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Taiyang the Monkey belong to Ztarhaven





Taiyang is very kind to everyone he meets and has a heavy distastes for violence, but he will not hesitate to protect using violence.


Chaos Mastery - Training for countless years to prefect the art. Taiyang is a Tier 10 Chaos User and mostly uses neutral chaos energy.

Extreme Durability - With bones of stone and flesh of earth, punching him is like punching a boulder!

Will of Mobius - Born from Mobius herself he can control the natural elements of nature, and some are extensions of these powers.


Chaos Form - x200 Base

Chaos Form 2 - x2,000 Chaos 1

Chaos Form 3 - x20,000 Chaos 2

Chaos God - x200,000 Chaos 3

Planetary - x400,000,000 Chaos God

Multi Planetary - x2-100 Planetary

Exo Planetary - x800,000,000,000 Planetary

Multi Exo Planetary - x2-100 Exo Planetary


True Chaos Control

Chaos Gigaquake


1. Taiyang translates to Sun

2. Shen translates to God

3. Wukong translates to Awakened to Emptiness

4. So all together his name roughly means; "Sun God who has Awakened to Emptiness"

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