"Ride YOUR Legacy" - Tagline
Sonic Legacy Riders is a Online-ish Spin-Off of the Sonic Riders series, Mixing The Idea of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 & 2 with Sonic Riders for a unique experience. Create Your Character with near endless creation options. Choose Between 3 Ability Types: Speed, Power, Fly, and 7 different Species, from the most obvious, most forgotten, and ones that haven't appeared in the sonic series of games but, may have appeared in the Comic book universe. Then choose the Gender and then the fun begins where you can Choose the appearance from Quill/Hair all the way to shoe designs.

You can even Create your Very own EX Gear from different Visual Parts to some parts that are required for the Gear to run. This was Taken from An F-Zero game Sega Developed under supervision of Nintendo but expanded with loads of Visual Gear Parts that doesn't affect your Gears stats and Parts that does.

There is even a Gear Class System where you start from the bottom and work your way up for better Gear Classes.

The Game is Developed by Sega and Bandai Namco, Published by Sonic Team and Directed by HardRoar (aka DUBSTEPxSonic)


Gameplay has 2 Parts. A Huge Hub where you Begin your Career by Choosing between 2 teams: Team Sol or Team Dark. Depending on what Team you choose will determine what story you will progress through. Teams don't necessarily require you to be a specific ability type to join either team. afterwards you can Create your Extreme Gear. which you can choose which Gear Type, however, Different Ability Types have different Choices: Speed has Board, Skate, and new Ski Gear Types, Flight has Board, Air Ride, and New Hover Glide Gear Types, and Power has Board, Bike, and Wheel Gear Types. Board Type Gear Being the only one which is accessible to all types.

Hub World

In the hub world upon starting the game and Creating your character for the first time you are approached by Silver and Shadow along with their respective partner. Silver and Shadow both ask you to Join their team due to them short on one member. Choosing Team Sol Makes you the Rival to Team Dark and Team Babylon and allies with Team Heroes and Team Rose while Choosing Team Dark is the opposite way around. After Choosing your team you create your Extreme Gear from the Ground Up. Starting With a Gear Class D. Once you Done That you begin your first Race.

After doing that you can now do everything in the Hub. The Hub has 4 Districts, Each Containing Different Things.

Central District

The Central District is where you start off at, Here is where you can Choose to play through the story, Partake in Free Races Both Solo and Locally with up to 3 others, Do Missions Under the Chaotix, and Partake in Offline EX World Grand Prix

Global Race Central

This is a District where you can Race Online and Partake in Global EX World Grand Prix Events, It's also THE place to Buy Gear that all characters can use in Free Play and Casual Online Races.

Rider Shopping District

This District is a Shopping district where you can Buy Clothes and Gear Parts to Modify the Look of your Ex Gear.

Challenge District

This is a Small District where you Meet Pro Ex Grand Prix Competitors and Challenge them to Rival Races to have a Chance to Unlock them for Free Play, Offline EX World Grand Prix, and Casual Online Races.

In Race

In Races, Gameplay is a mix between Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity with some new mechanics.

Air Drifting and Air Boosting Returns and the Trick System Resembles more of the Classic SSX Titles with it's Trick system.

Getting Air For your Gear Works exactly like Sonic Riders. Around each track there are Pit Stops which refill the Air Gauge and Doing Trick do it as well. You can also Gain Air through Item Boxes which is placed throughout each track.

Shortcuts now have two Variations: Type Exclusive Shortcuts and Barrier Based Shortcuts.

Type Exclusive Shortcuts depend on your ability type, Speed Types can Grind Rails, Fly Types can Use Boost Rings and Power Types can Destroy Obstacles to uncover Hidden Routes for a faster time.

Barrier Based Shortcuts is very simple. Find a Glowing Panel on the Ground to disable a Barrier to open a hidden Route for a faster time. This can Give Speed and Fly type characters the same accessibility as power types and ever power type characters can use these to their advantage.

The Trick Ranking system has 10 Ranks and the New Revamped Trick System allows for interesting Trick Combos.with different Button Combinations and a new "Chaos" Trick Mode which requires the "Chaos" Gauge to be filled to access Off the Wall Signature Tricks, Much like the SSX Series.

Here are the Trick Rankings

  • EX - The Hardest Rank to Achieve as you must pull off a signature trick and combo it with at least one normal/tweaked trick(s) with one Flip rotation or spin rotation during the normal/tweaked tricks to reach this Godly Rank. Gives 100 Air + Refills "Chaos" Gauge Completely, Gives Small Burst of Speed Upon landing Successfully.
  • X+ - A Fairly Difficult rank, All you Need to do is Pull off a Signature Trick with or without rotations to go beyond Legendary and into Epic status. Gives 100 Air + Fills 75% of the "Chaos" Gauge, Gives Small Burst of Speed Upon Landing Successfully.
  • X - Quite a difficult Rank. Pull off a 5 Trick Combo with Only Normal and Tweaked Tricks with rotations to reach this Legendary Rank. Gives 100 Air + Fills 50% of the "Chaos" Gauge
  • S+ - Pull off a 4 Normal/Tweaked Trick Combo with or without rotations. Fills 75% Air + Fills 35% of the "Chaos" Gauge
  • S - Pull off a 3 Normal/Tweaked Trick Combo with Rotations. Fills 50 to 60% Air (depending on the Degree of rotation) + Fills 30% of the "Chaos" Gauge
  • A+ - Pull off a 3 Normal/Tweaked Trick Combo with out Rotations. Fills 45% Air Fills 30% of the "Chaos" Gauge.
  • A - Pull off a 2 Normal/Tweaked Trick Combo with or without Rotations. Fills 25% Air + 15% of the "Chaos" Gauge.
  • B - Pull of one Trick with or without rotations. Fills 15% of Air + 5% of the "Chaos" Gauge.
  • C - Fail to Land a Trick or don't do any tricks. Fills 10% of Air, Does not Fill the "Chaos" Gauge, Momentum Drops.

Everything else works exactly the same from both Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Character Creation/EX Gear Creation & Customization

Upon starting a new character, You begin by Choosing 1 of the 7 Species: Hedgehog, Fox, Hawk, Cat, Echidna, Wolf, and Rabbit.

Character Creation Options


  • Hedgehog
  • Fox
  • Echidna
  • Hawk
  • Cat
  • Wolf
  • Rabbit


  • Male
  • Female


  • Quills/Hair
  • Eye Shape
  • Muzzle/Nose
  • Tattoos
  • Accessories
  • Chest Fur/Skin
  • Tattoos
  • Accessories
  • Clothes
Arms & Hands
  • Arm Skin
  • Gloves
  • Tattoos
  • Accessories
Lower Body
  • Pants
  • Shoes
  • Tattoos
  • Accessories
  • Fur Color
  • Pupil Color
  • Glove Color
  • Clothing Color
  • Shoe Color
  • Shoe Designs

Name, Voice, Ability Type

  • Energetic
  • Cocky
  • Serious
  • Focused
  • Wild
  • Easygoing
  • Edgy
Ability Type
  • Speed
  • Fly
  • Power

Extreme Gear Creation

Gear Type

Speed Types
  • Boards
  • Skates
  • Skis
Fly Types
  • Boards
  • Air Rides
  • Hover Gliders
Power Types
  • Boards
  • Bikes
  • Wheels

Visual Parts

  • Front
  • Rear
  • Stance Pad
  • Liveries
  • Soles
  • Liveries
  • Nose
  • Tail
  • Stance Pads
  • Liveries
Air Rides
  • Nose
  • Tail
  • Liveries
Hover Gliders
  • Wings
  • Nose
  • Tail
  • Spoiler
  • Liveries
  • Seat
  • Spoiler
  • Handle Bars
  • Liveries
  • Spoiler
  • Handle Bars
  • Seat
  • Liveries

Gear Classes

These are Each Gear Class That you can Achieve

  • U
  • S+
  • S
  • A+
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Story Mode

(Will Work on later)


Story Courses

Story Tracks have 7 Tracks for Class D - A, Each Track has 2 Versions: Normal & Expert

D Class

Track Setting/Location
Megalo Highway Set in the Heart of Megalo City that Branches into a Highway and back
Green Hill Rush Set in Green Hill Zone, Where Loops and Corkscrews are present but, also has many turns and Hidden Shortcuts
Flooded City Ruins Takes Place in a Flooded Station Square, Fly through the Flooded Ruined City and Dash through Destroyed Buildings with No Fear
Crisis Ship Takes Place on a Massive G.U.N Battleship where Tight Corners and Hidden Shortcuts are nearly everywhere. This Course will surely make you be on the edge of your seats.
EGG Fleet Dash Takes Place In Eggman's EGG Fleet where You jump from Ship to ship with Turbulence being nearly everywhere, Which leads to the Final Fortress where the Finish Line Awaits. This is a Point to Point Race.
Bingo Madness Takes Place in BINGO Highway where every Turn is Tight, Loops are insane, Jumps are massive. This is where Madness happens.
Royal Cruse Takes Place in the Sol Dimension. Starting outside Blaze's Castle and Ends at Marines Island. You will be Racing through many Notable Locations such as the Plant Kingdom to the Haunted Ship, You will be having a ride of your life.

C Class

Track Setting/Location
Metal City A Classic Track for the First EX World Grand Prix, This Sets the stage for The most Adrenaline Pumping Grand Prix Ever Created
Seaside Run Taking Place in Seaside Hill after the All Stars Grand Prix, The Course as been Modified slightly to fit the EX World Grand Prix.
Canyon Railway Takes Place in Rail Canyon, This Track is a very Tricky one since the Track is Barrierless in many Corners and loops are Unique with Split Tracks to make it very Epic and Difficult
Gigan Rocks Another Classic Track, Although it never appeared in any EX World Grand Prix it is still one of the most requested Locations for this EX World Grand Prix
Carnival Night Life This Takes Place in Night Carnival, A very unusual Course with Wide and narrow Tracks and loads of crazy wall Riding and Loops. This May be the Craziest Course Ever Conseived
Dragon Interstate This Takes place in Chun-nan's Dragon Road, A very Fast yet Beautiful Course with Many Hidden Shortcuts, Rails, and Boost Ring's all while having Multiple Paths.
Empire Tour Takes Place in Empire City, This is where you race On and Off Skyscrapers. No matter if it's Wall Riding or Riding Up one this Course is A sight to behold.

B Class

Expert Variations of D Class Courses

A Class

Expert Variations of C Rank Courses

Extra Courses



Starting Characters

Character Gear Gear Type Ability Type
Custom Rider Custom Gear Any Depends on the Player
Shadow the Hedgehog Black Chaos Skis Speed
Rouge the Bat Bat's Eye Hover Glider Flight
Silver the Hedgehog Psychic Mind Air Ride Flight
Blaze the Cat Flame Lance II Board Power
Sonic the Hedgehog Blue Star Board Speed
Miles 'Tails' Prower Yellow Tornado Air Ride Flight
Knuckles the Echdina Red Emerald Bike Power
Jet the Hawk Flash Thief Board Speed
Storm the Albatross Quake Smasher Bike Power
Wave the Swallow Wind Inertia Hover Glider Flight

Extra Characters

Character Gear Gear Type Ability Type Challenge Conditions
Metal Sonic Metal Star Board Speed Clear All A Rank Courses in Story Mode
Super Sonic Chaos Emeralds Special Speed Clear All Chaos Emerald Challenegs
Super Shadow Chaos Emeralds Special Speed Clear All Chaos Emerald Challenges
Super Silver Chaos Emeralds Special Speed Clear All Chaos Emerald Challenges
Super Custom Rider Chaos Emeralds Special Speed Clear All Chaos Emerald Challenges
Burning Blaze Sol Emeralds Special Power Clear All Sol Emerald Challenges
Sol Custom Rider Sol Emeralds Special Power Clear All Sol Emerald Challenges
Beat Jet Set Skates Speed Clear 5 Missions with any Rank
Cream the Rabbit Smile Board Flight Clear All D Rank Courses in Story Mode
Lexie the Fox Energetica Bike Power Clear All D Rank Courses in Story Mode
Celestia the Wolf Aura Dart Skis Speed Clear All C Rank Courses in Story Mode
Xia the Hedgehog Magic Flux Wheel Power Clear All C Rank Courses in Story Mode
Ion the Hedgehog (Genesis) Nuclear Edge Board Speed Clear All B Rank Courses in Story Mode
HardRoar Spitfire Board Power Clear 5 Missions with Extreme Rank
Marine the Racoon Pirate's Treasure Board Power Clear all A Rank Courses in Story Mode
Shade the Echdina Nocturnal Twilight Bike Power Clear All A Rank Courses in Story Mode
Mighty the Armadillo Rolling Thunder Board Speed Clear 10 Missions with any Rank
Dr. Eggman E-Raider Bike Power Clear EX World Grand Prix D Class

Extreme Gear List

(Will Work on later)


(Will Work on later)

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