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  • Lunari64

    Going camping, guys.

    August 21, 2017 by Lunari64

    Hate to be abesnt guys, but I'm going camping for a week. I'll be back on the 28th. I'll try to stay in touch but I don't think I'll be able to. I leave management in the hands of my admins, Shoto and Rabbid. Farewell!

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  • Lunari64

    Stuff About Alaine

    March 22, 2017 by Lunari64

    [3:35:54 PM] Metal: If we were to introduce alaines origins to the stories

    [3:36:01 PM] Metal: What would her people be like?

    [3:37:47 PM] Ghosty: I was thinking there would be multiple different colonies with different animal characteristics

    Alaine coming from one with feline traits

    And of course all of them would be tiny, most of them even smaller​ than Alaine herself

    [3:39:00 PM] Metal: I would have the height difference not too different

    [3:39:27 PM] Metal: other wise u risk pushing the limit of believability lol

    [3:39:35 PM] Ghosty: Right, I meant that >~<

    [3:39:57 PM] Metal: I meant more like

    [3:40:02 PM] Metal: what are her people about

    [3:40:13 PM] Metal: whats their government style?

    [3:40:21 PM] Metal: What are they good at?

    [3:40:45 PM] Met…

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  • Lunari64

    "Who are you?" Lunari asked, curiously.

    10:33 Detective SkullWolf The rat looks at the scene in front of him. " Nothing newsworthy here."

    10:34 Xtarhaven Vul pokes his chest with his thumb, "The name's Vul!"

    10:35 Lunari64 "My name's Lunari! Nice toy meet you!" Lunari said, cheerily.

    • to

    10:36 Xtarhaven "Nice toy meet you too~!" He puts his hand out for a handshake, forgetting that she's intangible

    10:36 Detective SkullWolf The rat then sees a pedestrian tying their shoelaces and immediately starts snapping pictures. "How scandalous!"

    10:37 Lunari64 Lunari tried to poke Vul's nose, but her hand phased right through.

    10:38 Xtarhaven "Boop"

    10:38 XophPsycho The tall, dark figure decided to get a closer look at the strange creature, and began to …

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  • Lunari64

    To-Do; Copypaste

    December 28, 2016 by Lunari64

    "Right?" Paedeus said. "This kind of gem is awfully familiar. I wonder what this gem is imbued with."

    "Any other evidence, Paedeus?" asked Thomas.

    "That is the most essential evidence we could find, milord."


    "Thank you, Paedeus." Arethusa responded, with a nod.

    "By the way, the other evidences will be presented at the council meeting later. We must connect these clues to know the suspects!" said Paedeus, quite determined.

    "Agreed." Arethusa replied.

    At the council meeting...

    "Interesting," Merakiel commented on the blue-violet crystal. "This color may signify its ties with the Ventilus Queen. But how are they related to...?"

    "We could inquire King Joshua through telepathy," Daedal suggested. "This aside, how about revealing the other evid…

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  • Lunari64

    Making True OC's

    August 14, 2016 by Lunari64

    Hey, just letting you guys know, I'm making most of my characters here into humanoid, original characters. Not fanon related. I'm doung this mostly so I can move into other areas of writing, such as my own short stories. For example, one of my works in progress, Mental Core. Here's a link, it's on Wattpad:

    Anyways, I'll be making the OC pages here shortly. This is Lunari64, signing out.

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