Biographical Info

An asshole of a saiyan who talks a lot of shit and nine times outta ten he's able to back up the shit talking, boasts a grim cunning and a ruthless personality mixed in with crass snark and seeming laziness.


Tall and muscular with spiked silver hair tied into a pony tail with hazel eyes and slightly tanned skin, he wears a set of saiyan battle armor painted dark violet and grey with gold ringlets on his arms and ankles with his tail wrapped around his waist.


  • Zaveis has his base form
  • Recently unlocked Super Saiyan


  • Fond of using instant transmission in conjunction with throwing his ki to misdirect and confuse opponents so he can lay the smackdown on them.
  • "Galactic Fuck You Laser!!" As the name implies, its a fucking ki laser that Zaveis fires by flipping someone the bird, though the middle finger isn't necessary Zaveis still does it because it pisses people off.
  • Other than that, the standard flight, zenki boost and ki abilities come with.