So about 2 years ago, I made a Top 10 Best Sonic Games.

This is the polar opposite.

These Sonic Games are among the worst and I couldn't recommend any of them after the first 2-4.

A quick note, I am not counting crossovers like Smash Bros or Sonic & SEGA All Stars.

I also am not counting fanmade games for this list.

With that said, let's get this list started.

Number 15

Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice

Starting off with the best of the Boom trilogy, that says a lot about what's to come. The game wasn't downright terrible, but it had it's share of flaws. If you're going to play ANY of the Sonic Boom games, play this one.

Number 14

Sonic R

Moving backwards in time to the 90's, we have this product. Granted, this game isn't very bad but it lacks balance and tracks to race on. There's only 5 tracks, including the 1 you have to unlock. And then there's the clear CHEAP characters to play as. Knuckles glides past most of the tracks, Tails flies, and don't even get me started on the OP that is Super Sonic.

I wouldn't complain as much if all of the characters could exploit the levels, but Amy is in a damn car with the worst handling ever. This is merely a game to waste time with in my opinion.

Number 13

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystals

Out of the first two Sonic Boom games, this was the better one. The game, contrary to popular belief, wasn't terrible. The glitches are what messed up this game, not the level design. And with the imfamous other entry that came alongside it, pretty much no one gave it a chance.

Number 12

Sonic Shuffle

Did you ever wanna know what a half-assed Mario Party rip-off looks like? Look no further than this. This game had potential, but was burdened with a lack of characters and a copycat-esque collection of mini-games. If there would've been more effort and less copy-paste, the game may have had a chance.

Number 11

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

That's right, there are 10 games worse than Rise of Lyric. This game earned it's place as being infamous for it's glitches and boring gameplay, almost to the point of a VERY INFAMOUS game that came out several years before.

The humor is there, but it is BURIED beneath the boring gameplay and glitches.

Number 10

Sonic The Fighters

A sonic fighting game with about 10 characters. Granted, this game isn't on this list for being terrible. It's on this list for how weird it is and how limited it was. The points I'll give this game is that it's the only time we'll ever see Bean, Fang, Bark, and Honey. If this game was more polished and wasn't limited on it's roster, it probably would barely make the list.

I can recommend this one if you're fine with limited characters and a short story to play.

Number 9

Sonic Drift 2

Before there was Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, there was Sonic R. Before Sonic R, there were two Sonic Drifts. This second one was a big improvement from the first, but still lacked equally fun to play characters and was still limited to only about 7 characters total.

This game was the better of the 2, and I'd still stay away from it.

Number 8

Sonic Labyrinth

Uh, this one wounded my soul when I played it. Sonic's trademark speed was GONE, the levels looked like damn checkerboards, and it was boring as HELL. I can't think of anything good about this game other than the average soundtrack.

Do yourself a favor, don't touch this game. If you want to see it's gameplay, watch a poor soul on YouTube.

Number 7

Tail's Sky Patrol

This game wasn't as bad as it was weird and unwanted. Basically, this game in a nutshell is Tails flying around disabling bombs launched by Eggman. It gets repetitive very quickly and fails to hold attention for long. This game is fun for the first 10 minutes, then it gets worse and worse.

Number 6

Sonic Drift

Everything I said about the second game's problems are even more glaring and worse here. There's only 4-5 playable characters and it's number of tracks is even more pitiful than the second game. If I recommended to stay away from the second game, then downright AVOID this one like the plague.

Number 5: Bronze Medal

SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter

Ever wonder why there were only 2 SegaSonic games? This game is why. Imagine this, your view is that of a pinball machine, and Sonic has stolen a damn Star Fox Arwing to chase Eggman through space. If your reaction was WTF like mine, then I think I've said enough.

Number 4: Silver Medal

Tails and the Music Maker

This game was just WEIRD. I praise it for the simplicity and originality but I still have to raise an eyebrow at it for how unorthodox it was. The game wasn't terrible, it was just very weird for a Sonic Game. Maybe if it was a bit more challenging I would have a better opinion of it.

Number 3: Gold Medal

Sonic Eraser

This game had the same problem as Tails and the Music Maker, it was just very weird and not wanted. The difference is that it's a hard as Hell puzzle game that was relatively hated compared to an easy as Hell game that received praise for originality. The game was quite hard, ESPECIALLY for the young audience it was aimed at.

Because of all that, I would only recommend this game to puzzle game lovers rather than Sonic fans.

Number 2: Platinum Medal

Sonic Schoolhouse

Okay, I've been nice this entire time. But this game deserves the gloves to come off. This 'game' was a monstrosity that had Sonic, who is a rather bad role model, trying to educate children. This game just SUCKS and after I took one look at it, I threw the game in the trash and burnt it. The game is a waste of time and money, and should never be touched by anyone, let alone a Sonic fan.

If you somehow still have this game, either destroy it or sell it. Whichever you prefer.

Honorable Mentions


This game is infamous enough already, I'm not going to beat a dead horse.

Shadow The Hedgehog

Again, pretty infamous. All that can be said about it has been said.

Number 1: Diamond Medal

We've seen the Good...

We've seen the Bad...

Now we will see the Ugly...

Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car

Okay, WTF is this game? Sonic as a damn cop giving people tickets? Sonic, who has little respect for authority, a hedgehog in a human environment, and who can't even spell vehicle, is a damn member of New York's finest?

This game is a major clusterfuck of insanity and dumb ideas. If it was Tails, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. The only 'good' thing about this game is that it was arcade-exclusive and has been mostly discontinued. I always wanted to break the arcade machine after I played it once when I was very young. As if it was destiny, about a year later, a 20 year old man took a sledgehammer to it and was arrested.

15 years later, they still haven't replaced it and the arcade closed down a few weeks ago.

Anyway, that was my Top 15 worst Sonic games.

Let me know if I missed a bad one or if you never heard of some of these bad games.

Until the next list, this is Dio signing off.

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