This is a page about Rita the Cat, a character created by Lunari64 on 8/11/16.


Rita is a female Mobian cat, standing at about 3'1". She has short tan fur, with thin brown stripes. Her eyes are a golden-brownish color. Her typical attire consists of a plain black t-shirt, and olive green kapris.


Rita is hard-working, and very caring. Though this makes her look like a softie compared to the others, she takes her job just as seriously as they do. She is quite uptight and tense when on her shift, very alert.




Night Vision

Being a nocturnal cat, Rita has night vision. This allows her to take the night shift as a watcher without any vision-aiding equipment. However, this makes her eyes very sensitive to bright light, and she can be easily stunned or blinded by things like flashlights or flash-bangs.

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