Rapture stands in at 6'10 and weighs around 255 pounds. It's color is unknown, as it wears red armor and wears a helmet with a visor.


Rapture has the mind of a demented serial killer. Rapture is sadistic, blood-thirsty, and crazed with the urge to murder anyone unlucky enough to cross his path. While not in battle, he is quite nice and well-mannered. But in battle, he becomes his blood-thirsty self.


Rapture originally was the imaginary friend of a disturbed child who had no real friends. That child spent all day everyday talking to and playing with Rapture, even though no one else even knew of it's existence. However, one day, the child stopped talking to Rapture. Rapture at first paid it no heed, as it simply thought that it's friend was running late or maybe it couldn't make it. However, as the weeks, months, seasons, and years went on, Rapture became more and more lonely and less and less certain that his friend was coming back. The being known as Rapture, the one that could only be seen by a single child who was now nowhere to be found, soon began to spiral into madness.

As more years went by, Rapture's insanity grew, and grew, and grew. Eventually, Rapture's level of insanity became so powerful, it attracted the God of Insanity, Yevon, to him. Rapture told Yevon the full story, and Yevon took pity on Rapture, so he made him real and no longer just imaginary. Then Yevon told him "You are completely immune to death, for what does not exist cannot die". "However, the one who created you can still destroy you". After that, Yevon left Rapture to his own business. Rapture, eager to take out some of his anger upon the world, would soon start his path of murder, which he quickly grew proficient in. Rapture was arrested several times, but the police could never actually get him in handcuffs since he was just so unpredictable.

Rapture has disappeared for a long while, no one was aware of where he could possibly be for roughly 10-12 years. It wasn't until the one that scorned him started his bloody path when he finally awoke from his slumber. Rapture confronted his former friend, and creator, and tried to destroy him. But it was not meant to be, as his own creator struck him down and dismissed him from being his imaginary friend, saying "I don't need you anymore Rapture, you're free". After those words were spoken, and the bounds broken, Rapture was reduced to a mere mask, that the creator picked up and held. Rapture spoke it's last words "I will never be a memory", before it's creator crushed the mask into dust, ending Rapture forever.


Supernatural Strength

Supernatural Speed

Supernatural Durability


Weapon Master- Rapture is skilled with just about any weapon there is.

Master Killer- Rapture knows more than 1000 ways to kill someone with just his bare hands.


Due to being zombie-like in his defense, Rapture is hard to damage.

Rapture is next-to-impossible to kill, as he can kill in many more ways than others.


Rapture isn't very smart.

(That's about it)