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This is the Story Mode's page, quite simply it's where the full story will be fleshed out. Yes, the full story, not the individual character stories as they are in the Arcade Mode. Admittedly there were two ways I could've gone about this in terms of visualizing the story's gameplay:

  1. The Beat 'Em Up: Like the Tekken Series' Tekken Force or Devil Within modes or Smash's Adventure Modes.
  2. Cinematic: Cutscenes a plenty, but the fights are done through essentially standard gameplay. Like that of the MK games, Street Fighter V, MVCI, or Tekken 7's Mishima Saga.

However this is text and thus not actual gameplay...

To also note this is also a work in progress. There will be four acts, and likely lengthy each.

Act 1


Act 2


Act 3


Final Act


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