judgement of God". Then she fired a giant silver arrow at Aden, who sliced it in half and said "Why don't you make me"? Then he flew at Vanessa as she fired even more arrows at Aden, each one with silver energy enhancing it. Aden was hit by 2 of them in his legs, slowing him down as he finally reached Vanessa and stabbed her in the chest with his left blade!

Then Aden stabbed his right blade into Vanessa's chest as well and said "It's not over yet lady". Then Vanessa prepared an arrow with silver energy and aimed it at Aden's face as she said "This is where I lower the curtain on our little play". Then the godlike fire surrounded both of them as Aden said "Then the curtain shall close on both of us". Then Vanessa erupted out more silver energy that shattered the godlike fire and shocked Aden as she then fired the arrow through his head! Then Vanessa pulled Aden's blades from her chest and watched his body as it fell from the sky and she teleported below Aden and caught his lifeless body before laying him on the ground and walking away.



This fight was closer than it appeared to be.

Aden had quite an advantage over Vanessa in combat training and his ability to use any fire.

However, while he is physically stronger, Vanessa eventually overpowered him with her forms.

Forms were Aden's biggest middle finger in this fight, as he has none and Vanessa has 7.

Aden is faster on his feet then Vanessa, that much is true.

But Vanessa's teleportation beats Aden's speed.

In terms of durability, Aden can take more than Vanessa can.

As Vanessa gets a bit squeamish when it comes to blood, Aden will fight even harder at the sight of blood.

However, Vanessa is LEAGUES smarter then Aden.

And considering that she has been around long enough to become an adult Angel, she also has experience over him too.

Aden also had little weapons to use on her once she became serious, as Vanessa slowly became too powerful for even the Kyzumucu and the Godlike Flames to defeat.

Another thing to consider is that Vanessa's Darkspine form gives her enough power to KILL a God.

Her Angel and Demon forms were easily capable of beating Aden if he was to lower his guard even for a second.

But the fatal blow came in with Vanessa's God's Savior form.

In that form, Vanessa becomes strong enough to take on multiple gods at ONCE.

At that point, even the Godlike Flames were child's play compared to her own Godlike Light.

Aden can defeat Gods, as he's done it before against the likes of Shadeku.

But Vanessa is STRONGER than most gods in her Angel or Demon form, let alone her God's Savior form.

Aden just couldn't compete with Vanessa at that point.

Well, there goes Aden's big chance.

I guess he couldn't handle the strain of the lights, huh?

The Winner Is:

Vanessa The Angelic Hedgehog

(BTW, they never caught the thief...)


A battle of auras...

Lucario, the Aura Pokémon!

and Celestia, the aurakinetic wolf!

Which of these aurakinetics will win?

Find out next time on ONE MINUTE BRAWL!

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