Today we have, the Finale of Season 11!

A battle of 4th wall breakers and reality warpers,

Vul, the essence of the omniverse, with sentience!

and the RSG, who really needs no introduction TBH!

These 2 are among the strongest there are, both are extremely powerful and tough to defeat.


Only an OMB can settle this...



Personal Information

Full Name- Vul Infinitus

Age- 1 (Most likely Immortal)

Height- 3'6

Weight- Unknown (Best Est. is 60-71 pounds)

DOB- Unknown

Father- Unknown

Mother- Unknown

Multiversal God



Reality Warping



Limb Detachment







Base (His slightly bigger octopus form)

Serious (Vul becomes more serious, but doesn't gain any more power)

Full Power (This form allows Vul to use his full, infinite, power)

Overall, Vul is VERY powerful and can be a handful to battle. Vul may act like a fool, but he is dangerous to underestimate. His ability to copy powers to a PERFECT degree is pretty impressive to behold and he even has an infinite power form. Vul also is nearly impossible to kill, so this should be a VERY interesting match to watch.

(Dio's Reality Warper Scale Level: 9.7/10)

<inserts a clip where Vul decapitates himself, only to regenerate his head and say "Ta dah~"!>


Personal Information

Full Name- Joshua Kirk

Age- 16 in Appearance (Immortal)

Height- 5'9

Weight- 132.32 pounds

DOB- November 8th, 2000 (11-8-2000)

Father- Unknown

Mother- Unknown

God of Randomness (1st Degree) and Savagery (2nd Degree)


Random Strength/Speed

Deity-Level Durability

Randomkinesis (Randomness)

Savakinesis (Savagery)



Unlimited Stamina

Elemental Conjuration



Megethokinesis (Size)

Time Travel

4th Wall Awareness


Randomness Rifle (Can fire pretty much anything that RSG wants it to, except for elements like fire or water. It also gains power in his YOLO form and losses power in his Savage form)

Blade of Randomness (Attacks with a random enchantment of an element or poison, but can be countered by opposing elements and it also gains power in YOLO form but losses power in Savage form)

Savage Scythe (Inflicts damage like fire and poison, and also inflicts the target with the "Savage Sins" effect, which drains the target's strength, speed, stamina, and overall power on a degree based on their sin they've committed in their lives. More horrible sins equals more damage taken from the effect and makes it last longer as well. The total time ranges from 5 minutes to an entire hour and this can only be summoned in RSG's Savage form)

Savage Blasters (Also inflicts "Savage Sins", which I explained above. However, RSG can summon an endless number of these to use once he reaches his Savage form)



Josh.avi (RSG's digital form, it doesn't increase his power anymore than it already is, but it also doesn't weaken him either)

YOLO Form (RSG's first power ascension, this increases RSG's attributes even more than they were to start with. RSG enters this form by simply putting on his sunglasses and there is no time limit for the form either. This form increases the strength of his Randomkinesis, Randomness Rifle, and Blade of Randomness as well)

Savage Form (RSG's second power ascension, this increases his attributes even more than his YOLO form does. RSG enters this form by pulling up the zipper on his jacket and putting on his hood. This form allows him to use his Savage Scythe and Savage Blasters as well as allowing every attack he uses be enchanted with "Savage Sins". This form has no defined time limit and increases the power of RSG's Savakinesis, but lowers the power of all of his randomness abilities)

Overall, RSG possesses plenty of powers, weapons, forms, and ways to deal damage and is quite lethal to underestimate based on his random appearance alone. I mean a single dose of his "Savage Sins" can be lethal enough to defeat an opponent, depending on how durable they are and how many sins they've committed.

(Dio's Randomness Scale Level: 100/10)

<inserts a clip where RSG enters his Savage form and says "Whelp. You better start running, before you get consumed".>

The Fight

Note: This battle may or may not end with a death, it all depends on what mood I'm in at the end of the fight.

Location: Station Square (Yep, from Sonic Adventure)

Time: 8:00 AM

Vul was walking through Station Square, he was bored and wanted something interesting to do. RSG happened to be quite bored too, as he was busy doing absolutely nothing. Vul walked by and said out loud as he walked by "Man, it's so boring here". Then RSG said to him "Tell me about it". Then Vul sensed RSG's randomness energy and said "Whoa, what kind of energy is that"?! Then RSG said "Energy"? "Oh, you mean THAT energy". Then Vul said "It's so... random". "It must be something only a few are capable of". Then RSG said "It's one of a kind actually, no one can replicate it". Then Vul said "Oh, do ya think we can fight and ease this boredom"? Then RSG said "Sure, why not"? "Unless you're busy".

Then Vul teleported a calendar to himself and looked through it before saying "Nope, I'm free today". Then he got into battle position and so did RSG. Then RSG said "Wait what's this strange feeling"? "Why do I feel like we must fight until death"? Then Vul said "You feel that too"? Then RSG said "I think we're in something called "One Minute Brawl" or something". "We're supposed to fight till one of us dies". Then Vul said "Oh, but can we have fun until then"? Then RSG summoned a laptop and checked the official rules for OMB before saying "I don't see a rule against that, so I'll just say yes and leave it alone". Then Vul said "Alrighty then, let's have some fun~"! Then Vul prepared to battle and RSG teleported the laptop away and also prepared to battle!





RSG summoned an assault rifle and fired at Vul, but the bullets just went through him without much effect as Vul said "Whoa"! Then Vul teleported dozens of blasts around the area as RSG summoned the Blade of Randomness and said "You may be fun actually". Then he sliced the blasts back towards Vul, who split his body in half to dodge a slash from RSG before kicking RSG backwards. RSG flew back and slashed Vul flying backwards before teleporting over to Vul and conjuring a pillar of fire that burnt Vul into the sky. Then Vul copied the pyrokinesis and launched a fireball at RSG, who dodged it and said "So you can copy abilities huh"? "Glad to know I'm not the only one".

Then RSG summoned the Randomness Rifle and fired a tank shell from it that went straight through Vul and exploded! However, Vul regenerated the hole in himself and said "Ow, that hurt a bit". Then Vul copied the Randomness Rifle and fired a bomb at RSG, who ducked behind a house to evade it and then fired a missile back at Vul, who grabbed the missile and flew on it around the area before flying it back towards RSG before jumping off of it. RSG dodged the missile, but the explosion hit him in the back and knocked him forward, allowing Vul to get a good kick on him that knocked him into the entrance of Twinkle Park.

Vul floated inside and saw a car, which he jumped into and said "Sweet"! "I just won a brand new car"! Then RSG came out of another car and drove it down the track while shooting rockets at Vul. Vul drove his car after RSG and fired some more rockets at RSG. They kept this up until they were neck and neck with their cars, then Vul copied the Blade of Randomness and he and RSG started dueling on top of the cars as they were driving, until the cars crashed and both went flying out of Twinkle Park and landed on the ground. Then Vul got up and said "That was so very fun"! "Can we do that again"!? Vul was just in a jolly mood, hopping around while RSG was starting to get slightly pissed off at Vul's immaturity and said to him "Can't you ever be serious for once"!?

Vul looked at RSG and entered his Serious state and said "Okay, you asked for it buddy". Then Vul fired more blasts of energy, but rather than being more random and loose, they were more focused and strategic, as RSG was hit by most of them, not being quite ready for Vul's sudden shift. RSG quickly went back on the offense as he slashed at Vul, but Vul slashed back and teleported behind him to hit him in the back before teleporting back in front of him and kicking him backwards. Then Vul said "Should I go back to normal now"? Then RSG got up, a bit bruised but otherwise okay. Then RSG picked up his sunglasses and said "I guess I'll need to stop holding back now". Then RSG put them on and entered his YOLO form!

Then RSG slashed through space and sliced one of Vul's arms off, but it then regenerated and Vul fired more blasts of energy at RSG. RSG dodged them and sliced through the few that almost hit him, then he shot a nuclear missile from his Randomness Rifle that split into multiple smaller ones and they all blasted Vul and did some serious damage to him from the explosions! Then RSG said "Is that all you got"? Then Vul suddenly regenerated and said "Nice fireworks, but it's not Independence Day yet". Then Vul suddenly shifted reality upside-down!

RSG was a bit bothered by the shift, as he wasn't used to such an ability. However, his flight allowed him to keep himself normal while he flew around and shot at Vul, who phased to avoid a missile before hitting RSG head-on with a barrage of blasts that snuck up behind him. RSG was starting to feel a bit tired, but he wasn't really showing it. He then slashed towards Vul again and managed to get a good strike that stunned Vul and left him vulnerable enough for RSG to continue slashing him. However, as soon as RSG stopped, Vul slashed him backwards and did quite some damage. Then Vul said "Ouch, note to self, swords hurt if they cut you". Then Vul shifted reality back to normal, which allowed RSG to get his bearings back as Vul said "Would you like for me to become less serious again"?

Then RSG took off his sunglasses and teleported them away before saying "No, I prefer fighting stronger opponents". Then RSG began to zip up his jacket and Vul said "Huh"? "Are you cold or something"? Then RSG said "No I'm fine, it's yourself you should be worrying about" as he put his hood on. Then RSG entered his Savage Form and he summoned the Savage Scythe! Vul looked at RSG and said "Wow, another form"!? Then RSG said "I prefer the term Power Ascension, forms are an overused concept". Then Vul said "Well if you're gonna do that, then allow me to do that too"! Then Vul glowed bright white as he entered his Full Power form!

Then RSG summoned 20 Savage Blasters around the area and said "Try not to get consumed". Then Vul looked around and said "This should be fun"! Then he and RSG prepared to face off again! 5 of the Savage Blasters fired blasts at Vul, who split into 5 pieces and dodged the attacks before copying the Savage Blasters and blasting RSG's Savage Blasters to pieces. Then more of RSG's Savage Blasters fired at Vul's Savage Blasters, which destroyed them. Then RSG slashed at Vul with the Savage Scythe while having his Savage Blasters cover him with fire. Vul was managing to evade the attacks by phasing and splitting his body apart, then Vul copied the Savage Scythe and slashed RSG across the chest.

RSG looked at the cut on his chest, he had nothing to fear from Savage Sins, but his own weapon DID have the power to kill him. Vul took the chance to slash at RSG, who slashed at Vul and they cancelled each other's slash out. Then RSG teleported backwards and seemed to be making a strategy to defeat Vul as Vul floated over to him. Vul took another swipe at RSG, but RSG dodged and sliced Vul with his Savage Scythe! Vul regenerated like normal and then sliced RSG flying backwards before saying "Alrighty, let's see what you got". Then Vul began to charge his infinite energy as RSG stood up, quite hurt from his own weapon.

RSG then said "I'm not sure what you are, but I must say, you are quite perseverant". Then RSG summoned about 200 Savage Blasters and they appeared around Vul and he said "Eh"? "More toys"? Then Vul fired multiple blasts that were blasting all of the Savage Blasters to pieces. RSG took the opportunity to slice clean through Vul with a devastating slash from the Savage Scythe! However, Vul simply reformed and sliced RSG backwards through a building! Then Vul flew over RSG, who was badly hurt and said "Hey pal, how about we call this off"? Then RSG said "No, it isn't over yet". Then RSG summoned 10,000 Savage Blasters and they all blasted Vul from all sides!

Vul was bleeding, he had holes in his body from the attack. But he began to heal anyway whereas RSG seemed to be nearly out of energy. RSG kept having the Savage Blasters blast Vul, but Vul kept regenerating over and over until RSG finally nearly collapsed and was breathing heavily. Then Vul said "Dude, I don't think you have anything left to give". Then RSG said "It's not over yet..." Then RSG's eyes glowed blue as he began rewinding time! RSG rewound time to where Vul was regenerating and began slicing Vul even more, he sliced Vul into mere particles and then blasted the particles with a laser that turned them into atoms!

Then RSG sat down, drained of energy. While RSG rested, Vul began to regenerate again and within minutes, he was back! RSG looked at Vul and said "Even reducing you to atoms couldn't kill you"!? Then Vul said "Listen pal, if you wanted a deathmatch, you could've just asked". Then Vul seemed to turn more evil as he prepared to fight the injured RSG. RSG stood up and held the Savage Scythe in defense as Vul flew towards him and slashed at him! RSG managed to block the slash, but he couldn't counterattack fast enough and Vul sliced him with a second slash from his own Savage Scythe before kicking RSG backwards again. Then RSG stood back up in defiance and prepared a giant blast of pure savagery as Vul charged his infinite energy even more, creating a giant rift in timelines!

RSG fired the giant blast, but Vul copied RSG's Savakinesis and completely destroyed the blast before unloading a giant blast on RSG, who held up his Savage Scythe in defense! Vul copied the Savage Scythe again and flew towards RSG as he struggled to fend off the giant blast that Vul launched. RSG managed to push the blast back towards, but Vul phased straight through the blast and reappeared in front of RSG before using his own Savage Scythe to slice RSG in half diagonally! RSG was stunned, his own weapon was used to destroy him. RSG pondered his failure as he turned into ashes and dissolved into particles that then drifted through the air as Vul restored the world with his infinite power.

Then Vul restored RSG to life! RSG looked at Vul and said "What the"? "You killed me, why did you bring me back"!? Then Vul said "Because you're fun to fight with and you're pretty cool". "Plus I don't like messing up the grand scheme of things". Then Vul floated away and waved before teleporting away. RSG was in shock, even he couldn't understand what the Hell just happened to him. Then RSG said "Damn, he's almost as random as I am".



Now then, this fight wasn't easy to pick a winner from.

This is officially the closest matchup I've ever done.

Now then, strap yourself in, and prepare to see who wins this and why.

In terms of pure strength, Vul has the advantage due to him having infinite energy that has no exhaustible limit.

When it comes to speed, both can teleport, making them just about equal.

Durability was a BITCH to choose from. RSG can take a lot of pain, that is most definitely true. But Vul is harder to kill for good, so I have to give it to Vul.

Intelligence was easily in RSG's favor as he's a god and knows quite a lot about most things.

Skill also was in RSG's favor, as he is a tactician and a capable warrior while Vul isn't very experienced.

All in all, the score is this:

Vul- 2

RSG- 2

Ties- 1

Now here's why Vul wins this battle despite them being quite equal in attributes.

First of all, RSG's trump card, also known as Savage Sins would have little effect on Vul because of his infinite power, anything it drained would just replenish itself.

Then there's the simple fact that there isn't really many things that can put Vul down for good. RSG doesn't have any energy-erasing attacks, let alone one with the infinite power required to destroy Vul's core.

To put it simply, RSG had no way to put Vul down for good before Vul could put him down.

Now you COULD make the argument that RSG could copy Vul's regeneration and not be able to be killed. But then the fight would go on forever, or Vul may still possibly win since he would still have infinite energy while RSG's energy would eventually be spent.

Another thing to consider, Vul's ability to copy anything to a perfect degree means he could make himself immune to all of RSG'd random and savage attacks by copying both abilities. And like what happened in the fight itself, if Vul copies the Savage Scythe, it does have the power to kill a deity since it was created by one.

If RSG had some way to actually kill Vul for good, then he most likely would've won due to having more experience, intelligence, and skill at fighting. But without a way to end Vul, he was fighting a losing battle.

Whelp, at least RSG still gets to live.

Only because Vul decided to cut him some slack.

The Winner Is:

Vul, The Multiversal Idiot God

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