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So here in this nice little area, a decently sized room with all sorts of knick-knacks, clothes, trinkets, etc., the Shop Keeper resides here. The In-Game Currency is Ceni

Page is WIP

What can be done in the shop

You can do the following here:

  • Buy Costume Packs
  • Buy Color Packs
  • Buy Character Bios(Each Available upon clearing Arcade Mode with the corresponding character)
  • Buy a Lotto Ticket in hopes of winning a large amount of Ceni


  • Color Packs - 5,000 Ceni
  • Costume Packs - 10,000 Ceni
  • Character Bios - 300 Ceni(Starter Characters), 500 Ceni(Secret Characters)
  • Lotto Ticket - 5 Ceni

Costume Packs

  • Bizarre Future - Costumes for JoJo and Synth
  • Aqua Dragon, Prisma - Costumes for Jino, Zold, and Frisch
  • Federation of Guardian's Yore - Costumes for Fulgore, Ion, and Asterisca
  • Untold Secrets Act 1 - Costumes for Apollo, Joshua, and Io
  • Untold Secrets Act 2 - Costumes for SC4 and SC5
  • Untold Secrets Act 3 - Costumes for HardRoar, SC7, and Moros

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