So I've decided to take the time out of my life to do this.

This fight took me 3 hours to type from the start to the mid-point.

But then, I was a fool and I lost it all.

However, I'm going to retype it now.

It won't be exactly the same as before, but I remember most of what I typed.

Anyway, this is where Xia finally decides to take action against Prizor.

After he's slain most of the world's heroes and villains, practically all of the gods, and has just defeated her brother Ty, she stands in his way one last time.

"You have caused enough strife to fill 60 lifetimes". "You will either lie down your life or I will take it from you". "There is no alternative". Prizor just stares at her before unsheathing his sword. Then Prizor says "You'll just have to take it from me if you wish to stop me Xia". Then Xia sighed and entered her Restrained Carnage Form before saying "Violence isn't ever supposed to be the answer". Then Xia looked to the side and said "But enough, I can no longer turn my cheek away". Then Xia glared at Prizor as magical energy filled the room and she said "Prepare yourself Prizor, I do this for my family".

Then Prizor snarled and said "You'll soon join them". Then Xia said in a stern tone "Not before I send you to Hell first". Then multiple fireballs flew in towards Prizor and he dodged the first and slashes clean through the second and third before dodging all but one, which hit him and knocked him flying backwards as spikes rose from the ground behind and impaled him through his back and Prizor coughed up blood as Xia said "Don't expect mercy, expect a beating". Then Xia blasted Prizor through the spiked wall with a gigantic water laser that blasted him through the far wall and he landed on the stairs and fell down them as Xia floated into the room and magical energy drifted like smoke following her.

"Are you scared yet"? asked Xia to Prizor who barely managed to stand up. Then Prizor snarled and said "I fear no one"! Then Xia said "You will fear me, I'm only starting to show you what I'm capable of". Then green energy flew around Xia before she said "Blind". Then the energy flew towards Prizor and struck him in his left eye. Prizor yelled in pain and said "What the Hell"!? "What did you do to my eye"!? Then Xia said "Let's see how well you can fight with only 1 eye". Then she blasted Prizor into the air with balls of light that flew into him and exploded. Then Xia created a blade made of dark energy and launched it at Prizor, which impaled him through his chest to the wall.

Then Xia said "Now you will die Prizor". Then she unleashed a Mana Spear that flew like a gigantic arrow as it collided with Prizor and went straight through his body! Then Xia glared at Prizor, who was still alive and pulling the dark blade from his chest. He pulled it out and he landed on his feet as he snapped the blade in two and said "Face it Xia, you can't kill me". Then Xia said "You speak those words hoping to unnerve me Prizor". "I went through Hell and emerged as an angel, you will not break me". Then Prizor's sight returned as he snarled and said "I've done more than break angels". Then Xia said "Your sight has returned already"? "You must be different from the typical weaklings that try to destroy this planet". Then blue energy drifted around Xia as she said "Zephyr Mantle" and about 25 shadows appeared around her that looked just like her and they began to drift around the area as Xia said "I've never had to use my full magical might on anyone in a long while, not since I battled your Master".

Then Prizor took off 3 of his power rings and said "Then you'd better prepare yourself for the second you must face at your full power". Then Prizor summoned all 7 of his spears as his chain whips unrolled and he took his serious battle stance. Then green energy drifted around Xia and she said "Protectga" as her defense increased massively. Then she said "You've destroyed the little I still had left of my family". "This is where you pay back the debt you owe Life". Then Xia said "Tranquility" and she left her Unrestrained Carnage Form and then entered her True Super Form! Then she said "Your own energy fears your power like the plague". Then Xia created billions of fireballs around the area and they erupted in heat and intensity as she said "But I don't fear you". Then the heat increased even more as she closed her eyes. Prizor snarled and said "Your heat won't destroy me, I'm stronger than any heat you can use"!

Then Xia opened her eyes and said "Stop talking inferior being". "Your every breath pollutes this dying world even more than you already have". Then the fireballs began flying in 2 or 3 at a time from different directions as Prizor began slashing them aside. They kept coming and Prizor kept slashing through them until he had sliced through all of them. Then he said "Now, are you scared yet Xia"? Then Xia snarled and the sliced fireballs all drifted back as they now were doubled and she said "Your arrogance will only get you killed Prizor". Then Prizor snarled and blasted lighting around him in a wave that destroyed all of the fireballs and knocked Xia backwards and through a wall. Then Prizor dashed forward, but Xia used Blink to teleport away from his slash and appear about 20 feet behind him.

Then Xia said "That's enough". "I've toyed with you long enough". Then a fiery spiral began winding out of the ground around both her and Prizor. Prizor looked at the fire spiral and said "Another trick huh"? Then Xia said "This 'trick' will be your death". Then spirits appeared and they lent their power to Xia before leaving. Then the flames solidified and the sphere's heat began to increase drastically. Then Xia snapped her fingers as the sphere began to close in on them. Then she said "You claimed to be unbeatable, let's put that to the test". Then the heat grew even more intense as the ground beneath them began to melt! Then Prizor snarled and tried to slash Xia, but she moved to the side and said "Petrify" as green energy drifted around Prizor and turned him into stone! Prizor seemed to try to move, as the stone was shaking. Then Xia said "Ancestor's Eruption" as the fiery sphere around them began to glow with power and began to heat up even more!

Prizor shattered the stone as the sphere exploded and he put up both arms in defense from the blast as it consumed the entire castle! After the smoke cleared and the embers were drifting through the air, Prizor emerged and Xia said "So even that couldn't kill you"? Then she sighed and said "Meteor" as a giant meteor came crashing down on Prizor and he held his arms up and was holding it in the sky. Then Prizor snarled and said "You're starting to piss me off Xia"! Then he punched the meteor and it shattered as he took off 4 more of his power rings. Then Xia said "Hastega" and her speed increased massively as she said "Congratulations, you've managed to piss me off too". Then Xia said "10,000 Needles" and a bunch of small fists appeared Prizor and started punching towards him. Prizor began blocking all of the punches as Xia said "Stun" but Prizor dodged the energy and it hit the fists, stunning them and stopping the spell. Then Prizor said to Xia "Anymore spells you have for me to play with"?

Then Xia said "Judgement Bolt" and a bolt of karmic energy blasted Prizor and he took serious damage as he fell to his knees! Then Xia said "There will be no more mercy". "Judgement Bolt" Then more karmic lightning blasted Prizor over and over again as Xia said "If you want to kill Vuxo then you'd better be ready for more pain then this". Then Xia stopped and Prizor still stood, bleeding as he barely had any energy left. Then he said "Damn you". Then he launched one of his chain whips at Xia, which she used a flaming hand to grab and sent the heat down the chain and burnt Prizor's hand before saying "Metal conducts heat you know". Then Prizor snarled and pulled the chain back before saying "Then let's see how you survive my Wrath". Then Xia lifted her right index and middle fingers into the air as a ball of energy appeared on them and grew a fuse on one end. Then Xia said "Wrath you say"? Then she said "Wrath Bomb" and the fuse was lit as Prizor snarled and said "How many damn spells do you have"!? Then Xia launched the bomb towards Prizor, who slashed it down the middle as the 2 halves flew behind him on opposite sides and exploded behind him.

Then Prizor took off 4 more power rings as he said "I'm tired of you Xia, let's end this". Then Xia left her True Super Form and entered her Carnage Form before saying "How fortunate it is for Gold now, she won't have to watch you die". Then Prizor snarled and yelled "Shut the Hell up" before launching a blast of lightning at Xia. Xia said "Devour Blast" and her small blast devoured the lightning and Prizor dodged the blast before snarling again. Then Xia said "Faithga" and her magic grew even more powerful. Then she said "I've grown tired of fighting you". "I call upon the Great Spirit of Ice, Lady Shiva herself". Then Shiva appeared and snow began to fall and ice formed on the ground as Prizor snarled. Then Shiva glared at Prizor, who began to freeze, but was fighting it off.

Then Shiva breathed a short breath of frost that flew around Prizor as he broke free and he blasted the frost with lightning and said "Your summoning won't stop me Xia". Then Prizor lashed Shiva flying backwards and then teleported next to Xia and kicked her flying through a wall before blasting Shiva with lighting, destroying her. Then he turned to Xia and said "Now it is your turn to die, bitch". Xia stood up and said "I'm tough, ambitious, and I know what I want". "If that makes me a bitch Prizor, then I'll be the bitch who defeats you". Then Xia said "Serpent's Bite" and a large flaming snake came out of the ground and melted the ice, leaving water on the ground. The snake wrapped itself around Prizor and Xia said to it "Occidere eum". (Latin for "Kill him".)

The snake ate Prizor and began to self-destruct, but then Prizor uppercutted his way out of the giant snake while yelling "I WILL NOT BE DENIED"! Then the snake fell over on the ground and turned to dust as it exploded into 2 pieces. Then Xia said "Mental Hell" and Prizor began experiencing severe headaches and nearly fell over as Xia said "Now, I will find the secret of your ability to take punishment". Then Xia began to read Prizor's mind as he struggled to fight off the headaches. Xia then saw his soul, which was keeping him from dying and said "There it is". "Your one weak point". Then she walked a short bit away and said "That's why none were able to stop you, you can't be stopped by conventional means". Then Xia said "Now I know what must be done, your time is up". Then Xia entered her Divine Form and said "Maelstrom". However, Prizor erupted free from the headaches as he took off 3 more power rings and said to Xia "Ready to join your boyfriend yet"?

Xia snarled and said "Ready to join your girlfriend yet"? as the Maelstrom began to ravage the planet. Prizor began walking through the entire Maelstrom as the energy swirled around him and blasted him without leaving a single mark. Then he said to Xia "I'm done holding back, I'm going to kill you and continue on to Master". Xia looked at him and said "Black Hole" as a huge black hole opened up and blasted intense energy at Prizor, who put up his right hand and blocked it with little difficulty and said "Now it is your turn to realize your destiny Xia". Then Prizor broke the entire mass of mana and disrupted Xia's mana flow! Xia was stunned as Prizor then teleported next to her and said "When Deatj smiles at you, what do you do back"? Then Xia turned to Prizor as time slowed down and she said "I don't know about you, but I'd kick his ass and tell him to piss off". Then Xia slapped Prizor hard enough to make him slide backwards as she restored her mana flow and said "Arcane Hellzone". Then quadrillions of balls of mana all appeared around Prizor and began blasting him from every direction!

Prizor was still standing when the smoke cleared, but he had several scars on his body. Then Xia said "Meteor Rain" as meteors began to fall from the sky. Prizor slashed 3 of them in half and used telekinesis along with his sword to slam the pieces he cut into other meteors to divert their path while he sliced through any that got too close to him. Then Prizor used telekinesis to lift up all of the pieces and launched them at Xia, who used Blink to teleport away from the debris and then said "You just won't die, will you"? "I guess I'll just have to use my own way of killing you". Then Xia said "Immobilize" and Prizor was stopped in his tracks to where even his teleportation couldn't move him. Then Xia said "Spirit Isolation" and Prizor's soul was pulled from his body and he was able to move as a spirit as Xia then used Blink to teleport close to him. Then Xia said "Your weapons are with your body and your powers are sealed within it". "Now it is your turn to taste Death".

Then Xia said "Spirit Annihilation" and a blast erupted from her hands and blasted Prizor as it tried to destroy his very soul! However, Prizor's strong soul managed to survive. Xia was undeterred as she said "Then I'll try once more". "Spirit Annihilation". Another blast hit Prizor and had the same effect as the first, Prizor managed to resist it again. Then Xia snarled and said "You're a bigger pain in the ass than Johnny"! Then she blasted Prizor again, and again, and again, and again before finally stopping and saying "Why won't you just die"!? Then Prizor coughed up blood and said "Because I won't give up on my goal". Then he returned to his body and Xia bowed her head. Prizor took off his last power ring and healed his wounds before saying "Sayonara Xia". Then he sent a giant blast of lightning towards Xia, but a hand made of fire blocked it without any effort and Prizor seemed a bit surprised. Then Xia lifted her head back up and her eyes glowed white as she said "Testis est virtus vitae"! ("Witness the power of Life"!)

Then a bright light enveloped the area as Xia entered her God of Mana form! Prizor shielded his eyes from the light and said "So, the Goddess of Magic finally shows herself through you"? Then Xia glared at Prizor and magical energy blasted him flying backwards as she said "It is true Prizor, you haven't slain every God that lives". Then Prizor snarled and said "So that's why I didn't find you in their realm, you hid inside of a Mortal's body". Then she said "This is no mere Mortal Prizor, I picked my best student". Then Xia said "And with her godly power in addition to my own, I will destroy you"! Then Xia blasted Prizor with ice so cold, it burned his skin and made him kneel in pain before saying "Why don't you beg for mercy Prizor"? "It suits you". Then Xia blasted even more magical energy at Prizor and blasted him through the entire castle, where he ended up outside and she teleported next to him and used magic to levitate him into the air, where Prizor seemed to be nearly defenseless. Then Xia walked up in front of him and placed a spell on her right hand as she said "Soul Purge". Then her hand glowed with a bright light as she said "Your path of murder ends here Prizor, you will be the last who shall die". Then Xia placed the spell on Prizor's chest and it began to burn his very soul!

Then Xia said "The burn you feel will only become hotter in Hell, you'd better take some notes". Then Prizor roared in pain and snarled before saying "You'll have to try harder than this to kill me"! Then Prizor grabbed the fire and began to pry it from his body and then threw it flying into the sky before Xia said "Impressive, for a Mortal". Then Prizor snarled and sent his telekinetic spears flying at her, but Xia stopped them all with a gust of wind that blew Prizor backwards as she said "You're quite difficult to kill, I'll give you that". Then Xia summoned Anima, who created an iron maiden behind Prizor and had it slam shut on him! But then Prizor is seen forcing it open and breaking it before saying "Piss off"! Then Prizor flew towards Xia and tried to slash her, but she moved to the side and said "You're so predictable Prizor, this isn't even a challenge anymore". Then Xia created a small Big Bang in her left hand and said "This is where we part ways, one of us will die and the other will live".

Then Prizor glared at Xia and said "Hit me with your best shot". Then Xia charged her energy into a giant Big Bang that began to swirl like a star-shaped rainbow that enveloped the entire universe as it began to distort reality around it and gave off afterimages as Xia's shadows appeared around her and gave her their combined magic power as she said "Are you certain you want me to not hold back"? Then Prizor laughed as he entered his Soul Devour Form and said "I won't be holding back, so you shouldn't either". Then Xia said "Then prepare yourself for Death". Then Xia's mother appeared in spirit form and lend her energy to Xia as Prizor laughed again. Xia's Mother hugged her daughter and turned to leave as Prizor used his telekinetic to impale her spirit, destroying her!

Xia was very shocked at the attack and stood in shock as Prizor said to her "You shouldn't lower your guard during a battle". Then Xia glared at Prizor and said "You'll regret that one Prizor, this is where you die"! Then Xia launched the Mother-Daughter Big Bang down at Prizor, who chuckled and held his blade like Starkiller as he prepared a slash. "No one will stop me Xia, this is the time for judgement". Then Prizor slashed the giant Big Bang and sparks erupted everywhere as the Big Bang began to explode violently and Prizor snarled as he was blasted by it's pure power as Xia said "Propter mandatum assume, et sicut jam mori"! ("Shut up and just die already"!) However, Prizor began walking through the bright mass of energy as he said "Nope, you'll have to ask nicer than that".

Xia sensed him and said "Still alive"? Then Xia sighed and said "Patience isn't working on you, I'll just have to end this quickly". Then Xia finally took off her hood and her long quills flowed down her shoulders as she said "I've had enough of you now Prizor, I'll destroy you". Then Xia said "Heaven's Wrath" and comets began to rain on the area along with the intense energy from the Big Bang that was still exploding. Prizor was dodging the comets while walking through the mass of energy before saying "Is this all you got for your best"? Then Xia snarled and said "Super Nova" as a giant star exploded on Prizor and billions of other stars fell and exploded into even more stars that exploded yet again before the spell was done.

When the smoke cleared, Prizor was still standing, but was injured. Prizor was struggling with the mass of energy from the Big Bang and said "You think this is enough to kill me"!? Then Xia glared at him as magical energy surrounded him and she said "We'll just have to find out, won't we"? Then another fiery spiral appeared around Prizor as a flaming snake appeared inside of it and wrapped around him along with the fire solidifying around them as a giant tornado came swirling in and bouncing Prizor off the walls as the snake slammed him around the sphere. Then octillions of fireballs appeared inside the sphere and began blasting Prizor as he heard Xia say "Forget restraining myself, you must die for your actions". Then the entire flaming sphere began to freeze as Xia walked closer to it while saying "Absolute Zero Aura". Then she touched the flame on one side and it turned to ice that she shattered by slapping it.

Then Xia walked closer to Prizor, who fought the extreme cold as Xia then added power to the flames, as they renewed their intensity and began to burn with a combination of heat and cold! Then Xia said to the kneeling Prizor "Would you like 1 last chance to mend your ways"? Prizor seemed to raise his hand to shake her extended hand, but Xia moved her hand away and said "You didn't grant anyone mercy, why should I grant you mercy"? Then Xia touched Prizor on his left cheek and he began to freeze as she said "Remain here for all of Eternity, never to hurt another being again". However, Prizor said "The hands of Death will not hold me Xia, the depths of Hell will not stop me from returning, and your icy grave will only be temporary". Then Xia's eyes glowed as she created another fire in her hand and placed it on Prizor's chest as she said "You will never return again, Soul Purge"!

The blast began to destroy Prizor's soul as he said in agony "Watch me return..." Then Prizor used his telekinetic spear to impale Xia from behind! "From the afterlife..." However, the spear had also impaled Prizor through his chest! Xia still managed to look Prizor in the eyes and said "The tag has been placed, all I must do is light the fuse". Then Xia said "Soul Nova" as she began to glow with an otherworldly light! Prizor snarled and said "Dammit, there's no way for me to dodge this since we're both on the same spear..." Then Xia laughed as she glowed brighter and said "I shall die, but I'll die with a smile knowing I ended your terror". Then Prizor snarled and said "The same trick won't kill me Xia, I know how to avoid your spell"!

Then Prizor ripped the fire from his body again and the ice began to freeze him as Xia said "I prepared for that ahead of time, what do you suppose the ice was for"? Then Prizor snarled and said "DAMMIT"! Then Xia glowed with blinding intensity as she said "This is for all of the innocents and guilty that have died by your blade"! Then she slapped Prizor as she self-destructed in a blinding flash of light! The entire universe shook violently as the explosion went chaotic and Prizor snarled as he could feel his strength fading from all of the damage hitting him. "How stupid of her to forget that she can't destroy me without that tag she placed on me" Prizor said as the explosions finally subsided and he still stood, with scars all over his body and heavily drained of energy.

Then Prizor began walking towards the stairs that led to the second floor of Vuxo's Castle, where Prizor knew his former Master would be. Prizor returned to his normal form to preserve his energy and walked up the stairs as he said "With her dead, few will remain in my way now". However, a glow appeared in the room he just left. Then a voice said "I've planted the seeds of the future, now it is up to you to water those seeds and stop him". Then the glow faded as Prizor reached the room with Legna...


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