Dionisio Garcia

aka The Lord of Darkness

  • I live in The World of Darkness
  • I was born on December 15
  • My occupation is Evil Overlord
  • I am Genderless
  • Dionisio Garcia

    I've been working hard on this game for the last few days.

    So before I get too far ahead, I figured I'd ask for suggestions.

    It could be a character, a stage, maybe even a brand new addition.

    Right now, there are 19 characters and 16 of them are mine.

    It feels like I'm making a Smash Bros. game, with only Mario characters. (Even worse than Smash 4 TBH)

    So the biggest thing I'm asking for is characters.

    (You can provide a moveset, but it's kinda optional I guess)

    The haven't added any stages yet.

    The reason? Well, there's 2 reasons why.

    1. I don't have too many ideas myself.

    2. I've been very lazy as of late for some reason.

    So I'm asking for help with the stages since I've never really been good at designing them.

    Any amount of help with the stages wo…

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  • Dionisio Garcia

    I figured that I might as well start by saying a few things.

    1. I'm usually chill, no need to be uptight around me. (Unless I'm pissed, then you should keep a safe distance)

    2. While my characters are generally OP, I will not use them to just beat others' creations. (Unlike a certain pain in the ass most of us know)

    3. I do all sorts of crap. Characters, Weapons, Fangames, Top 10s, Rap Battles, Battles, and even Trivia. (Granted, I can't do all of those at the same time)

    4. I take suggestions for most of my crap. Feel free to drop a comment if ya got an idea. (And no, I won't bash them like a certain someone...)

    With all that said, lets get into the smaller details for all of my stuff.

    Most of my characters are already here, thanks to Ztar. But …

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