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    Ideas and stuff

    July 8, 2017 by Shotobros

    Alright so like I've honestly had a few ideas for things here and there, some probably not bright but who cares.

    But before I begin, I want to make note I'm doing my best with contributing here. Struggle of the Multiverse is going well, even if all the writing for it is slow. I've tried to do something regarding removals, even though that went nowhere and will continue to go nowhere. And of course I have been adding character pages and the like, will update the pages I have that are still kind of lacking in information and so on.

    OK so hear me out here, the idea is simply based on a series I found myself enjoying, the Downtown Nekketsu/River City Ransom games. For a bit of history, River City Ransom is the english version of Downtown Nekkets…

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  • Shotobros

    Spitballing Ideas

    February 14, 2017 by Shotobros

    Honestly this is moreso just me using the blogs as a way of writing out concepts and idea/s for stuff.

    Now if I wanted to make a page for a game idea or something, I could, but I honestly don't care to do so right now.

    First and foremost, I'mma need you guys to let me know if i'm getting too ambitious with any of the things you will be reading about.

    Second, about mid to foremost, if any of the idea/s are good, i'll probably expand upon them and such. If not, then I won't do anything with them.

    If I could make a game, I would. Likely a fighting game. A traditional one rather than in the vein of Smash Bros. or Power Stone.

    It'd be quite simple really, a six button fighter, meaning: Light, Medium, and Hard punches as well as Short(Light), Forward…

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