Well, here's the official list of OMB.

Season 1

1. Vanguard VS Metal (Done)

2. Ty VS Silver (Done)

3. Cydik VS Gabranth (Done)

4. Nate VS Knuckles (Done)

5. Ion VS Cole (Done)

6.Dillian VS Io(done)

7.Zigath VS Xirsec(done)

8. Lunari VS Xia (Done)

9. Star VS Shadow (Done)

10. Nickolas VS Sonic (Done)

Season 2

11. Nickolas VS Son Goku (Done)

12. Vuxo VS Kratos (Done)

13. Trunks VS Silver (Done)

14. Lucario VS Knuckles (Done)

15. Lunari VS Rose (Done)

16. Dark Pit VS Dante (Done)

17. Mewtwo VS Silver (Done)

18. Superman VS Kara (Done)

19. Nickolas VS Ty (Done)

20. Cydik VS Gabranth 3 (Done)

Season 3

21. Nickolas VS Scourge (Done)

22. Ion VS Lucario (Done)

23. Luigi VS Manic (Done)

24. Jules VS Bardock (Done)

25. Son Goku VS Superman (Done)

26. Tails VS Bentley (Done)

27. Lunari VS Rosa 2 (Done)

28. Amy Rose VS Princess Peach (Done)

29. The Terminator VS E-123 Omega (Done)

30. Ion VS Dr. Manhatten (Done)

Season 4

31. Blaze Vs Io (Done)

32. Chaos VS Leviathan (Done)

33.Godzilla VS Biolizard(done)

34. Johnny VS Gaara (Done)

35. Haely VS Nathanyl (Done)

36. Sora VS Link (Done)

37. Blanka VS Lunari (Done)

38. Yevon VS Kefka (Done)

39. Amy Rose VS Princess Peach 2 (Done)

40. Cydik VS Gabranth 4 (Done)

Season 5

41. Magnus VS Joanna (Done)

42. Lexie VS Riley (Done)

43. Metal Dillian VS Vanguard (Done)

44. Knuckles VS Bowser (Done)

45. Bahamut VS Ridley (Done)

46. Ragna VS Cloud (Done)

47. Samus Aran VS Master Chief (Done)

48. Silver VS Princess Rosalina (Done)

49. Quicksilver VS The Flash (Done)

50. Vuxo VS Axel (Done)

Season 6

51. Dillian VS Ashura (Done)

52. Axel Vs Ermac (Done)

53. Green Arrow VS Hawkeye (Done)

54. Magnus VS Phantom (Done)

55. Ty VS Sephiroth (Done)

56. Donkey Kong VS Bowser (Done)

57. Wave VS Corta (Done)

58. Frieza VS Nazo (Done)

59. Naruto VS Son Goku VS Ichigo (Done)

60.Nick and Ion VS Sonic and Shadow(done)

Season 7

61. Yevon VS Kefka 2 (Done)

62. Dante VS Otega (Done)

63.Iron Man VS Batman(done)

64.Black Widow VS Solid Snake(done)

65. Batman Beyond VS Spiderman 2099 (Done)

66. Sans VS Bill Cipher (Done)

67.Shadow VS Mewtwo(done)

68.Liquid VS Chaos(done)

69.Freddy Fazbear VS Slenderman(done)

70. Weegee VS Vuxo (Done)

Season 8

71. Toph VS Eden (Done)

72.Nick VS Goku 2(done)

73. Acnologia VS Ashtok (Done)

74.Vegeta VS Nate(done)

75.Cydik VS Gabranth 5(done)

76.Ghost Rider VS Scorpion(done)

77.Bayonetta VS Dante(done)

78.Agumon VS Pikachu(done)

79.Zoro VS Kenshin(done)

80. Justin VS Vuxo (Done)

Season 9

81. Cyberhog Hectic VS Rosa (Done)

82.Zak VS Ty(done)

83. Dawn VS Eden

84. Wahlruss VS !Xav (Done)

85. Zigath VS Alaine (Done)

86. Connor VS Ion (Done)

87. Cyberhog Hectic VS Joshua (Done)

88. Ricky VS Zezko (Done)

89. Cyberhog Hectic VS Cydik (Done)

90. Nathanyl VS Nickolas (Done)

Season 10

91. Stryker VS Jupiter (Done)

92. Jolt VS Grief (Done)

93. Nickolas VS Ty 2 (Done)

94.Mettaton VS Chun-Li(done)

95.Spike VS Violetta(done)

96.Kita VS Kara(done)

97.Vesati VS Axel(done)

98.Cydik VS Adex(done)

99.TLK VS Squall(done)

100.Prizor VS Rapture(done)


1. Cydik VS Gabranth 2 (Done)

2. Nickolas VS Sonic 2 (Done)

3. Dawn VS Vuxo (Done)

4. Dalton VS Silver (Done)

5. Espio VS Derek (Done)

6. Kita VS Zigath (Done)

7.Team Ruby VS Team Nick (???)

8. Aang VS Naruto (Done)

9. Vul VS Zigo (Done)

10.Dio's Characters VS Everyone Else's Characters(done)

11.Micheal VS Blade(done)

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