Today we have, a metaphorical phantom versus a literal phantom!

Phantom, the Dark Spirit who came from Spirit Girl!

and Magnus, the beer-drinking, guitar-wielding cryokinetic!

These 2 HAVE battled before, but that was a Guitar Battle.

This, on the other hand, will be a fight to the death!

With that said...



Personal Information

Full Name- Phantom The Asshole Dark Spirit

Age- Unknown (Presumed to be Immortal)

Height- Varies

Weight- Varies (Most likely changes with his Height)

DOB- Unknown

Father- Unknown

Mother- Unknown

Dark Spirit




Possession (Stated to have limits)

Sword (Stated to be quite skilled with that said blade)



Delta (No power multiplier stated, but my estimate is 4 times) (Since Delta is the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet)

Overall, Phantom is a master umbrakinetic who can phase through attacks and even try to possess his opposition to gain an advantage.

(Dio's Evil Spirit Scale Level: 9/10)

<inserts a clip where Phantom enters Delta form to battle a group of magic spirits>


Personal Information

Full Name- Magnus The Hedgehog

Age- 31

Height- 6'4

Weight- 248 pounds

DOB- May 21st, 1986 (5-21-1986)

Father- Unknown

Mother- Unknown

The "Phantom" Of The Guitar


Mixozami (Magnus's custom guitar, with 8 strings and bladed edges. It also has proven to be just about indestructable by remaining unscathed even after tanking a Big Bang from Xia) (Playing different notes will create different attacks, making it's full potential virtually unlimited)

Twin Sub-Machine Guns (Nicknamed Judge and Jury by Magnus, these are his primary ranged weapons and are also his fastest way to deal damage)


Enhanced Strength (While Magnus doesn't possess the amount of strength that people like Ty or Blade possess, Magnus's strength exceeds a normal Mobian's by about 5 times)


Poison Resistance (Considering the amount of beer, wine, mead, ale, and champagne this guy consumes, he HAS to be resistant to alcohol poisoning at the very least) (Although he DID survive someone poisoning his drink...)



Loopy (Magnus achieves this form by drinking some of his ale he carries with him. He gets stronger, faster, and even more ruthless in this state as well)

Hangover (Magnus only reaches this state when he needs to go to his absolute limit to win, Magnus also dislikes using this form. Why, you ask? This form makes Magnus as drunk as 10 guys after an all-night bachelor party COMBINED. He retains very little self-control and will likely smack anything that moves. However, Magnus becomes nearly impervious to pain in this state and will likely try to settle the fight quickly)

Overall, Magnus is a tough fighter who has weapons and powers to dish out some serious damage. On top of that, he also is a smartass at heart and isn't afraid to get dirty to win a fight. His ability to use the ENTIRE area as a weapon, is just about unmatched as well.

And that's when he's sober...

(Dio's Alcoholic Scale Level: 10/10)

<inserts a clip where Magnus is choking a dude with a telephone cord and sees the guy starting to pass out before saying "Hold your damn horses asshole, I'll let ya go right after I make this call".>

(Honestly, I think Magnus deserves his own fan-fic now, he should be QUITE the character to laugh at, even when he's choking someone with a cord)

The Fight

Location: Concert Time: 9:00 PM

Magnus was having a concert for all of his fans to see. However, the excessive amount of noise made the nearby Phantom quite pissed off. As a result, Phantom appears and cuts the wire with his sword, causing the music to cut off suddenly. Then the lights all shined on Phantom as he attempted to make his escape. While that happened, Magnus walked over towards Phantom. The Magnus said to Phantom "You again"? "Don't tell me you're here for Round 2"?

Then Phantom said "No, I am merely here because of an excessive amount of horrible sounds". Then Magnus said "Horrible sounds"? "Are you trying to say that my MASTERPIECE OF A GENRE IS JUST HORRIBLE SOUNDS"!? Then Phantom said "I do NOT consider your "Metal" bullshit real music". Then Magnus got pissed off and said "Alright then, you opera-loving prick"! "I'm gonna rock you AND this world so bad, you'll need the blues to feel better"! Then Magnus got ready to brawl and Phantom took his fighting stance!






Phantom fired small blasts made of pure darkness at Magnus, who blocked and took almost no damage from them before hitting a string on his guitar that made it erupt flames towards Phantom. Phantom was caught off-guard and took some damage before creating more powerful blasts of darkness that he fired at Magnus. Magnus dodged a few of the blasts, but the last 3 all hit him and did some damage to him as he seemed to get a bit more angry. Then Magnus looked at Phantom and said "Maybe long range isn't the right way to fight you, I guess I'll try my famous brutality". Then Magnus walked towards Phantom, and about halfway there, Magnus walked past a loose board in the floor-boards and kicked it up into the air where he caught it in his hand.

Then Magnus clubbed Phantom with the board, dealing some damage. Phantom was hurt, so he hid in a shadow to heal. Magnus looked around and said "Where the Hell did you go"? Then Phantom fired a giant blast of dark energy at Magnus from the shadows. Magnus was hit in his back and was sent flying through a wall. Magnus got back up, barely fazed. Then Magnus said "I guess it's time I stop playing with you". Then Magnus took out his ale and drank some of it before energy began to pour off his body like steam! Then Magnus said "So, lets see if you can still hide from me".

Then Magnus punched into a shadow and connected with Phantom, stunning him before Magnus then kneed him flying backwards and through a wall. Then Magnus seemed to get a bit off-balance as he walked towards Phantom. Phantom summoned his sword and slashed Magnus, but Magnus caught it by the blade and parried it away from Phantom before kicking him through a window and leaping out after him. However, the room they landed in was almost completely dark, allowing Phantom to easily sneak into the shadows. Then Phantom began to unload on Magnus, hitting him with blasts from multiple directions.

Magnus was taking some damage, not enough to stop him though. Phantom eventually was tired of using his energy and still not making as much progress against Magnus as he wanted to. So Phantom blasted Magnus out of the room and then absorbed the shadows in the room, giving him an overload of dark energy that made him enter Delta Form! Then Phantom said "Now I'll see just how strong you really are". Then Phantom began blasting Magnus all over the building with dark blasts that were causing major damage to Magnus with each hit. Phantom then flew at Magnus with his sword in hand, but Magnus used his guitar to block a slash before slamming it into Phantom and sending him flying backwards.

Then Phantom began to absorb even more dark energy as Magnus landed on his feet and seemed to be slowing down a bit. Then Phantom dashed forwards and head-butted Magnus directly in his chest! Magnus backed up from the hit and clenched his gut before saying "Dammit". Then Phantom said "This will be over in 1 more move". Then Phantom began to charge his energy even more as Magnus thought to himself "How true". Then Magnus gripped his chest with his right hand again and his left hand was at his side as Phantom teleported backwards and then dashed towards Magnus holding his sword!

As Phantom got closer, Magnus moved his hand away from his gut and pointed his left hand towards Phantom as a blue energy charged in his hand and a chill swept through the area! Phantom was caught off-guard as Magnus fired a blast of ice that froze Phantom in mid-air! Phantom's momentum kept him moving towards Magnus, who swung his bladed guitar at Phantom as he flew by, shattering Phantom into pieces! Then Magnus turned and began walking away after he said "Melt in pieces, asshole".



This battle was by no means a stomp, it was actually more even than you would think.

Anyway, I'll just explain how the fight ends like this.

In strength, Magnus is stronger physically while Phantom has the higher potential since he can absorb darkness. However, Magnus has the same potential since he can absorb ice.

In other words, Magnus is stronger AND has the same potential.

When it comes to speed, Phantom moves faster and Magnus reacts faster, except when he's drunk. Making them quite equal in speed since one is fast at hitting and other is fast at dodging. However, in the case of Magnus being drunk, Phantom would have an advantage in both movement and reaction.

Durability goes to Magnus with no questions asked. Phantom has been beaten by a single opponent before whereas Magnus has brawled with nearly everyone in my fanon at some point or another... and has survived.

I'd say that Phantom is most likely the smarter one of the 2. But it is also true that Magnus isn't a dumbass and can keep up with Phantom in this regard as well.

Skill goes to Magnus as well. Don't get me wrong, Phantom is skilled at what he does. However, Magnus has the same amount of skill and even more battle experience than Phantom.

Even the best argument you could make for Phantom winning wouldn't work. (That argument is Phantom possessing Magnus)

Even if Phantom possessed Magnus, he would only hurt himself by trying to control Magnus. Magnus is mostly controlled by 2 things, his emotions and his alcohol.

Phantom COULD suppress the emotions, but the alcohol would be a no-no. Magnus could actually break free from the possession and leave Phantom vulnerable.

And if Phantom's plan was to stay inside of Magnus to make him sick, Magnus has poison immunity. And if poison doesn't work on him, it's logical to think that he's also resistant to sicknesses.

Hell, that last plan would effectively screw Phantom since it would weaken him and leave Magnus unharmed.

The next point to talk about is that Magnus fights mainly on impulse at first, but gradually switches to more tactical methods as the fight goes on. His combination of ruthlessness and experience makes him fatal to about 85% of the people he's ever faced.

Phantom has battled ruthless opponents before, but never on the scale of Magnus's brutality.

Phantom has also battled experienced opponents before too, but he usually loses to them because of it.

That combination plus Magnus having superior attributes in strength, durability, and skill, being equal to Phantom in speed, and having an extremely versatile weapon all contributed to Phantom's death is this fight.

And even if Phantom managed to phase to avoid that ice attack during the fight, he can only phase so long before he's drained of his energy. It would only prolong the inevitable.

AND let's not forget that Magnus never went to his strongest form during this battle. So Phantom would also have to contend with that.

Well, I think Magnus already counted as well-known brawler by now.

He probably considers Phantom just the ICEing on the cake.

The Winner Is:

Magnus The Hedgehog


Since I did 2 specials for the last season, I will not be doing ANY specials for this season.

Instead, we're going right to the Season 11 Finale!

Who's battling, you ask?

Well, let's just say that this fight is going to be CRAZY.

Combatant Number 1


Combatant Number 2

(You'll have to check the links to see who's fighting)

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