Honestly this is moreso just me using the blogs as a way of writing out concepts and idea/s for stuff.

Now if I wanted to make a page for a game idea or something, I could, but I honestly don't care to do so right now.

First and foremost, I'mma need you guys to let me know if i'm getting too ambitious with any of the things you will be reading about.

Second, about mid to foremost, if any of the idea/s are good, i'll probably expand upon them and such. If not, then I won't do anything with them.

Idea 1: Game

If I could make a game, I would. Likely a fighting game. A traditional one rather than in the vein of Smash Bros. or Power Stone.

It'd be quite simple really, a six button fighter, meaning: Light, Medium, and Hard punches as well as Short(Light), Forward(Medium), and Roundhouse(Hard) kicks.

The roster would actually consist of characters from different universes(read: fanon), and it'd be a tournament to see who will fight the host of the tournament/main antagonist. Would be about 16 characters. 8 starters and 8 unlockables. Unlockables would have their own conditions, and as such a "Shin"(Boss) variant to fight when those conditions are met.

Now I know I probably could do this, but that'd actually require me to know what i'm doing with it. Or y'know making a page and only a page, and never going beyond that page. Even then, who knows?

Idea 2: Crossover RP

Ok so this is mainly concerning those involved in the Discord/Skype DBZ RPs. Skip if you're not involved in those/not interested. Don't skip if you're in it/interested in it.

Basically the point here is I was thinking of doing a crossover at some point. Could be with like iunno, anything. I'll bite, just run what you can think of by me, and we'll talk. Could be like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, your own DBZ 'verse/timeline, Sonic, Devil May Cry, whatever.


Alright I don't really have much ideas to really talk about at this point, but like maybe another time. Let me know anything particular and we'll go from there. 

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