Prizor's Wrath: Jkirkian Involvement, is the 6th DLC Chapter within the Prizor's Wrath fan game. The DLC will include it's own plot and storyline, as well as it's own characters not accessible in the base game. The DLC of course is non-canon to all series' involved with the game.


The plot of this DLC is a non-canon continuation after you complete Chapter 3 in the main stroyline, and as such your past actions from the main storyline, will determine the entire course of the DLC Chapter. After leaving the Dojo (whether destroying it or sparing it depends on the path you are on), Prizor makes his way through the continent of Downunda, in order to find the whereabouts of Vuxo, so he may exact his revenge. Unfortunately, that means going through the territory belonging to the technological powerhouse, known as the Jkirk Federations.


While there is a Neutral Run in this chapter (I.E you kill some but spare some), only the Mercy and Genocide paths shall be described in detail.

Pro-Mercy Path

An introduction Cut-scene plays upon starting. Your past actions from Chapters 1 - 3 will determine the outcome of this DLC chapter. This storyline will assume that the player has been on the Mercy Path since the start of the game.

[Pros of Mercy Run: Checkpoints. Cons of Mercy Run: Fewer Health and DPS]


Pro-Genocide Path

An introduction Cutscene plays upon starting. Your past actions from Chapters 1 - 3 will determine the outcome of this DLC chapter. This storyline will assume that the player has been on the Genocide Path since the start of the game.

[Pros of Genocide Run: Higher Health and DPS. Cons of Genocide Run: No Checkpoints (And massive Guilt)]

After the destruction of the Dojo, Prizor begins to make his way through the continent of Downunda, which was the Mobian equivalent of Australia. Upon making his way into Downunda, he soon found himself in Foreign Territory, as he looked around his surroundings, which was mostly desert. As he tried to make his way through the Desert Landscape, he soon saw a installation of some sorts. Upon approaching the installation, a sudden shot of a Red, Plasma Beam hit the ground at his left. It appeared to be a warning shot. Prizor was instantaneously provoked, of which he suddenly took to the skies upon provoked, making his way into the installation through flight. The cut-scene ends.

Mission 1

The first mission is simple. All you need to do is to dodge incoming projectiles, such as Plasma Shots, SAM (Surface to Air Missile)s, Anti/Dark Matter shots, and even Napalm Missiles, as you make your way towards the Installation through flight. However, this is easier said than done. While the task is simple, the difficulty of this mission is somewhat difficult, as there is going to be a lot of projectiles coming your way. If you are unsuccessful in reaching the Installation (I.E your health reaches 0), a cutscene will play, having Prizor being struck in the head via a Anti-Matter Shot, instantly killed as he pummels to the ground from his demise, and you would have to start the mission all over. If you are successful in reaching the installation, a Cut-scene will play.

A trooper of some kind is on a Watchtower, desperately shooting his Plasma Rifle at Prizor, before having the Watchtower being destroyed by Prizor, as he lands inside the installation. Upon landing, he looks around his surroundings... it appears he is within a massive Military Fort.. no wonder they tried to take him down. Before taking another step, he is suddenly surrounded by dozens of Infantry units. A quicktime event occurs. If you fail to complete the quicktime event, you will instantly be killed, as the troopers shoot at Prizor, and you would have to start the mission all over again (huehuehue). If you are successful in completing the Quicktime event, Prizor would simply fly out of the way, as some of the troopers shoot themselves (unintentionally of course). The ones who survived the clever trick, they would try to fire their weapons at Prizor, before being mowed down, one by one. "Foolish beings. You dare cross my path, you will be met with death." He says, as he kills the last trooper standing.

Once he kills the trooper, he immediately wanders deeper into the installation. The installation known, as Fort Jkirk.

Mission 2

The Second Mission is somewhat Simple. You must make your way to the Fort Jkirk Command Center, while killing anything in your way. The task sounds simple, but yet again, Prizor will be met with difficulty. Inside the Fort, massive numbers of Infantry, Lightly Armored Land Vehicles, and occasional Airstrikes will try to bring you down. Every once in a while, Prizor will come across Defensive Turrets, that will cause a lot of damage. If you are unsuccessful in reaching the Command Center (I.E your health reaches 0), a Cut-scene will play; Prizor is attempting to fight off overwhelming numbers of Military Personnel, before being shot continuously in the chest, and then the Head, killing him, you would then have to start the mission all over again. If successful, a cut-scene will play.

As Prizor approaches the Command Center, he suddenly stops. He hears something approaching him, something Mechanical... Suddenly, a Large Tank comes bursting out of the Fort's Wall, pointing it's Cannons at Prizor, and fires Anti-Matter at him. Prizor immediately leaps out of the way, and gets ready to destroy the Tank.

Mini-Boss: U7-R95 Heavy Tank

Prizor at this point, must do everything in his power to Destroy the Tank, which is very difficult. The Tank will try to kill Prizor, by using Anti-Matter Cannons, Dark Matter Machine Guns, and Napalm Mortars (The Tank also has SAMs on it, but since Prizor isn't in the air, they are ineffective). If unsuccessful in beating the Mini-Boss, a Cut-scene will play, showing Prizor being blown to nothing by a Anti-Matter Cannon, you will then have to start the mission over. If successful in beating the Mini-Boss, a cut-scene will play.

The entire Tank bursts into Flames, as it's Turret blows off of the base of the Tank. Ignoring the Tank's destruction, Prizor scoffs, as he makes his way into the Command Center. However, unknown to Prizor, someone is waiting for Prizor to arrive to him.

Mission 3

The third Mission is simple, and even slightly less difficult. All you have to do, is make it to the main part of the Command Center, as you fight your way through various Infantry units, and occasional Autoturrets, who are attempting to keep you at bay. If you are unsuccessful in reaching the main part of the Command Center (I.E your health reaches 0), a cut-scene will play; Prizor is running through a hallway, as he gets closer to the main part of the Command Center, when suddenly an Autoturret comes out from the celling, which startles Prizor, as he is then mowed down by the Turret. You will then have the start the mission all over again. If you are successful in reaching the main part of the Command Center, a cut-scene will play.

Prizor walks towards the door, which goes to the main part of the Command Center, where a line of Troopers stand, protecting the door. The line of troopers point their weapons at Prizor, ready to defend the door with their lives.. something must be there that requires protection. A quick-time effect occurs. If you fail the complete the quick-time event, a cut-scene plays; Before Prizor could make any movement, he is mowed down by the line of Troopers, who shoot Prizor in the chest and head, killing him. You will then have to restart the mission all over again. If successful in completing the quick-time event, a cut-scene plays; As the Troopers attempt to shoot Prizor, Prizor dodges very shot coming towards them, as he makes it to the line of Troopers, who he then mows down one by one. "Your deaths are inevitable. There is no hope for you when you are in my way.." He says, as he kills the last Trooper standing. Afterwards, he blows off the doors to the main part of the Command Center, of which he walks into.

As he walks in, he notices the room is very dark. He begins to wonder why the room is so dark, when suddenly the lights turn on suddenly. He is somewhat surprised, but shrugs it off anyway. He appears to be in a very spacious Room with a High Ceiling, as there is nothing in the room.. except one lone individual, standing in the middle of the Room. Prizor looks at the individual, as the individual looks back at him. The room is silent for a moment. "..So. You have made it past my soldiers, and here you are, standing in front of me.." The individual says, crossing his arms. "Step aside. Unlike all of your foolish troops, I will grant you mercy if you simply get out of my way." Prizor says to the individual. "Now there's the problem. You just simply killed hundreds of loyal Soldiers, who were only protecting their loved ones from someone like you. As such.. I will not get out of your way." The individual says. "Hmph. Then you shall die like the rest!" Prizor said, as he ran towards the Individual. "I won't be taken down so easily." The individual said, as he rushed up to Prizor in unexpected speeds, elbowing him in his stomach, and followed with a kick to the upper chest. Prizor was down on the floor, unexpected of the individual's sudden speed, and he gets up from his feet, the individual standing in the middle of the room again. "I am the Jkirkian Overlord, and I shall make sure my troop's efforts were not in vain!" He says, as the Ceiling suddenly opened up to reveal the Sky. Prizor looks up to the Sky, as he sees some kind of UFO-like ship. Suddenly, 3 Drones come down from the ship, and hovering right next to the Overlord.. it seems he was controlling the drones. "..Hm.. this is going to be more difficult than I thought.." Prizor says, as he gets into a Battle Stance. The cut-scene ends.

Boss Battle: Adex Zarvok Burns

Prizor must do everything in his power to defeat the Jkirkian Overlord himself; Adex Zarvok Burns. The task sounds easy.. but leaders aren't usually easy to bring down. Adex will attack you with Attack Drones, Speed Attacks, and Ice Powers, while occasionally protecting/healing himself with Support Drones. He will even sometimes shoot you with a Plasma Shotgun and a Grenade Launcher if you were to get too close. If you fail to bring Adex's health to 50% percent, a cut-scene will play; Prizor prepares to attack Adex, running towards him.. before he is suddenly knocked backwards by one of Adex's speed attacks. Before Prizor could get up, he is then impaled by a Ice Shard that emerged from the floor. Somehow still alive, Prizor struggles to break free of the shard, before he is surrounded by Attack Drones. The sound of Adex's fingers snapping make the Drones fire at Prizor with Miniguns, and then finishes him off with Napalm Missiles, ultimately killing him brutally. You will then have to start the mission all over again. If successfully in bringing Adex's health down to 50%, a cut-scene plays.

Adex sends a couple of Attack Drones towards Prizor to attack him, only for them to be destroyed. Adex starts panting, as he is losing stamina. Unexpectedly, Prizor manages to kick Adex in the chest, knocking him down to the floor. "You are pathetic. After i'm done with you, I will kill every last one of your followers. They will be all be met with slow, painful deaths." Prizors says, as he walks towards Adex. Suddenly, Adex disappears from sight, with Prizor looking around for him. When he looked behind him, Prizor is suddenly knocked down to the floor by a Dark Energy Blast. When he gets back up, he notices a change in Adex... his eyes are now Black with Yellow Dots, which are flashing very bright. "I will not allow you to murder thousands of innocents for your own personal gain. You will die, right here, right now!" Adex says, as a lot more drones come in to support him. Prizor starts to prepare for the worst. The cut-scene ends. Adex has now ascended into his Rage Form, which now allows him to occasionally Teleport, and he will now use Dark Energy attacks on him, which he will still use his Attack/Support Drones, Ice Powers, and Speed Attacks, but will no longer use his Shotgun and Grenade Launcher. If you fail to defeat Adex in his Rage Form, a cut-scene plays; Prizor is stuck on the defensive, blocking various bullets from the Attack Drones, as Adex starts charging up some kind of Dark Energy blast. "Die." Adex says, as he fires the Dark Energy blast at Prizor, who was caught off guard, and is hit by the blast, instantly vaporized by it. You will then have to start the mission all over again. If you are successful in defeating Adex in his rage form, a cutscene will play.

Adex keeps trying to force Prizor on the defensive, with various attacks from his Drones, Ice Powers, and Dark Energy attacks.. but it's no use. Adex was caught off-guard when Prizor was in front of him, who he then slashed at his chest with his blade. Adex was hit, and was wounded majorly. Prizor backs up a bit, as he watches Adex in shock. Adex knees down on one leg, looking down to his wound. "..So. This is it, then.." He says. "I've been defeated.. I've failed my citizens, and I've failed the Federation... but most importantly, I've failed my son..." He says, looking up to Prizor, who scoffs. "Heh.. if you think my hope is lost. You are mistaken. My son has watched this fight, along with a few of my generals through that camera.." He says, pointing to a Camera on the left wall. Prizor looks at it, and then back at him. "Your point being?" Prizor asks. "Heh heh.. it means the Jkirk Federations will live on." He says, as he then stands up. "And knowing my son, he will come for you. He will hunt you down with his new army.. And you, are finished." Adex says to him. "Hmph. Such a weird choice for last words." Prizor says, as he walks towards Adex. Suddenly, Adex extended his hand, and fired a Dark Energy Blast at Prizor, with the last of his energy and stamina. Prizor is surprised, and barely manages to dodge the blast. The blast however caught his left arm, which hurt like hell. Adex then collapses onto the floor from energy exhaustion, and is then dead. Prizor looks at him, and scoffs. "Your efforts to stop me were pathetic." He says, as he leaves the room, leaving Adex's dead body there. Soon after, he leaves Fort Jkirk, which is now in fiery ruin. He then attempts to make his way to Vuxo yet again.. but unknowingly to him, he is going straight towards Genesis City; the Capital of the Jkirk Federations.

Mission 4

Prizor is once again walking through the deserts of Downunda, as he tries to make his way to Vuxo. However, as he looks around, he one again sees an installation in the distance.. this time it appears to be a Utopian City. As he begins to walk towards the city, he hears something in the sky. As he looks up, he sees some kind of Portal emerging in the sky, as an Aerostat exits the portal. Prizor recognizes the colors as icons from the previously encountered Soldiers in Fort Jkirk. As he begins to proceed with his trail, two Transports come out from one of the Aerostat's hangars, as they head towards the city. "Hmm.. those Transports look like they are on an important mission to that city... How about I pay them a visit?" He thinks to himself, as he suddenly rushes into a sprint. The cut-scene ends.

The mission objective is simple, and for once, not very difficult. All you got to do is make your way to Genesis City, as you have to dodge obstacles (Roadblocks, Plasma Landmines, Billboards) and occasional Airstrikes. If you fail to reach Genesis City (I.E you reach 0 HP), a cut-scene plays; Prizor is rushing towards the City, almost reaching it's limits.. before being blown to bits by a Plasma Landmine.. you will then have to start the mission all over. If you succeed in making it to Genesis City, a cut-scene plays.

Prizor enters the City's Western Outskirts. As he looks around, he sees that the city has Futuristic Architecture that makes the city's massive Skyscrapers look marvelous to look at. However, Prizor also sees that Transports are loading up Civilians, and evacuating them, while numerous Military Personnel patrol the streets. Prizor is then spotted by some kind of Mech that approaches it.. it is ordered to fire at Prizor on sight. A quick-time event occurs. If you fail to complete the Quick-time event, Prizor will get his chest pierced through by a Railgun, as he collapses on the floor, dead.. you will then have to start the mission all over again. If you complete the Quick-time event, Prizor will dodge the Mech's railgun, and he immediately destroys the Mech with a Hellfire Blast. After seeing this, Prizor makes his way deeper into the city, as the Jkirkian Military prepare to defend their beloved capital.

Mission 5

The mission is somewhat simple, but highly difficult; Prizor must navigate through the entirety of Genesis City to get to the other side of it, so Prizor may continue his quest to find Vuxo. However, Prizor will be met with very strong resistance in the city, as Infantry, Land Vehicles, and common Airstrikes will attempt to kill Prizor in his tracks. There are also civilians around the city, as well as Transports that are evacuating the Civilians.. unfortunately you must destroy the Transports and the Civilians if you are to continue on the path of Genocide.. allowing even one individual to live will automatically set you into a Neutral position. If Prizor fails to reach a certain part of Genesis City (I.E he reaches 0 Health), a cut-scene will play; Prizor is surrounded by Mechs and Tanks, as he tries to fend them off.. only to be obliterated by an Airstrike that blows him to bits.. you will then have to start the mission all over again. If you manage to reach a certain part of Genesis City, a cut-scene plays.

Prizor is walking on a street in the city, as he looks around for any more hostiles. He then hears something in the sky suddenly. He looks up, and it is yet another portal of some kind, which a massive Aerostat is shown appearing out of it. As he continues on his path, the ground suddenly starts to shake. Prizor is somewhat effected by the shake, and almost fell down until he balanced himself. He then looks behind him to the origin of the shaking.. what he saw almost shocked him. A massive Mech was seen approaching Prizor, as it points its 2 massive Arm Cannons at Prizor. Prizor then rushes upwards to the sky, and flys towards the Mech.. the cut-scene ends.

Mini Boss: Jkirk 7RV Warmech Experimental Colossus Mk I

This mini-boss is very difficult to beat, as it's mass arsenal of Weaponry on it's front and back, comprised of Plasma Miniguns and Light Railguns, will make you run for the hills, along with it's massive Arm Cannons and Missile Launchers. It doesn't help that the Mech has Heavy Armor and Light Shields as well. If you fail to destroy this Colossal Mech (I.E your health reaches 0), a cut-scene will play; Prizor is flying very fast towards the Mech, preparing a Blast Attack to destroy it.. only to have the Warmech shoot it's Arm Cannon at Prizor, and ultimately killing him.. you will then have to restart the mission. If you (somehow) manage to succeed in defeating the Mech, a cut-scene will play.

The Mech starts to show major damages to it's systems, as it begins to topple over, and then eventually fall down on the massive Skyscrapers of that of the City, ultimately causing them to collapse. Prizor descends back on the ground, and continues his path through the city.. What he is about to find out though.. is that someone is coming for him.. and they're looking for vengeance.

Mission 6

This is the final mission of the Genocide Run. The objective is very simple, and this time not very difficult. All you have to do is wander through the remains of the City Center, and get to a specific point in the mission while occasionally dodging falling Debris. If Prizor is unable to get to the specific part of the city (I.E you somehow reach 0 health), a cut-scene will play. Prizor is walking down the street of the ruined city, when he hears something falling. He looks up to see Debris falling, and before he could react, he is crushed from the debris, instantly killing him. You will then have to start over the entire mission, and maybe not touch this game again if you freaking died in this easy part of the game. If Prizor manages to get to the part of the city, a cut-scene will play.

Prizor is making his way through the city center, as it is burning to the ground. Suddenly, he hears footsteps, and he turns around. He seems someone walking towards him, his hands behind his back and his head lowered. "..You look familiar somehow.." Prizor says to the individual, who keeps approaching. The individual looks up directly towards Prizor now, and it is shown his eyes are darkened, with Red Dots glowing bright. "...Are you that bastard's son? The one with the drones and the glowing eyes?" Prizor asked the individual, who was silent, and stopped in his tracks. "..What's with the silent act? Are you trying to piss me off?" Prizor said aggressively to the individual, who remained silent. After a bit, Prizor equipped his Sword, and dashed towards the Individual. "If you don't want to answer to me, then you will answer to my blade!" Prizor said, as he prepared to strike towards the individual.

Suddenly, the Individual disappeared, and what lay there in his place was a Dark Energy Orb, which blasted towards Prizor, and was caught off guard as he was blasted down to the floor. When Prizor got up from the floor, he saw that the individual was back at his place. "Careful on who you attack, Madman." The individual spoke to Prizor. "..You might get beaten to a pulp." He added to his statement, as he Red Dots suddenly switched to Green, extending his right hand towards Prizor, and fired a Dark Energy Blast. Prizor managed to dodge the Blast, but before he could make a counter attack, he was suddenly slammed into a building on his right, and then again to the building behind him. He was then raised toward the sky, and slammed down to the ground. Prizor got up from the ground, injured from the sudden slamming. "Hmph.. like Father like Son..." Prizor said, as he got into a battle stance, as the Individual conjured 3 Dark Matter Orbs around him. The cut-scene ends.

Final Boss: Joshua Sentrium Burns [Livid Alteration]

Joshua Sentrium Burns is very hard to beat, likely causing you a failure or two upon battling him. Joshua will attempt to overwhelm you with Dark Energy attacks and Telekinesis. If you get too close, he will sometimes teleport away from you to dodge your attacks, and occasionally if you get very close, he'll attack you with his Anti-Matter Warhammer. If you did manage a hit, his Chaos Shield would block it 14 times in a row, so you need to break the shield.. caution though, it will disperse a powerful Shockwave upon collapse. If you failed to get JSB's health down to 75%, a cut-scene will play; Prizor is entirely surrounded by dozens of DE orbs, as JSB stands there, his green dots glowing bright. As Prizor tried to charge him, he was suddenly raised to the air, and then slammed to the ground, as the Dozens of DE orbs blast him into nothing. You will then have to start the mission all over again. If you are successful in bringing his health down to 75% percent, a cut-scene will play.

JSB was forced on the defensive, as he used a few DE orbs to divert Prizor's path. When he saw that Prizor easily got past the DE orbs, he conjured a DE barrier to protect himself. As Prizor rushed to the Barrier, he began attacking it with all his might. Suddenly, as he attacked the barrier, it shattered as a Shockwave caught Prizor off-guard, causing him to fall to the floor. When he got back up, he saw JSB in his Mecha Livid Form. "I think this is the time to get serious." JSB said, as he fired a blast made out of Chaos Energy at Prizor, who dodged the attack. Prizor gets ready for a more difficult battle.. The cut-scene ends.

Joshua Sentrium Burns has now ascended to his Super Form. Within this form, JSB will now attack you with attacks made out of Chaos Energy, as well as Dark Energy (though it's damage is lowered slightly). He will teleport more constantly now, and he will offensively attack you with his Warhammer instead of just using it for defense, and will keep on using his Telekinesis (damaged has increased slightly). His Chaos Shield had replenished as well, and it now takes 26 hits to take it before before it collapses and releases it's Shockwave. You must take JSB's health down to 50% within 4 minutes. If you fail to get his health down to 50% (I.E your health has gone to 0 or time runs out), a cut-scene will play; Prizor is kneeling on the ground, panting, as he is looking up at JSB, who is in the air. "..Chaos awaits you in Armageddon." JSB said, as he conjured 3 Chaos Spheres that were 25 feet long and wide, and had them rush towards Prizor. Prizor gets up fully and tries to block one of them with his sword, but ends up struggling as the sphere collides at the Sword. The other two end up hitting Prizor as his sides and the spheres explode. Prizor was barely alive, as he saw JSB conjure a Chaos Sphere was was 46 Feet long and wide, who had it rush at Prizor. When the Sphere exploded upon impact at Prizor, he was instantly vaporized. You will then have to restart the mission all over again. If you succeed in bringing JSB's health down to 50% within the given time-limit, a cut-scene will play.

JSB had conjured multiple spears of Dark Energy, and threw them at Prizor, who dodged them as he was rushing at JSB. Before JSB could try to force Prizor to be knocked off his charge, Prizor managed to kick JSB sideways to his head, which upon hit, JSB was knocked downwards towards the floor, and left a small crater when he impacted. His Mecha Emerald had fell out of his pocket when he impacted, and laid besides the crater. JSB was forced to revert back to his Livid Form, as he got up. Before he could obtain the Emerald with his Telekinesis, Prizor smashed the Emerald with his foot, as JSB's dots glowed very bright upon seeing this. "Your useless gadgets will not effect me, fool." Prizor said. JSB's right Green Dot flickered Red for a second, as his eye twitched. "..You have.. no idea.. on what you've done." JSB said, his GD flickering Red again, as a Dark Aura surrounded him. Prizor remained quiet, and prepared to Slash JSB with his sword... Suddenly, a hand made out of Dark Energy emerged from the ground and grabbed Prizor's sword when he tried to attack JSB. Prizor tried with all his might to get his sword free from the Hand's grasp, but it was no use. The DE hand managed to get the Sword out of Prizor's firm grip, and when it tried to crush it, the Sword cracked. Prizor was slightly shocked by the fact that his sword had cracked under the Hand's grip. The hand then threw the Sword towards the Sky. As he looked back to JSB, he noticed that he was going through another power ascension. Suddenly, the Dark Aura surrounding JSB disappeared, of which he stood there silent, his head lowered. Prizor also remained silent, awaiting to see what this individual had in store for him. JSB's head then raised upwards, which revealed that JSB's eyes were closed. What seemed like a few seconds, JSB opened his left eye, which still had a Green Dot. When he opened his right eye a few seconds later.. the once Green-Dot was now Red. Prizor remained silent for the time being. Suddenly, JSB's hands extended, and Orbs of Light and Dark Energy began appearing around them in the dozens. Prizor looked at the Orbs, as JSB stood there. "If I can't beat you with Gadgets.. Then I'll beat you with my Rage." JSB said, as the DE/LE Orbs blasted at Prizor, who flew upwards to avoid them. When he landed, he was suddenly knocked toward the ground by a LE blast from a Orb behind him. "You've messed with the wrong Sentrium." JSB said, as dozens more LE/DE Orbs were conjured, as Prizor got up on his feet. The cut-scene ends.

Joshua Sentrium Burns has now ascended from his Super Form, to his False Ascension Form. He will no longer attack you with his Warhammer, but his Dark Energy attacks has increased in Damage, as well as his Telekinesis. He has also gained access to Light Energy attacks, which have the same kind of damage as the Dark Energy. Prizor no longer has his sword, and has to rely on his other abilities to get the edge over JSB. Prizor must survive for 2 minutes to complete this part of the mission. For plot reasons, whenever you get too close to JSB, or otherwise try to attack him, a invulnerable DE shield will be conjured to protect him, so you cannot damage him. All you have to do is survive. If you fail to survive for two minutes (I.E your health goes to 0 before two minutes is up), a cut-scene will play; Prizor is running towards JSB, preparing to strike at him.. only to be bounced backwards by a sudden conjuration of a DE barrier. As Prizor is knocked to the floor, he tries to get up on his feet.. but before he could, he was impaled by a spike of Light Energy that rose from the ground beneath Prizor. Prizor was barely alive, but before he could get off of the spike, JSB sudden came dropping down with his Warhammer, as he hits Prizor's head with full force, ultimately decapitating him. You will then have to restart the mission all over again. If you succeed in surviving for two minutes, a cut-scene will play.

Prizor is seen kneeling down, as he pants very slightly. He looks up to JSB, who is standing there, his dots glowing bright. "This is what you deserve, Madman. You messed with the wrong nation, and with the wrong Sentrium." JSB said, as he held out his right hand, as he began to charge up a DE blast. "Now, you will die, and be left forgotten." He says, as he fires the blast. Suddenly, Prizor rolls to the right to block the blast, and stood up. "Fool. I am only warming up." Prizor says, as he took off his 3 of his Power Rings. Suddenly, he got a great boost of power, increasing his Damage. "Now my power output has increased. Any hits you make on me will do nothing." Prizor said, as JSB just stood there. "Well then. I guess I'll just have to hit you a little harder." JSB said, as he conjured multiple spears and hands of Dark and Light energy. Prizor stood strong, and was now ready to face JSB in his False Ascension Form. The cutscene ends.

Prizor's damage and health has increased, now giving you an advantage over JSB. JSB will still use the same attacks and abilities, except now he won't summon DE shields as often, and the barriers are breakable as well. Your objective now is to get JSB's health down to 0%, while having four minutes to get his health down. If you fail to get JSB's health down to 0% (I.E your health goes to 0%.), then you will get Genocide Ending #1. If you manage to get JSB's health down to 0% before 4 minutes are up, then you will get Genocide Ending #2. If you take too long and time runs out before you can get JSB's health down to 0%, a cut-scene will play.

Prizor and JSB run up to each other, Prizor's axe in hand, with Joshua's Warhammer in hand, and both clash, both struggling to overpower the other. "You are one hard bastard to put down, I'll give you that." Prizor said, as he started to get the upper-hand. "But now, you will be struck down like all the others." He added to his statement. JSB started to struggle as Prizor was getting the upperhand.. suddenly, a dark aura appeared over JSB, and began to make a come-back as he started to overpower Prizor. "Something else up your shelve? It's not going to be enough to defeat me-" Prizor said, before being suddenly interrupted when Joshua had gotten a massive power spike, which was more than enough to overpower Prizor in their struggle, of which after overpowering him, he swung his Warhammer into Prizor's chest, sending him flying into a building. Once Prizor got out of the building, he noticed JSB had another difference in his appearance; A dark aura surrounded JSB, as his glowing dots were now constantly changing from Red, to Green, to Yellow, and to Blue. "I will be the one to stop your unquenchable genocide!" JSB said, as his left eye-dot became Red as his Right became Yellow, as he conjured multiple spheres of Dark and Light energy, firing them at Prizor with much greater power than before. The blasts hit Prizor, who stumbled back but managed to keep himself from falling down to the ground. Both of JSB's eye-dots suddenly turned Blue, as he disappeared, only to reappear behind Prizor to swing his Warhammer into his back. Prizor wasn't prepared to deal with the sudden teleportation, and in-turn was hit from JSB's Warhammer, being knocked into the ground. Prizor got up to face JSB, who's eyes began changing constantly of the four colors again. "This stubbornness of yours is starting to piss me off!" Prizor said, as he took off all of his Power Rings, which surprisingly only equally matched JSB's power. Prizor then lunged at JSB, who prepared multiple spears and spheres of Dark and Light energy, the cut-scene ends.

This is the final battle within the DLC on the Genocide Run. JSB's health has increased back up to 100%, with Prizor's power and damage increasing as well. JSB will use all of his past moves and abilities from the previous battles, besides Chaos Moves, all of which have increased in power. Luckily for you, he can only use two powers at a time, can by judging from the color of his eye-dots, you can determine which ones he's about to use on you; Red is Dark Energy, Yellow is Light Energy, Green is Telekinesis, and Blue is Teleportation. If you fail to get JSB's health down to 0% (I.E your health reaches 0), you will receive Genocide Ending #1. If you manage to JSB can bring his health down to 1%, you will have to complete a quick-time event before you get Genocide Ending #3. "I will not lose to some genocidal maniac like you!!" JSB shouted, as he extends his hands towards Prizor, preparing a Dark Energy Beam in his left hand, and a Light Energy Beam in his right. Prizor rushes towards Joshua to try to stop his attack. Suddenly however, JSB fires both beams at Prizor, both of which are extremely powerful. A quicktime event occurs, and if you fail to complete it, Prizor will be blasted into nothing, and you will get Genocide Ending #1. If you succeed in completing the Quick-time event, Prizor will block the blasts with his own strength, struggling a little bit to keep the blasts at bay until Joshua exhausts himself out. Joshua's eyes suddenly began changing from the four colors once more, as they emit in a flame-like state, stating that he is using every single bit of what he has left into the blasts, increasing their power. Another Quicktime event occurs, and if you fail to complete it, Prizor will be instantly obliterated, and you will get Genocide Ending #1. If you manage to complete the quick-time event, you will be given Genocide Ending #3, as Prizor puts more power into blocking the blasts, and managed to outlast JSB as he reverted back to his 2nd Rage Form. The 3rd Genocide Ending occurs.


Genocide Ending #1

"And so was the downfall of Prizor, as he was at the knees of the new Faction Leader of the Federations; Joshua Sentrium Burns. Of course, after getting defeated by him, Prizor came back after him weeks later, stronger than ever.. but Joshua had also grown strong, and the two battled once more, and once again Joshua emerged victorious. Weeks became days as days became hours between the resurrection of Prizor in their battles, as his hatred for Joshua grew and grew after each defeat. But no matter how strong Prizor got.. Joshua would be the better warrior, who adjusted to Prizor's constant resurrection. And so, the two were interlocked in a constant battle that seemed to have no end.. in the ruins of the once great metropolis; Genesis City." The narrator of the story says, as the screen will then fade in white text saying; "Sentrium Ending," and the credits will roll in, ending the DLC chapter. You will then be redirected the the game's menu, and you are able to play again if you wish.

Genocide Ending #2

"And so after great difficulty, Prizor finally defeated the new Faction Leader of the Federations; Joshua Sentrium Burns, who he murdered without a second thought. With another combatant murdered by Prizor's hands, he continues his path towards Vuxo, to bring him to a tragic end.. murdering all who gets in his way." The narrator of the story says, as the screen will then fade to white text saying; "Untrue Ending," and the credits will roll in, ending the DLC chapter. You will then be redirected to the game's menu, and you are able to play again if you wish.

Genocide Ending #3

JSB is seen reverted back to his 2nd Rage Form, kneeling down on his right leg as he's panting from exhaustion. Prizor begins to put back on his power rings, seeing he doesn't need them off anymore. "You managed to drive me to this point in my power, an impressive feat from someone as yourself.. but as always, I emerge on top." Prizor said, as he puts on his last power ring on, now walking to JSB, who just slid his BFT-HUD to his eyes. "Now, you will die." Prizor said, as he walks towards JSB. "Maybe so.. but I won't be slain by your hands.." JSB said, as he contacts somebody with the BFT-HUD. "Are you calling for help? It won't matter, whatever help you'll bring won't take me down." Prizor said. JSB grinned, as he said his final words; "Initiate Order 0: Devastation." As he said those words, Prizor could sense a massive power spike from far away.. up into the sky.. no.. Space. Prizor looked up at the sky, wondering what was coming... Seconds later, he sees a bright flash within the sky. Prizor then releases that energy spike wasn't from a person.. but a weapon of mass destruction, as JSB just authorized the use of the Federation's most powerful weapon; the Genocidal Destruction Beam, a weapon capable of destroying entire planets when it's Solar Energy beam was charged at the maximum. Luckily for everyone on Mobius, it was fired at it's minimal charge, incapable of destroying planets.. but a continent was a different story. Prizor had very little time to react, as the Beam made contact with the ground, and within mere seconds, Genesis City was obliterated, along with JSB and anyone else in it.. a minute later, and the entirety of Downunda was destroyed, killing anyone in the beam's blast radius. The Jkirk Federations wasn't entirely wiped out, as it has many more territories off-planet.. but a lose of a Core Territory, along with two key leaders had crippled them, and would take years from them to recover. It seems though that they stopped the Genocidal acts of Prizor once and for all.. however, this wasn't true. A week later, Prizor is seen walking on a road somewhere on Mobius, his sword retrieved and back at full fighting capacity. After a few minutes, Prizor looks up to find another city, and begins to make his way to it, as the events of Chapter 4 begin to unravel. The screen will then fade to Red text saying "True Ending", and you will be directed to the game's menu, and you are able to play through the DLC again.. however, if you gotten the third Mercy ending first, and had gotten this ending, you are unable to play the DLC again. The game will give you an option to delete all save data for the DLC upon trying to select it again, and if you accept, all of your data on the DLC will be lost, and you are able to play it again.

DLC Achievements

If the game is ran on Steam, then there are rewards for the player if they have achieved specific accomplishments.

Negotiations: Convince your way into Fort Jkirk [Mercy Only]

Stealthy Apprentice: Sneak your way into Fort Jkirk [Neutral/Mercy Only]

Once more onto the Breach: Successfully breach Fort Jkirk's defenses [Genocide Only]

Tank Buster: Defeat the U7-R95 Heavy Tank [Genocide Only]

Fall of a Leader: Defeat Adex Zarvok Burns

Genesis Massacre: Kill 100 innocent civilians [Neutral/Genocide Only)

The war is over, Mech: Defeat the Jkirk R7V Warmech Experimental Colossus [Genocide Only]

..Put down the controller, and walk away. Now. : You died in the easiest part of the DLC.

Aggressive Childcare: Defeat Joshua Sentrium Burns

Anger Management: Defeat Joshua Sentrium Burns (Livid Alteration) [Genocide Only]

Not to worry, you'll respawn: You died once in the DLC. [Hidden Achievement]

Not so easy like it is in the main game, is it? : Died 10 times in the DLC. [Hidden Achievement]

Do you need some directions? : Died 100 times in the DLC. [Hidden Achievement]

Jkirkian Mercy: Finish the Chapter in a Mercy Run.

Foreign Neutrality: Finish the Chapter in a Neutral Run.

No Mercy in Jkirk: Finish the Chapter in a Genocide Run.

Genocidal Maniac: Complete all endings in the Genocide Run.

Peaceful Pacifist: Complete all endings in the Mercy Run.

Here we go again: Erase your DLC save file in order to play it again.

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