OK so basically just testing how this will go. If it goes well, there's likely more chances of this popping up.

If it goes horribly, well... atleast there was an attempt.


EDIT: Forgot to mention this is indeed a free join. Asking is optional.

Characters Involved

State your characters, have as many as you like, but keep it reasonable. Since this is basically a test page, just about anything goes... Well as long as they're not horribly overpowered or anything.

  • Jino(Played by Shotobros)
  • Ghost Lunari (Human Lunari, sorry her page isn't up)
  • Joshua Sentrium Burns
  • Joshua "Aelianos" Zephyrius

Turn Order

Since there's more than two people, there will be a turn order, which is:

Luna -> Shoto -> Josh the Hedgehog -> Aethervallum


Rules generally shouldn't be broken. If you want to know the rules, here they are:

  • No Godmodding
  • No Autohitting/Autokilling
  • NSFW Rules apply
  • No controlling others' characters, unless actually given permission to.
  • If there's anything extremely crazy going on, be sure to consider if the others are fine with it.
  • If a section has gone long enough, feel free to make a new one as long as everyone's in agreement.
  • Try to have fun.


If someone would like to start it, feel free to do so. 

It was a peaceful night on Earth, and Lunari was floating around above a town. She always enjoyed this, watching the people below.

Whereas Lunari was floating around above the town, Jino was not. Actually he was simply browsing the various stores in the market. The town itself wasn't quite big, a bit on the rural side if anything. The air was warm, there was even a sweet scent as well, as if someone had just baked a pie.

Lunari wanted to see what was happening, so she just drifted down to the ground near the market. She looked normal at first glance, a nice young lady with long hair and a dress. But, there was a faint glow coming off of her, and she was slightly translucent.

For a moment Jino could see her out of the corner of his eye, noting her faint glow and translucence. "Hm, odd." he thought before turning his attention back to the fruit stand he was currently at, "alright so you're saying my best deal for the night would be three bananas, a pineapple, and a dragon fruit for $5?"

As for what the owner of the stand had to say, "No, that's without the dragon fruit. With it, the deal is $20 because it's a special fruit." What was this even about honestly? Surely one fruit couldn't jump the price that high.

Lunari saw the fruit stand too, and floated closer, looking at the dragon fruit. She had never seen one before, she was pretty amazed to say the least.

"It can't be that special, i mean it's just an ordinary fruit." Jino replied, eyeing the fruit to see what was so special about it. Truth be told that it was a bit strange for something to be in gold wrapping rather than shown out in the open like every other fruit, especially the few other dragon fruits at the stand. "listen, kid, I personally pick out each fruit to be the highest quality I can find. And this one in gold is the most special. So if you want it, boy, it's $15 by itself, which makes the total out to be $20 with the other fruits." The owner explained with gruff annoyance, then shifting his eyes to Lunari, "And what about you, nightlight?"

Lunari jumped a bit, startled. She then quickly calmed down. "Oh, I'm just looking. I've never seen one of these before..." Lunari pointed to one of the other dragon fruits. "It's really pretty."

"Alright, if you say so." Jino sighed, then paying the $20 for the items he wanted. With everything bagged, he turned to Lunari, examining her very appearance from top to bottom and bottom to top. The Stand Owner on the other hand was pleased to hear her thoughts on his dragon fruits, "Thank you young lady, unlike this meatheaded pincushion, you appreciate quality." Even though his tone was pleasant, he was certainly glaring at Jino, whom of which seemed to just be ignoring the insult thrown his way. Wasn't his fault he had spiky hair or worked out regularly.

Lunari stifled a laugh, her hands over her mouth. "Thanks...?" She responded, hesitantly. "Anyways, your fruit looks beautiful. Goodbye!" Lunari waved goodbye to the stand owner before slowly starting to float away.

As Lunari began to float away, so did Jino. Frankly, at this point, he figured there'd at least be some form of company on the trip home with fruit in tow. The shop owner closed up for the night with a chuckle, and so the two were on their own. "So, uh, you're an odd one? You've got an aura not unlike any i've seen..." Small talk, great, something that's usually awkward with strangers.

Lunari nodded in agreement, not surprised in the least. "Yep. I'm a ghost, see?" Lunari demonstrated by waving her hand right through his arm, phasing right through it.

"Ain't that spooky? What's your name friend?" Jino looked at the very least slightly surprised, maybe shivering just a bit from the feeling of a ghostly hand phasing through his arm. Not many things really did surprise him. Well, most things didn't surprise him, "And were you always a ghost?"

Lunari shook her head no, not elaborating on that any further. "My name's Lunari." She answered.

"Jino, and I think I know someone with a similar name..." Regardless, he shrugged, paying no further mind on either matter, "come around those parts often?"

"Figures." Lunari chuckles. She then nods. "Yeah, I like coming back here. It's peaceful."

"I agree, It's nice, especially when at night and there's not really any fighting involved." When Jino smiled, he seemed utterly pleased. Usually he was one for getting into a quick scrap and the like, but right now he just preferred the nightly summer breeze. "So what's it like being a ghost?"

"It's-it's interesting. It's fun. Especially with my... abilities. I get to help people." Lunari tried to explain.

"I see. I try to help people as well... do continue, if you can." To note, at the rate they were going, they were likely above water by this point. The skies were clear and the moon shimmered brightly in its reflection.

"Well, it's always been easier to show to explain..." Lunari responded."If you want, I could show you..." She offered.

"Right, yeah, it is kinda easier to show than tell... Wait how are you going to show?" Jino had a good question there, how would Lunari be able to show what she wants to explain?

"My abilities. Brace yourself." Lunari warned, before floating closer to him. Her hand reached towards his, phasing through and staying together. Then her arm phased into his. Then, she swung around, phasing into him completely and... Staying there. It felt so strange, he could feel a burst of energy...

Needless to say, he was speechless about the matter, but the burst of energy was quite delightful. Granted, it was indeed strange for the moment. Needless to also say, Jino was quite impressed as well.

"Fun, right?" To top it all off, he could hear Lunari's voice in his head. Lunari amped up the power boost a bit more, and Jino could see light blue energy surrounding his hands. It was transparent, shimmering like heat waves.

"You've explained quite well. But, if you'd like to exit my body real quick..." Jino grinned with excitement, before stopping at the moment, "Perhaps I could show you a party trick of my own." What could he really have to show honestly? After all he was just apparently a normal human being, who could fly for some reason. A very normal person who was currently glowing blue and was able to fly. Of course.

Lunari did as she was told, leaving Jino and floating beside him. She wasn't really surprised that he had something special too. She had a hunch, and it just so happened to be right.

"Okay, so like first i might have to ask, that mind thing..." Judging by the tone, he was curious, "does that like apply to outside being in my body or anyone else's?" A fair question to ask, after all he was going to show what he had that was so special. Or happened to be in the process of showing given how there was a faint white aura around him.

"No, it doesn't." Lunari answered, shaking her head meekly. She watched him closely.

What lunari might notice that Jino seemed almost still despite the clothes on him were rippling almost, even his hair as black as it was, was flowing. The output of energy was surprising. Nevertheless, he appeared to have taken a deep breath. The white of the aura shifted to a fair gold, as did his hair shine on into a golden hue. The physical changes were notable, but the energy output was astounding. Of course when everything was said and done, it certainly seemed a bit brighter despite it still being nighttime, likely now due to our golden friend here. "Okay, so, you know how in those games with the blue guy, if you collect the seven gems and 50 rings, he gets like a super mode? Yeahhh this is kinda like that, except without the gems or the rings. Or the invincibility. Or the red eyes." Truth be told, Jino's eye coloration went from a stark black to a lovely emerald as far as the irises were concerned, "what do you think?"

Lunari was awestruck, her eyes wide. "Wow...."

However as quickly as the form came about, it dissipated just as quickly, perhaps to make note of the fact that with the output in power, there was the possibility of attention of any sort to attract, "See now, with that kind of power, there are benefits. Increased agility, strength, stuff like that. stuff that can be really helpful when things get tough. There are a few downsides, but not many that i can think of... But right now we should get going..."

(End of the Beginning section.)

Part 1

New Section, begin.

The sounds of an airliner may or may not be heard in the distance. If it could be heard and anyone looked at the source of the sound, it appears an Aircraft resembling that of a futuristic C-130 and AC-130 was passing by. Where it was heading to was unknown of course, but since the Aircraft was military in origin, it can be assume it is transferring to another installation, or otherwise on their way to a mission. They could've just gotten back from one as well.

Nearby was a monotone sound of a futuristic aircraft. Along with the paratrooper plane is a UFO-like spacecraft trailing behind. Because of its fairly short distance to it and that there was no ensuing dogfight, it is sure that it was not an enemy.

Lunari heard something, and stopped, turning around. "What the...?"

The same could be said for Jino as well, stopping after hearing something and then turning to see what it was that made the noise.

They could see a large Military Aircraft resembling that of a Paratrooper Plane, as well as a Support Aircraft seeing it has armaments on it's right side. It's flight path made it look like it was only passing by.

The UFO was following the flight path of the paratrooper plane.

Lunari pointed at the source of the sound, at the two planes. "Wanna go check it out?" She asked Jino.

Seeing as there was not much else to be done right now for him, he shrugged, "Sure. Lead the way."


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