Rachel the Echidna is a character created by Lunari64 on 5/15/16.


File:IMG 20160528 110406.jpg

Rachel is a somewhat tall echidna, light blue with a hint of green, and dark blue eyes like Lunari's. She wears a dark blue t-shirt with tribal patterns on the bottom (somewhat like Lunari's dress), and jeans. Much like her mother and brother, she also has a while birthmark, going up the side of her face and down her right dreadlock.


Rachel is quiet, book-smart, and wise beyond her years. She tends to spend her time by herself, and evade anyone trying to hang around her. Though not quite as friendly as her mother, she will open up eventually, and take a liking to certain people. She is very observant, and her time spent observing others has lead to her coming up with some unique theories about life itself, despite her young age.


  • Rachel is rather frail and weak physically.

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