Phantom is a character created by Lunari64.


Being a spirit, Phantom's usual appearance is that of a black, foggy, shapeless cloud, about the size of an average Mobian. Though, when he has to solidify, Phantom takes the form of a solid-black Mobian bat, with short, messy hair, and long wings. He has a sword, sheathed, strapped across his back.


Phantom is a very self centered, egotistical spirit. He is quite greedy, always taking what he wants, when he wants, with no consideration for others. Though not hesitating to attack if the situation calls for it, Phantom is not a brute; he is rather sophisticated.


Phantom is a master umbrakinetic, manipulating darkness and summoning it in any form he pleases. This is his primary offense, using darkness to make blasts and shockwaves. However he can also meld into the shadows, allowing him to go completely unseen, and travel quickly for a getaway. Since he is a spirit, he also has powers of possession.

When Phantom solidifies, he also wields a sword, which he is rather skilled with.

Delta Form

When given power by an overload of dark energy, Phantom will turn into Delta Phantom. In this form, Phantom is capable of absorbing other spirits to augment his strength. His personality changes slightly depending on who he has used this on, as well. Phantom can stay in this form for a couple of days at a time, before reverting back to his regular form. The spirits he absorbs are released when he reverts back, or when he is beaten.


Phantom is weak to both Spiritual energy and Light Magic, and takes increased damage from both of them. His possession capabilities are limited, and possessing one host for more than a couple hours will put him in extreme pain, and make his host sick.


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