Since this fight was actually an awesome fight when I wrote it in my notes, I've decided to add it here to it's own page since it's rather long.

Anyway, this takes place in Chapter 10 when Prizor and Zezko are about to battle.

"You have slain my kin and I will make you pay for it". said Zezko as he pointed the Sword of Sin at Prizor. Prizor snarled and took his battle stance as he said "Let's see who has more Wrath". Then Zezko send a slash traveling towards Prizor, who dodged it and then rushed at Zezko, who blocked his slash with one of his own before kicking Prizor into the air and teleporting up to slam him back down with a giant hand smash. Prizor emerged as Zezko landed about 10 feet in front of him and said "Hell is too good for you Mortal, you deserve worse". "Far worse". Then Prizor yelled at Zezko "I DO THIS FOR VENGEANCE"! "IF THE FOOLISH GODS WOULDN'T STAND IN MY WAY OR SEND FOOLS TO STOP ME THEN NO ONE ELSE WOULD HAVE TO DIE BY MY BLADE"!

Then Zezko said "Your vengeance will destroy Mobius, you are a fire that destroys all in it's path". Then Zezko said "The Gods placed such challenges in your way to test your determination". Then Zezko looked down at the Eternal Shackles and said "But you have proven to be too determined, you are too dangerous to allow the existence of". Then Zezko said "My granddaughter is gone because of you, my son is gone because of you". Then Zezko began to pull on the shackles and they didn't budge. Then he said "But I have chained myself, I will never use that power again". Then Zezko equipped his armor and said "I must stop you now". "If I fail to stop you now, then all is lost". Then Zezko finally entered his Demonic State and suddenly increased to Demonic State II before saying "You've taken the little I had from me". "I already had little forgiveness for Mortals..." Then Zezko said "But you have raised that bar Prizor, and you will pay for it".

Then Zezko snarled and said to Prizor "There are Angels, Demons, Saints, Gods, Mortals, Robots, and Aliens in this world..." "BUT YOU ARE WORSE THAN THE REST COMBINED"! yelled Zezko as he teleported himself and Prizor into another realm where they were alone, so no others could feel their Wrath. Then Zezko created millions of fireballs around the area they were in and said "I do not do this for the fate of this world, I care for it less than you do". "I do this for the fate of Life itself, you'll destroy it if you're given the chance". Then the fireballs flew in 2 at a time from different directions and blasted Prizor over and over before Zezko teleported into the dome and kicked Prizor into the sky as the remaining 200 all crashed into him and blasted him into the ground.

Then Zezko grabbed Prizor by his head and pried him out of the ground and threw him flying through a wall of fire he created behind him. Then Zezko snarled and said "Just give up and die Mortal, I will not allow you to destroy anything else". Then Prizor took off his power rings and said "No..." Then he stood up and Zezko entered his Demonic State III and said "You're too damn persistent for your own good Mortal". "I'm through being nice, you will not continue any further". Then Zezko summoned the Whip of Torture in his right hand and held 3 Discs of Torment in his left hand as he said "I haven't had to use my full might for almost 3000 years now, I should thank you for being an interesting fight Mortal". Then Zezko laughed and said "But I don't thank anyone or anything, just like you". Then Prizor snarled and said "Only the weak thank the toothless Gods, those who are all bark and no bite"! Then Zezko laughed again and said "That is where you are wrong Prizor". "The Gods are merciful to their own fault, that much is true". Then Zezko became serious and said "But I am NOT one of those Gods from the realm above".

"You stand in Griteuz, my own personal realm..." "There is no saving you now, this is where your Wrath dies". Then Zezko lashed Prizor with the whip and the spikes sliced into Prizor's skin as his mind began to feel intense pain. Prizor began to falter as he was forced to his knees and seemed to be nearly out of energy as he growled and said "Damn... you...". Then Zezko said "You are powerful indeed, but you are nothing I haven't faced before". Then Prizor snarled and began to stand up as he said "Your tricks won't stop me Demon King, I am stronger than any trick you can use"! Then Zezko laughed and launched a Disc of Torment at Prizor and it sliced into his left arm as it began to infect his mind with nightmares. Prizor saw his fears and haunts in front of him as he turned to them and said "No... these are just visions in my head...".

Then Prizor broke free from the Whip of Torture and used his own chain whips to grab Zezko and slam him through a wall. Then Prizor snarled and said "You will suffer for trying to poison my mind Demon King"! Then Zezko stood up and said "Well then, I guess it's time I stop holding back". He then activated his Boots of Agony and walked towards Prizor, who started to weaken drastically. Prizor could barely hold his sword as Zezko walked closer and said "I am more powerful than Satan, I am Wrath in it's strongest form". "You are inferior to me in all aspects". Then Zezko impaled Prizor through his chest with the Sword of Sin and Prizor coughed up blood. Then Zezko said "Your Wrath is nothing more than the illusions I presented to you".

Then Zezko smacked Prizor flying with a bitch-slap from his left hand. However, Prizor landed on his feet and snarled again, resisting the effects of Zezko's Boots of Agony. Then Prizor said "I will not lose to you..." Then Prizor used the Quake Axe to cause an earthquake that shook Zezko as Prizor flew over and impaled him through his chest and flew into the sky with him and then kicked him through an entire castle that was inside of the realm. Prizor flew in and said to the injured Zezko "I am powered by your Wrath Demon King". Then Zezko said "Your anger only fuels me further Mortal". Then Zezko entered his Demon King form and his injuries healed as he said "I am older than the feeble Gods of your realm, I predate them all save 1". "You face one with the knowledge of an Elder God and the strength of a Creator God".

Then Zezko blasted Prizor through the castle with a beam of hellfire from his right hand. Then Zezko flew after Prizor and stabbed him with the Sword of Sin again before kicking him to the ground and flying down and stabbing the Sword of Sin into Prizor's throat! Then Zezko's eyes glowed red as he said "Die Mortal"! "Die and allow Life to live"! Then Prizor grabbed Zezko's hands and began to force the blade back up as he said "The hands of Death will not hold me Demon King"! Then Prizor kicked Zezko backwards and used his chain whips to lash Zezko backwards before saying "I refuse to die until my Wrath is complete"! Then Zezko got up and snarled before saying "Then I will not allow you to return"! Then Zezko summoned the Scythe of Exile! Prizor glanced at the scythe and said "Do you think your weapons will stop me"? Then Zezko said "This is the Scythe of Exile, all who die from it's blade are denied the right to the afterlife"! Then Zezko said "In other words, if this kills you, you're dead for good and nothing will EVER revive you"!

Then Zezko dashed at Prizor and yelled "I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO DESTROY LIFE"! Then Prizor blocked Zezko's slash as he said to Zezko "You will watch me destroy Life". Then Prizor impaled Zezko through his chest with his blade and kicked him back into the castle as he landed in a pool of lava. Then Prizor said "From the Afterlife, Demon King". Then Prizor turned to leave as the castle began to shake violently. Prizor walked towards the castle and a giant figure emerged from inside of it as Zezko erupted out and was gigantic! Then Zezko said "Realms quake with fear when I take this form, but this is my realm". "It responds to my will and my will alone". Then Zezko looked at the Eternal Shackles and said "These shackles stop me from fighting at my full power, but I am still capable of defeating you Mortal".

Then Prizor snarled and said "You just don't like to die do you"? Then Prizor flew at Zezko, but was punched away by Zezko. Then Zezko summoned the Sword of Sin and it grew in size to fit his hand as he said "You will not be allowed to continue any further Mortal". Then Zezko summoned the Shield of Equilibrium in his left hand and said "Come Mortal, I will test your might". Then Prizor snarled and blasted forward with a slash. Zezko used the shield to block the slash and the shockwave blasted Prizor flying backwards with the same amount of force he used in the attack, which severely hurt him. Prizor barely managed to stand as Zezko said "This is where you die Mortal, you are nothing when your Wrath can't save you". Then Prizor snarled as he entered his Soul Devourer Form and said "I will not lose to you Demon King, I am stronger than any stupid deity this damn planet has". Then Zezko laughed and said "I am no longer the Demon King". "Now, I am the Demon God"! Then Prizor erupted forward and punched the shield with all of his energy at once!

The shield shattered and Zezko was knocked backwards as Prizor kept punching him over and over again with rage fueling his punches. Zezko managed to punch Prizor back and said "Impressive, you can destroy godly weapons and armor it seems". Then Zezko slashed Prizor with the Sword of Sin, but Prizor was holding the giant blade up with his bare hands! Then Zezko said "Hmm"? "You still have enough power to fight back"? Then Prizor blasted Zezko backwards while holding onto the blade. Prizor struggled to hold the giant blade, but managed to keep in under his control a bit as he yelled at Zezko "NO GOD WILL STAND IN MY WAY DEMON GOD"! Then Zezko snarled and said "I am no God Mortal". Then Zezko said "I used to be a God, but that was centuries ago". "Now, I am the Fallen God of Mobius"! Then Zezko summoned the Rod of Massacres and it grew in size before he slammed it down on Prizor!

However, the QTE button appears and pressing it results in Prizor starting to lift the Rod! Then Prizor will pull the rod from Zezko's hand and smack him over the head with it, causing him to take serious damage that stuns him as Prizor drops the rod and lifts up the Sword of Sin again. Then Prizor impaled Zezko with the Sword of Sin and yells "FEEL THE WRATH OF YOUR ONE TRUE STUDENT"! Then blood began to pour from Zezko's mouth as he said "You... are no... mere Mortal..." Then Zezko grabbed the blade and used it to cut through the Eternal Shackles! Then Zezko grabbed Prizor in a crushing grip as he extended his wings and began to fly into the sky with Prizor. Then Zezko said to Prizor as they flew higher into the sky "I cannot allow you to exist". Then Zezko trapped himself and Prizor in a sphere of flames as he said "I now know what you are, I will stop you"!

Then Zezko's realm begins to fall apart as Zezko says "I'm leaving the world of the living, and you are coming with me"! Then Zezko said "I'm willing to destroy my own realm to protect those who remain in the other realm"! Then Zezko exploded right next to Prizor and his realm also began to fall apart as it ripped into pieces that began to break apart and explode violently! Prizor survived Zezko's explosion, and flew through a rift in realms as he arrived back in Hell and left his Soul Devourer form and was back at Zezko's throne. He then continued on his path.

However, he glanced at Zezko's Scythe, which survived the explosion. Prizor then picked it up and decided to take it with him.