[3:35:54 PM] Metal: If we were to introduce alaines origins to the stories

[3:36:01 PM] Metal: What would her people be like?

[3:37:47 PM] Ghosty: I was thinking there would be multiple different colonies with different animal characteristics

Alaine coming from one with feline traits

And of course all of them would be tiny, most of them even smaller​ than Alaine herself

[3:39:00 PM] Metal: I would have the height difference not too different

[3:39:27 PM] Metal: other wise u risk pushing the limit of believability lol

[3:39:35 PM] Ghosty: Right, I meant that >~<

[3:39:57 PM] Metal: I meant more like

[3:40:02 PM] Metal: what are her people about

[3:40:13 PM] Metal: whats their government style?

[3:40:21 PM] Metal: What are they good at?

[3:40:45 PM] Metal: What special abilities do they have ?

[3:40:58 PM] Metal: Whats their religious following?

[3:41:09 PM] Metal: What do they seek to achieve?

[3:44:05 PM] Ghosty: The government would vary from colony to colony

They all have really advanced technology

For special abilities, all of them would have supernatural durability


They're still at war with another planet, and they're trying to win the war

[3:46:41 PM] Metal: sounds good so far

[3:46:49 PM] Ghosty: Thanks!

[3:47:01 PM] Metal: So good tech eh?

[3:47:09 PM] Ghosty: Yep!

[3:47:09 PM] Metal: Natural engineers?

[3:47:20 PM] Ghosty: Basically...?

[3:47:49 PM] Metal: Would explain why alaine has a natural bond with techno

[3:48:07 PM] Ghosty: Aww

Now that makes it even cuter

[3:48:41 PM] Metal: Could also make it in the story something like that alaines more an explorer for her people

[3:49:10 PM] Ghosty: I suppose

Either that or I thought she would be a fighter

[3:49:20 PM] Ghosty: At least before she lost her memory

[3:50:22 PM] Metal: could say shes part of her peoples navy

[3:50:40 PM] Metal: Her job as a whats the name again

[3:50:54 PM] Metal: Cartographer?

[3:51:07 PM] Metal: Someone who maps the unknown

[3:51:17 PM] Ghosty: Hmm... I would say air Force but yeah, that makes sense

[3:51:25 PM] Ghosty: I like that idea, thanks

[3:51:32 PM] Metal: Well When we're talking about space

[3:51:56 PM] Metal: Generally Space ships are tended to be called as part of the navy

[3:52:05 PM] Ghosty: Ohhhhhh

[3:52:06 PM] Ghosty: Yeah

[3:52:09 PM] Ghosty: Okay

[3:52:45 PM] Metal: and ovo in her exploration she somehow landed on earth

[3:52:48 PM] Metal: with a crash

[3:53:13 PM] Ghosty: And lost her memory

[3:53:18 PM] Ghosty: Of course

[3:58:42 PM] Metal: Great now we got a little structure on how they are

[3:59:01 PM] Ghosty: Yaaaay

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