Hey, Dio here for a Top 25 List!

I'd normally keep it down to 10, but there were too many brutal ones I just couldn't miss.

Before I start, I am not ranking these based on how well the fight went.

This list is being ranked based on the sheer brutality of the KO's in these fights.

Also, I will refrain from using overkill-style KO's, as they deserve their own list.

Now let's begin!

Number 25

Ty VS Silver

This fight wouldn't be interesting now, but it was the 2nd fight I ever did for OMB. The reason I won't put this any higher on the list is because it was MAJOR overkill. The fight was pretty one sided the entire time and Ty, who was supposed to be a Hero rather than the Neutral he is now, didn't even bat an eye before slicing Silver in half and then stabbing him through the head with his scythe.

Like I said, it was overkill and contradicted his character. (It's probably my least favorite OMB because of that)

Number 24

Acnologia VS Ashtok

This fight ended with more towards overkill than brutality. Acnologia was beaten, almost broken in 2 on the ground when Ashtok simply blasted him into oblivion. I would argue that was Ashtok's way of granting mercy to a worthy challenger since letting him live would only prolong his death and give him more pain.

Number 23

!Xav VS Glitrix

This was a rather recent fight I did, and it was pretty even throughout the entire match. This KO was a bit overkill to me though, Glitrix stabbed energy-erasing swords into !Xav and then he simply commanded them to explode inside of !Xav.

Maybe since he HAD to vaporize !Xav to kill him, it may just be brutal.

Number 22

Jules VS Bardock

This fight... <sighs> was 1 of the worst I've ever done. I used a fanon Jules who was pretty much invincible and didn't even give Bardock his actual attacks. This fight may be my worst, but the ending counts for the brutal department without question.

Jules fired a laser into Bardock's brain and made his head explode.

Number 21

Kita VS Johnny

This fight was another recent one and it was a brutal contest too. Johnny earned a plain brutal KO and an overkill one as well. The overkill was the actual ending of the fight, where he crushed Kita into mere particles with his ash.

The brutal one was 1 of her clones, the one he forced the mouth open and poured ash into until it exploded. If that would've been the ending KO, this would be MUCH higher.

Number 20

Yevon VS Kefka

This fight was a pretty good one, I enjoyed making it since this was 2 crazy assholes going at it to the bitter end. The fight went crazier and crazier as it went on, eventually leading to the destruction of an entire universe before Yevon distintegrated Kefka with a giant ball of lightning.

Yevon may have gone a bit overboard, but it was an interesting match.

Number 19

Star VS Shadow

This one was just brutal overkill to the extreme degree. After battling on the Ark for about 10 minutes, Shadow was blasted out into space before crashing down to Earth. Shadow then turned Super as Star created a Super Nova above the Ark. Shadow flew at Star as Star launched the Super Nova down at Shadow.

What follows next could be called "Planetary Extinction".

Number 18

Kita VS Kara

This fight was somewhat recent, as it was fight number 96. This one caused the destruction of multiple universes and even a timeline near the end. Throughout the battle, Kita struggled to keep up with Kara, who was owning her at every step of the way. Kita finally made the fatal mistake of pissing off Kara, which led to probably the most overcooked thing I've ever seen.

Let's just say that Kara turned up the heat and Kita couldn't handle it.

Number 17

Phantom VS Magnus 2

This one was the most recent fight I've done, and it wasn't bad either. Phantom and Magnus traded blows and the fight went back and forth for a while. While Phantom was able to dish out quite some damage, Magnus eventually won the battle.

Let's just say Magnus put Phantom on ice and then shattered his chances of victory.

Number 16

Chaos VS Leviathan

This one was an interesting fight to say the least. These 2 beat the Hell out of each other from the very start and didn't let down until the very end. The City was in ruins, continents were flooded, and 1 of the combatants even made it into space. This is one of the few I should redo just to make it even better than before.

Oh, and when I said one of them made it into space, Leviathan took a dip into the sun.

Number 15

Livid Joshua VS Rookie

This one was pretty recent too. As a matter of fact, it was the first fight of Season 11. This fight was pretty close, both Joshua and Rookie held an advantage during the fight. After breaking emeralds, destroying mountains, and a few tense moments where it looked like a winner was about to be crowned, the fight ended with quite the exclamation mark on the victory.

After dodging thousands of cannons all firing at him, Joshua decapitated Rookie. Who's head then went sailing into a mountain and exploded.

Number 14

Nick and Ion VS Sonic and Shadow

This fight ranks among the best I've ever done for a few reasons. It was rather equal, it was a long battle where both sides got to show off, and it managed to introduce 2 versus 2 battles AND fusion battles into the series. The fight broke expectations and led to 1 of the best overkills ever. But on top of that, it was a truly brutal overkill and deserves it's place on this list.

I'll let you read the page to find out what made it so cool and brutal.

Number 13

Bahamut VS Ridley

This fight was already guaranteed to be gory, considering it was 2 dragons fighting to the death. The fight didn't disappoint, as both dragons got direct hits in and were able to fight to their limits. After a brutal blast into the mouth of Ridley couldn't kill him, Bahamut raised the bar with a brutal finishing attack.

He impaled Ridley with spikes that came out of the ground and then blasted a giant laser through Ridley's heart.

Number 12

Joanna VS Magus

This 1 was a rather forgetable battle. 2 scythe-wielding warriors fought each other until only 1 of them was still standing. The fight destroyed a few parts of Hell and they both even took a dip in lava before it was all said and done.

As for the ending, Joanna sliced Magus into pieces and then blasted the pieces into ashes that then fell into the lava below.

Number 11

Kara VS Superman

This fight was over much quicker than it should've been to be honest. But it was a good fight regardless, as both of the combatants were able to go all out. After quite a fight, Kara managed to put down the Man of Steel in the of the most brutal ways possible.

Kara drained Superman's powers after blowing up the sun and then used his own heat vision to blast his head off.

Number 10

Cydik VS Adex

This fight was rather interesting, as both Cydik and Adex brought their full arsenal to this battle. After matching up in the fight multiple times, Adex finally had enough of Cydik and did the most reasonable thing he could've done. Work out a peace treaty? <laughs> Hell no.

Adex called in the JOSS and got off the planet before giving Cydik, and the rest of that planet, a taste of it's power.

(Don't worry, there was no one else on the planet aside from them... and Metal)

Number 9

Vanessa VS Aden

This fight was better than I expected it to be. I honestly thought it was going to be a boring fight, but it was a rather good fight. While Aden was dominating the fight for the first half, Vanessa soon took over and dealt serious damage to Aden. Aden fought back with all of his might, but still was unsuccessful in his attempt to defeat Vanessa.

At the end, Vanessa destroyed Aden's godlike fire and fired an arrow through his face.

Number 8

Stryker VS Jupiter

This fight was AWESOME. These 2 were fighting like 2 crazy assholes the entire time and the battle was a sight to behold. From Jupiter's rib shattering punch to Stryker stopping Time and kicking her in the neck to Jupiter dragging Stryker to the Twilight Realm.

The fight quickly ended there however, as Jupiter shattered Stryker and left him in pieces before telling him to "Rot in pieces".

Number 7

Pikachu VS Agumon

This fight started off between 2 small mammals with special powers, but they both evolved before the fight was over. After a fast-paced battle with a lot of action, Pikachu evolved into Raichu and delivered the fatal blow that will never be forgotten in OMB's history.

Raichu was blasted into the air with a blast from BlackWarGreymon and Raichu came back down with Iron Tail and delivered a head-splitting attack.

Number 6

Ty VS Zak

This fikght wasn't planned, but it still was a very good fight. Ty and Zak fought each other as equals for 3 quarters of the fight. It wasn't until Zak pissed Ty off and forced him to take no prisoners that Ty finally decided to put Zak down. Zak was beaten to near-death, but he still tried to fight back with hundreds of swords.

Everything went black, but light returned as Ty punched a hole right through Zak's face.

Number 5: Bronze Medal

Cydik VS Gabranth 4

Cydik and Gabranth's 4th round was a full-fledged battle to the death. Neither held anything back and they battled more as worthy adversaries than enemies. They traded blows and neither would back down from the fight until it was over. After a long and bloody match that tested both combatants, Gabranth stood as the survivor.

It wasn't easy, but Gabranth won after hanging Cydik out to dry.

Number 4: Silver Medal

Weegee VS Vuxo

While Vuxo has brutally finished off other combatants, none were as violent or brutal as this one. Weegee used his entire arsenal, but barely left a mark on Vuxo. Vuxo toyed with Weegee, until Weegee made the mistake of talking about Emma. Then, it was over.

In the blink of an eye, Weegee was a skeleton that was reduced to ash before being blasted into oblivion.

Number 3: Gold Medal

Johnny VS Gaara

These 2 were an earlier fight that I did. While the fight itself is rather unremarkable, the way Johnny ended it has lived on to this day. Gaara fought bravely against Johnny, but he fought to no avail. Johnny toyed with him until he got bored. Then, he went in for the kill.

Johnny decided to only bury Gaara up to his neck in ash before crushing him. Then Johnny stomped on Gaara's head just to prove his point.

Number 2: Platinum Medal

Luigi VS Manic

A battle of the green brothers, nothing bad could happen right? Wrong. After beating the absolute SHIT out of each other, the oil lines in Luigi's mansion burst, causing oil to flood the basement. After beating the shit out of each other, Manic got an idea as Luigi was making a fireball.

After taking the fireball from Luigi, and burning his hand in the process, Manic kicked Luigi down the basement stairs 300-style and threw the fireball down at Luigi. You can probably guess what happened next.

Honorable Mentions

Lunari VS Rosa 2

Ended with Lunari sliting Rosa's throat.

Nick VS Ty 2

Ty sliced Nick's soul out of his body.

Number 1: Diamond Medal

Jessica VS Dalton

Oh my God... this fight's KO...

Whelp, let's explain the fight itself first.

Jessica decided to try to get the bounty on Dalton, he refused to go quietly and the 2 started to fight. After some rather brutal attacks like neck stabs and being choked with a wire, Jessica nearly overwhelmed Dalton with her rage mode, but couldn't defeat him before returning to normal. Dalton took control of the fight for a bit until Jessica entered her skill mode and made short work of his Super 2 form.

Now, the KO...

Jessica practically rained slashes down on Dalton, which left Dalton with lacerations all over his body. Jessica then created a ball of energy in each hand before punching one directly into the cut on his chest and the other into his mouth. Then Jessica kicked Dalton in his chest and caused him to explode into halves. Then Jessica walked over to his upper half and stomped on his face, causing his head to explode.

That's my ranking of the most brutal KO's in OMB.

If there's a brutal one I missed, let me know.

Until the next list, this is Dio signing off.

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